The Big Red Ballot Box

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

In 2012, The World-Herald's election-themed college football preview turned to you, the Nebraska faithful, to take the pulse of Husker Nation. How confident are you in the program's direction? How well does NU fit in the Big Ten? How do you feel about the coaching staff? The results were enlightening, and it's clear that over time responses could prove useful in giving readers a long-term picture for the program. With that in mind, we reintroduce the Big Red Ballot Box, your chance to make your voice heard and share your thoughts about the program.

By taking just five minutes to fill out the 25-question survey below — on topics ranging from the program's health to the administration, from players and coaches to the fans in the stands — you can help Husker followers gain a better idea of how the program is perceived, how Nebraska fans think the team and coaching staff are progressing, how healthy support for the program is and more. Voting will close at noon Saturday, Sept. 3.

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