Video: ESPN's Stephen A. Smith — 'Hal Daub is the problem here, and he needs to be dealt with'

ESPN's "First Take" debate show Thursday was among the latest outlets to weigh in on the decision by three Husker football players to kneel during the national anthem before last Saturday's game at Northwestern.

Stephen A. Smith took aim at Nebraska regent Hal Daub, who criticized the actions taken by Michael Rose-Ivey, DaiShon Neal and Mohamed Barry.

"The former mayor of Omaha, who happens to be a regent for Nebraska, Mr. Hal Daub, basically is saying, 'Hey, you do stuff our way, or else.'

"Wait a minute. They're peaceful. They haven't interrupted the game. They haven't impeded anybody's ability to come to the game and watch the game and enjoy the game. They have sat quietly. ... He's talking about exacting action against them because they're not doing what he wants them to do.

"Hal Daub is the problem here, and he needs to be dealt with."

See the full video below.

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