Nebraska Public Power District

2,076 employees in 154 departments

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Utility serves 600,000 people in Nebraska

Total payroll$174,601,195
Median FT pay$82,697
Average FT pay$85,413
Highest individual pay$461,559

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Years of service

This chart illustrates the correlation between years of service and pay for each employee in NPPD. Typically, pay gets higher as employees gain tenure, though new hires can get well-paying positions, as well.

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Name Department Total gross pay
PopePatrick L Pope  President & CEO $461,559
BenderTraci L Bender VP & CFO $306,351
McClureJohn C Mcclure VP Govt Aff/Gen Coun $299,659
BumanDaniel E Buman Sr Mgr Engineering $293,908
KentThomas J Kent VP & COO $287,894
SteinerRoy A Steiner VP H.R./Corp Support $249,960
PenfieldRod L Penfield VP & CNO/Site VP $249,806
ShawRonald L Shaw Ops Manager $248,592
BeilkeRobert L Beilke RP - Manager $245,300
CurryKendall B Curry VP-Cust Services $242,874
KahancaJohn R Kahanca Ops Manager $242,426
DedicJames R Dedic Ops Manager $238,041
GrantFonda R Grant Maint Manager $235,840
GoodmanDaniel J Goodman Ops Manager $230,877
MaceEugene M Mace Emergency Prep $222,373
BegerNathan L Beger Ops Manager $220,582
SimsJeremiah C Sims Ops Manager $214,467
SchizasFred A Schizas Ops Manager $214,073
TanderupRichard J Tanderup Ops Manager $213,885
KoubaRandy L Kouba Ops Manager $213,690
MurphyBrian Patrick Murphy Ops Manager $211,383
LongJerry Joseph Long Ops Manager $211,124
WaldenKim C Walden Corporate Security $210,421
GilesRoy W Giles Ops Manager $209,091
StanderBrian R Stander Ops Manager $207,761
HasselbringBrian J Hasselbring Ops Manager $207,449
BareBradley D Bare Ops Manager $206,769
StuchalGary G Stuchal Nuclear/Fossil Fuels $204,452
KimballDavid Scot Kimball Asset & Project Mgmt $201,445
AshbridgeRonald J Ashbridge Ops Manager $201,260
MuellerTimothy R Mueller Ops Manager $200,328
BlanchardMichael D Blanchard VP Govt Aff/Gen Coun $194,742
OhrabloAndrew R Ohrablo Ops Manager $191,932
SpencerMichael J Spencer Generation Managemt $187,800
FranklundDeric L Franklund Ops Manager $187,339
DostalAlan L Dostal Corp Nuclear Bus Mgt $186,799
EdgingtonClyde A Edgington Ops Manager $186,065
KingKeith R King Ops Manager $184,372
NosbischKenneth L Nosbisch Ops Manager $183,809
StoughJames L Stough Info Technology Mgr $183,326
MurphyCharles W Murphy Ops Manager $181,441
MartinCurtis R Martin Ops Manager $181,148
ShortJames R Short Ops Manager $180,157
WheelerSteven Charles Wheeler Ops Manager $178,813
DerosierBrian A Derosier Ops Manager $178,275
TremelKarla J Tremel Procurement Mgmt $177,402
DiaKhalil M Dia CNS System Engineer $177,152
HicksDavid L Hicks Ops Manager $177,077
HansenMark S Hansen Train - Manager $176,989
WenzlRuss L Wenzl Nuclear Projects $175,237
OmmertTimothy J Ommert Ops Manager $175,052
BromenDavid J Bromen Ops Manager $172,814
ParkerBarry T Parker Ops Manager $172,796
ShepherdZachary S Shepherd Ops Manager $169,612
BoeschElizabeth L Boesch Governmental Affairs $169,001
StarzecDonna K Starzec Controllr & Fin Plan $168,812
Van Der KampDavid W Van Der Kamp Licensing Manager $168,518
EggerNicholas J Egger Ops Manager $167,666
EstradaRoman M Estrada DED - Manager $166,609
MalonePaul J Malone Trans Compl & Plan $166,115
SaylerKyle C Sayler Ops Manager $166,108
MertesTodd A Mertes Maint Planning $165,843
HumphreyJohn M Humphrey T&D Const/Operations $165,270
ReimersJustin G Reimers CNS System Engineer $164,713
CarpenterChristopher M Carpenter Ops Manager $164,412
HarringtonWalter R Harrington Ops Manager $164,097
SwansonJohn H Swanson Generation Strategy $163,706
SchutteBruce A Schutte Transm Sys Cntl Supr $163,260
ArltTimothy J Arlt Retail General Mgr $161,768
ZamrzlaScott R Zamrzla Transm Sys Cntl Supr $161,699
MartinPhilip J Martin Ops Manager $161,443
WeningerDuane J Weninger Eng Prg & Comp $161,321
TackettMichael L Tackett Outage Manager $161,129
WarthTerry L Warth Advocacy Grp Rel $160,912
WebbDavid W Webb Chief Inform Officer $160,820
GrayWilliam Kent Gray Ops Manager $160,602
McClureTimothy P Mcclure Eng Prg & Comp $160,270
KahlandTravis L Kahland Ops Manager $160,142
RichDavid D Rich Sustainable Energy $159,547
DominoJeffrey F Domino Train - Manager $159,393
BarkerTroy S Barker Eng Prg & Comp $158,574
WernerDavid E Werner Train - Manager $158,542
SunnebergJon M Sunneberg Mkting Strategies $158,075
PhelpsGerry E Phelps GGS Manager & Svcs $157,971
LeeJoel W Lee Energy Mgmnt $157,584
WhislerJosh R Whisler Maint Planning $156,658
SwartzTodd S Swartz Pricng/Rates/WH Bill $156,388
HoffSteven D Hoff Ops Manager $156,085
NeeMatthew J Nee Ops Manager $156,003
EltingJeffrey D Elting Transm Sys Cntl Supr $155,536
TietzLenny L Tietz Ops Manager $155,399
NitschBob B Nitsch GGS Project Eng $154,577
RitchieJason T Ritchie Transm Sys Cntl Supr $153,849
StastkaMark A Stastka Transm Sys Cntl Supr $153,130
BrewerGregory A Brewer Train - Manager $153,002
ManessMichael W Maness Train - Manager $152,359
LinderLonny D Linder Internal Controls $151,986
OshloDavid P Oshlo Asset & Project Mgmt $150,737
CittaJoseph L Citta Environmental $149,590
BaileyBradley G Bailey Transm Sys Cntl Supr $149,195
SarverAndrew J Sarver FIN Team $149,154
LockardMatt D Lockard Transm Sys Cntl Supr $148,765
GundersonRonald O Gunderson System Cntrl Mgr $148,639
OlsonOle H Olson Eng Prg & Comp $148,180
ThompsonRonald F Thompson Energy Mgmnt $147,823
WulfRobert J Wulf CNS System Engineer $147,240
WieseArthur R Wiese Corporate Projects $147,223
ChapinBilly Lee Chapin Maint Manager $147,059
DewhirstLinda R Dewhirst Correct Actn&Assess $146,707
DringJay R Dring CSD-Engineering Mgr $146,430
BoydJeffrey W Boyd Train - Manager $146,422
KeeBrandon S Kee Transm Sys Cntl Supr $146,343
BremerDavid W Bremer Nuclear Projects $146,214
HadlandHarold L Hadland VP Govt Aff/Gen Coun $146,079
HolmesMark A Holmes Outage Manager $145,771
BebbJerry L Bebb Security Manager $145,710
ChardTimothy J Chard QA - Sr Mgr $145,511
DagermanJoel L Dagerman T & D Asset Mgmt $145,463
SchroederThomas J Schroeder Nuclear/Fossil Fuels $145,423
SundermanChris K Sunderman Train - Manager $145,350
CervenyChristopher R Cerveny Sheldon Busn Mgr $145,137
DewhirstRichard M Dewhirst Nuclear Projects $145,005
FlahertyJames R Flaherty Licensing Manager $144,974
ThackerBobby H Thacker Eng Prg & Comp $144,936
ChrispKent A Chrisp Ops Manager $144,731
ReedGary K Reed Transm Sys Cntl Supr $144,491
HostetlerBonnie J Hostetler VP Govt Aff/Gen Coun $143,469
TetrickPaul M Tetrick Work Control Mgr $143,075
DalesDavid G Dales VP Govt Aff/Gen Coun $142,678
FreborgScott S Freborg Eng Prg & Comp $142,450
OlesenDonald J Olesen Train - Manager $142,447
Van WinkleMarshall B Van Winkle DED - Manager $142,258
HelgothKirk M Helgoth Energy Mgmnt $141,563
SchoepfKim M Schoepf Energy Mgmnt $141,140
BarelsBrian L Barels Water Res Mgr $140,981
CunninghamDale A Cunningham I & C Shop $140,821
StarkKevin J Stark GGS Operations $140,725
SullivanThomas M Sullivan Transm Sys Cntl Supr $140,682
GageJoshua J Gage Ops Manager $140,609
JacksonEdwin J Jackson Train - Manager $140,561
VincentCraig W Vincent Transm Sys Cntl Supr $140,410
ChevalierTimothy S Chevalier GGS Operations $140,320
DomikaitisStanley E Domikaitis Eng Prg & Comp $140,274
BrunePaul E Brune Construction Service $140,233
TroiaCharles R Troia Water Systems $140,103
O'ConnorJohn W O'Connor Renewable Developmt $139,722
BratrsovskyJeffrey M Bratrsovsky Mechanical Maint $139,673
BillesbachKevin R Billesbach MP & C Manager $139,232
MeachamJohn M Meacham Generation Managemt $138,452
TannerKevin C Tanner RP - Manager $137,789
ManningMichael J Manning DED - Manager $137,206
PortwineGreg G Portwine Transm Sys Cntl Supr $137,086
UnruhMichael Josh Unruh Train - Manager $137,084
KalinJames L Kalin GGS Electrical $136,964
RowlandsDouglas J Rowlands Transm Sys Cntl Supr $136,804
UnruhMark E Unruh Eng Prg & Comp $136,543
NelsonStephen K Nelson Eng Prg & Comp $136,454
AlexanderRoger D Alexander Maint Support $135,782
AckermanTerry L Ackerman GGS Technical $134,960
LundyWilliam L Lundy Telecom Engineering $134,814
StevensTodd D Stevens Nuclear Projects $134,755
RexroadRaymond A Rexroad DED - Manager $134,740
YoungGregory Albert Young Transm Sys Cntl Supr $134,597
LindstromRandy R Lindstrom Trans Compl & Plan $134,149
FergusonMeshelle A Ferguson Emergency Prep $134,024
MetzgerMark F Metzger CNS System Engineer $133,931
WhislerJerald J Whisler Maint Support $133,844
FehrJames R Fehr Resource Plan & Risk $133,821
MascarenoTimothy Mascareno Train - Manager $133,686
BergmeierMark D Bergmeier Ops Manager $133,555
HawkinsHylan A Hawkins I & C Shop $133,544
DykstraJames D Dykstra Eng Prg & Comp $133,467
GorackeBrian T Goracke Tech Training-CSD $133,318
HugMatthew C Hug Maint Manager $132,992
BeiermannAlan J Beiermann Land Management $132,544
RobinsonThomas V Robinson Eng Prg & Comp $132,366
TorczonTim J Torczon Transm Sys Cntl Supr $132,281
DixonJoseph A Dixon RP - Manager $132,225
BlessinRobert B Blessin Lines Supervisor $132,102
BorganTerry A Borgan Outage Manager $131,958
DrierRalph F Drier Correct Actn&Assess $131,793
WaltersAmy B Walters Chemistry $131,782
WaltersChad L Walters CNS System Engineer $131,597
CovingtonLorne J Covington CNS System Engineer $131,489
SchnellRandy W Schnell Aviation-Labor $131,423
DuBoisLaurence J Dubois GM Plant/Operations $131,392
BembergerTommy R Bemberger Maint Planning $131,138
BerntsonTimothy J Berntson GGS Technical $130,325
BrunzThomas D Brunz GGS Technical $130,322
GrenJeffrey G Gren CNS System Engineer $129,439
AbleAlan L Able DED - Manager $129,156
FordenJeanette A Forden GGS Manager & Svcs $129,102
EddlemanTony D Eddleman Reliability Complian $128,793
SeidlBryan D Seidl DED - Manager $128,352
WalzScott R Walz Lines Supervisor $128,249
KrauseRalph W Krause DED - Manager $128,081
BednarJoseph A Bednar RP - Manager $128,072
GoebelCurtis J Goebel Tech Infrastructure $127,948
WalshJohn J Walsh GGS Work Control $127,319
DietzDirk R Dietz Energy Mgmnt $127,307
BurgerJacob J Burger Transm Sys Cntl Supr $127,027
CavanaughJames P Cavanaugh RP - Manager $126,970
FlorenceJames B Florence Train - Manager $126,725
ParkynChristine P Parkyn CNS System Engineer $126,547
SchillingLaurie A Schilling HR Mgmt $125,720
ChelohaDavid L Cheloha GGS Technical $125,680
GardnerGabriel G Gardner CNS System Engineer $125,501
OlsenMark P Olsen ITT Applications $125,285
FerneauJohn H Ferneau Bus/Fac Svc Mgr $125,271
CharbonnetShane C Charbonnet Eng Prg & Comp $124,924
BockermanNicholas R Bockerman Transm Sys Cntl Supr $124,727
HipwellJoshua C Hipwell Energy Mgmnt $124,646
StuhrDuane D Stuhr Eng Prg & Comp $124,462
SullivanChris A Sullivan Transm Sys Cntl Supr $124,079
HadleyGlen L Hadley CNS System Engineer $123,974
O'BrienMatthew A O'Brien GGS Operations $123,791
LarsonJohn S Larson QA - Sr Mgr $123,363
OvermanChris M Overman Safety,TechTrn/H Per $123,341
KreifelsKurt J Kreifels QA - Sr Mgr $123,301
MaineRichard Lee Maine Maint Planning $123,229
WilliamsRichard Keith Williams Mechanical Maint $123,193
RuskampGerald M Ruskamp Electrical Shop $123,134
LeiningerPhilip Ralph Leininger Eng Prg & Comp $122,997
BeshalerDallas M Beshaler HR Mgmt $122,912
EhlersJeffrey S Ehlers CNS System Engineer $122,798
BruggerSheila A Brugger Finance & Acctg Mgr $122,514
DeaDonald Mark Dea Train - Manager $122,427
GreenWilliam B Green Eng Prg & Comp $122,344
NagelKarlton F Nagel Work Control Mgr $122,185
HannafordMartin D Hannaford Work Control Mgr $122,116
MontgomeryDavid Neal Montgomery Correct Actn&Assess $122,090
YoungquistKody H Youngquist Mechanical Maint $121,832
NelsenRichard J Nelsen Economic Development $121,731
PiersolGary L Piersol Fac Svc - Central $121,594
HoltheCraig L Holthe Corporate Projects $121,397
EvascoGuy M Evasco Corporate Projects $121,352
KiekelDustin R Kiekel CNS System Engineer $121,161
KruseGary A Kruse HR Services/Operatns $120,984
BreischGregory R Breisch RP - Manager $120,769
HuffAllen A Huff GGS Technical $120,649
EisenbarthBradley D Eisenbarth CSD-Engineering Mgr $120,589
MartinJohn M Martin Nuclear Projects $120,510
LockardDarren L Lockard Electrical Shop $120,477
HeinsGordon L Heins CSD-Engineering Mgr $120,258
SorensenDouglas F Sorensen Sheldon Project Eng $120,217
HendricksonJames R Hendrickson CSD-Engineering Mgr $120,198
StonerMatthew L Stoner CNS System Engineer $120,198
JonesJeff W Jones Work Control Mgr $119,975
FrancisTimothy J Francis Train - Manager $119,939
VaughnAndrew L Vaughn Train - Manager $119,883
BlakeRick D Blake GGS Operations $119,807
KupperJames L Kupper Substation Superviso $119,757
SchnellMaynard P Schnell Telecom Supervisor $119,636
ShudakThomas G Shudak Eng Prg & Comp $119,435
LaubnerDave W Laubner GGS Operations $119,210
BrinckerhoffKyle L Brinckerhoff Mechanical Maint $119,159
FritzScott A Fritz Lines Supervisor $118,891
StevensTricia D Stevens DED - Manager $118,773
RinneRodney A Rinne Contracts Management $118,641
SchoeningDale H Schoening Substation Superviso $118,601
DurenRobert J Duren Lines Supervisor $118,535
TetenJohn A Teten Chemistry $118,463
MeierGreg J Meier Lines Supervisor $118,382
RatzlaffTerry L Ratzlaff Ops Manager $118,319
HitzelHarry D Hitzel Ops Manager $118,298
GocekSteven W Gocek DED - Manager $118,285
AusdemoreRobert G Ausdemore Dist Superintendent $118,258
HornGerald E Horn DED - Manager $118,173
OatesKurt B Oates Generation Asset Mgt $117,921
EnglerKevin L Engler CSD-Work Mgmt Procss $117,857
HallBrian L Hall Outage Manager $117,566
BeckerJeffrey J Becker I & C Shop $117,212
SmithJoel L Smith Maint Manager $116,944
MathesonMichael D Matheson Generation Strategy $116,759
BrownKent E Brown Lines Supervisor $116,710
ScheuermanJay T Scheuerman Admin Services $116,697
CarlsonClint L Carlson I & C Shop $116,648
PennerDoug A Penner Sheldon Operations $116,575
McKainRobert C Mckain GGS I&C $116,559
BlatchfordDouglas M Blatchford Resource Plan & Risk $116,510
KinneyEvan W Kinney T & D Asset Mgmt $116,284
SheldonSteven M Sheldon Electrical Shop $116,062
RayMark A Ray CNS System Engineer $116,048
SobotkaThomas L Sobotka Fin&Cost-Ops-ES $116,019
MadsenDavid N Madsen Licensing Manager $115,359
SvatoraLeslie J Svatora CSD-Engineering Mgr $115,328
OwensTimothy J Owens Resource Plan & Risk $115,273
OckenTrevor J Ocken DED - Manager $115,236
BillesbachDouglas S Billesbach Work Control Mgr $115,216
SchroederDennis L Schroeder CSD-Engineering Mgr $115,201
CarlockPatrick Lee Carlock Security Manager $115,185
RuskampDavid A Ruskamp Beatrice Station $115,145
RileyRichard K Riley Train - Manager $115,061
NoonRandall K Noon Correct Actn&Assess $114,986
LeaderKeith H Leader Substation Superviso $114,672
MaxSteven P Max Substation Superviso $114,528
DubowskyDavid L Dubowsky T & D Asset Mgmt $114,234
PelchatChristopher J Pelchat Nuclear Projects $114,185
VesethDon A Veseth T & D Asset Mgmt $114,135
HannafordBeth M Hannaford CNS System Engineer $114,039
MaxcyDavid B Maxcy Substation Superviso $113,983
SiskeWilliam J Siske PS & O Manager $113,918
RudisaileJohn C Rudisaile GGS Technical $113,916
LisecDarrell G Lisec Sheldon Plan/Schedul $113,641
BoggsDuane R Boggs GGS Operations $113,506
GonnellaMark E Gonnella Correct Actn&Assess $113,392
SmallfootSteven C Smallfoot Work Control Mgr $113,309
RoupHarry James Roup QA - Sr Mgr $112,966
WalgrenCharles D Walgren Procurement Mgmt $112,927
LosekeScott A Loseke Resource Plan & Risk $112,872
NeddenriepJesse D Neddenriep DED - Manager $112,863
NeilMark L Neil Tech Infrastructure $112,749
ClouseStanley A Clouse Account Mgmnt $112,700
SchuettlerKip W Schuettler Safety - CS&D $112,605
RobinsonNorena G Robinson VP & CNO/Site VP $112,562
SchultzRocky A Schultz QA - Sr Mgr $112,258
HerronReno S Herron Ops Manager $112,250
CuljatMichael T Culjat Info Technology Mgr $112,232
CassJoseph E Cass CNS System Engineer $112,115
AckmanKathryn A Ackman HR Mgmt $112,039
RezabSteven C Rezab Emergency Prep $112,002
WenzlGary L Wenzl Maint Planning $111,489
WallerThomas E Waller Ops Manager $111,455
DunkinBradley L Dunkin Sheldon Operations $111,427
ArensLarry E Arens Account Mgmnt $111,417
BolanShannon M Bolan Tech Training-CSD $111,398
ChapinTimothy A Chapin GM Plant/Operations $111,301
KukerKyle K Kuker DED - Manager $111,077
TierraRhoel M Tierra Eng Prg & Comp $110,825
DelkaChris M Delka Lines Supervisor $110,742
BarmoreKelly K Barmore GGS Project Eng $110,704
AndersonDan L Anderson RP - Manager $110,678
FikeKenneth L Fike Chemistry $110,450
NyffelerRussell D Nyffeler Environmental $110,427
JonesDallas L Jones Train - Manager $110,417
DeVriesBranch E Devries Substation Superviso $110,314
SchiefferJeanne K Schieffer Corp Communications $110,156
Fox-McCloskeyTeri L Fox-Mccloskey Info Technology Mgr $110,152
KorthJoel R Korth Substation Superviso $110,007
EvertKirk A Evert GGS Technical $109,993
McCoppinDavid M Mccoppin Ops Manager $109,895
JonesDoug A Jones GM Plant/Operations $109,887
MooreShane M Moore GGS Mechanical Maint $109,675
KonertEric C Konert Substation Superviso $109,631
FultonEric T Fulton CNS System Engineer $109,592
PodolakChad J Podolak Account Mgmnt $109,565
WertsBary R Werts GGS Operations $109,359
BantzSteven Kyle Bantz FIN Team $109,231
MusilKenneth J Musil Chemistry $109,227
KapelsMarie L Kapels Retail General Mgr $109,192
LagerstromAndrew J Lagerstrom GGS Technical $109,118
MillerCharles F Miller Sheldon Mat Hand $109,078
BowlesWilliam Otis Bowles Train - Manager $109,072
HasenkampMichael A Hasenkamp Corporate Projects $108,893
BrownGerald L Brown Generation Asset Mgt $108,818
WadasStephen T Wadas CSD-Engineering Mgr $108,794
BoesDouglas C Boes Eng Prg & Comp $108,711
BruggerMark A Brugger T & D Asset Mgmt $108,706
LemkeKenneth M Lemke Economic Development $108,635
KeepCharles B Keep Finance & Acctg Mgr $108,613
BuhrBrian K Buhr Retail McCook Oper $108,607
RonneMarc T Ronne T & D Asset Mgmt $108,542
PlettnerMary M Plettner Economic Development $108,530
EggerMatthew D Egger Generation Asset Mgt $108,502
LargisKevin A Largis Sheldon Project Eng $108,295
CoxKeith A Cox GGS Operations $108,213
WademanDennis J Wademan Retail Scotts Oper $108,201
BelzerJames F Belzer Construction Service $108,131
FlagleRobert C Flagle ECC Ctrl Cntr Supt $108,103
HotovyJames R Hotovy Trans Compl & Plan $108,103
KrumlandK Michael Krumland Environmental $108,098
BockermanVictor G Bockerman ECC Ctrl Cntr Supt $108,097
McGillJake R Mcgill Lines Supervisor $108,061
KlingerWoody D Klinger FIN Team $108,057
SchlautmanDavid M Schlautman Corporate Projects $107,999
KlugDouglas J Klug Retail So Sioux Oper $107,715
CanningJeremy M Canning Substation Superviso $107,546
WuskRodney R Wusk Sheldon Operations $107,492
McCartneyJeff E Mccartney Maint Planning $107,380
WarrenChad D Warren Sheldon Operations $107,343
ByrnRobert D Byrn Substation Superviso $107,331
HernandezJames B Hernandez Maint Planning $107,289
McKeonJames L Mckeon Retail Kearney Oper $107,205
ZanderJesse A Zander Ops Manager $107,134
BoettcherMatthew E Boettcher Ops Manager $107,056
NelsonEric M Nelson DED - Manager $107,005
ComstockCharles E Comstock GM Plant/Operations $106,822
HaufleJohn M Haufle Sheldon Operations $106,755
ShawCindy J Shaw RP - Manager $106,644
VincentCraig A Vincent Account Mgmnt $106,535
ShaferJames M Shafer Construction Service $106,350
ChamplinRobert D Champlin DED - Manager $106,337
CervenyTimothy R Cerveny Generation Asset Mgt $106,093
HegertChris M Hegert Account Mgmnt $106,081
JacksonR Scott Jackson Pricng/Rates/WH Bill $106,068
PospisilTimothy S Pospisil IT Security $105,978
HillGreg W Hill CSD-Engineering Mgr $105,871
BantzSteven M Bantz RP - Manager $105,831
HernandezJeff L Hernandez Ops Manager $105,753
WaplesHoward J Waples GGS I&C $105,752
KeiserLance A Keiser CNS System Engineer $105,742
ShadleJohn J Shadle Water Res Mgr $105,732
AwtryPhillip E Awtry ITT Applications $105,722
KirklandRichard L Kirkland Ops Manager $105,613
MoserMichael J Moser Retail York Oper $105,574
ParsonRyan A Parson Substation Superviso $105,445
DickersonWilliam B Dickerson Ops Manager $105,307
SodanoThomas A Sodano Maint Planning $105,285
NovacekAndrew J Novacek Lines Supervisor $105,216
FrenzelCraig E Frenzel Info Technology Mgr $105,088
ThelenDennis P Thelen Retail Norfolk Oper $105,067
GriffinJeff R Griffin Lines Supervisor $105,040
PhippsJames J Phipps Sheldon Operations $104,944
KosoKevin D Koso Ops Manager $104,842
MaddoxJeff D Maddox DED - Manager $104,842
RhodesDavid L Rhodes ECC Ctrl Cntr Supt $104,750
WeinmeisterErik T Weinmeister IT Security $104,732
SchmitDonald E Schmit Reliability Complian $104,701
MurphyEdward L Murphy Ops Manager $104,697
BelgumWilliam G Belgum Inventory Management $104,665
TowneWade A Towne I & C Shop $104,541
FletcherMark R Fletcher T & D Asset Mgmt $104,454
BoeveJessie R Boeve Ops Manager $104,454
MurphyTimothy P Murphy Retail So Sioux Oper $104,435
RothTrevor L Roth Tech Training-CSD $104,286
ZachSteven J Zach Energy Efficiency $104,259
CrouchRussell V Crouch Substation Superviso $104,254
GauthierRobert M Gauthier Train - Manager $104,192
VocasekGary A Vocasek Sheldon Plan/Schedul $104,155
DahlinKim D Dahlin Retail So Sioux Oper $104,122
WhitneyJames W Whitney DED - Manager $104,017
KellerMark F Keller ITT Applications $104,005
MicekTheodore P Micek GGS Mechanical Maint $103,863
RittonJohn R Ritton Ops Manager $103,690
DixonMichael James Dixon Corporate Projects $103,666
PaulAaron M Paul Substation Superviso $103,608
SchwindtWarren F Schwindt Train - Manager $103,541
RientsTimothy J Rients Emergency Prep $103,527
PearsonKevin C Pearson ITT Applications $103,448
KahnkGeorge D Kahnk CNS System Engineer $103,341
MasonRory L Mason Maint Planning $103,315
BalerudCarol A Balerud Procurement Mgmt $103,298
VasaBrian K Vasa Economic Development $103,264
LutherStephen W Luther Nuclear Fuels $103,260
KordichChad S Kordich Chemistry $103,201
MerrillSteven J Merrill Corporate Projects $103,036
ZachRandall R Zach Water Res Mgr $102,977
SigurdsonAsher A Sigurdson Ops Manager $102,923
BenderRonald D Bender ECC Ctrl Cntr Supt $102,905
ParksLeo A Parks Info Technology Mgr $102,877
BrayLuann E Bray Licensing Manager $102,795
WeitzenkampRandy L Weitzenkamp Info Technology Mgr $102,764
SpauldingPhillip K Spaulding Ops Manager $102,646
AdamsJoshua Y Adams Ops Manager $102,640
KnopikMark B Knopik Train - Manager $102,636
KusterRonald A Kuster Sheldon Mechanical $102,634
NielsonMerlin D Nielson Mechanical Maint $102,609
JakubJeff E Jakub FIN Team $102,566
BeckerJamie R Becker Retail Sys Cntl Team $102,555
HessJeffry W Hess ITT Applications $102,514
SpellmanTodd A Spellman Support $102,511
ArensBrent R Arens Retail Norfolk Oper $102,471
DailyDaniel L Daily Construction Service $102,467
HollinrakeSteven J Hollinrake HR Emp Development $102,440
CowleyNathan R Cowley FIN Team $102,428
WilcoxBrian K Wilcox Renewable Developmt $102,373
CookMichael C Cook Retail Sys Cntl Team $102,291
KeithDouglas E Keith GGS Operations $102,276
RacekRobert E Racek I & C Shop $102,246
DickersonMatthew J Dickerson DED - Manager $102,216
WebsterDavid D Webster Water Systems $102,055
ClabornMikel L Claborn Economic Development $102,049
BargerTroy H Barger Lines Supervisor $101,999
WareBrandon J Ware Retail Sys Cntl Team $101,984
BoyerJohn T Boyer Lines Supervisor $101,902
ForsgrenClarence A Forsgren Safety,TechTrn/H Per $101,900
EcklandKenneth A Eckland Substation Superviso $101,896
BarrettTroy J Barrett GGS Operations $101,884
GillilandMatthew J Gilliland Fleet Service(Labor) $101,874
WolffRobert A Wolff DED - Manager $101,861
TonnigesRichard L Tonniges Construction Service $101,859
BischoffCurtis R Bischoff Ops Manager $101,854
VogelLarry C Vogel T & D Asset Mgmt $101,751
BrownlowBrian K Brownlow Trans Compl & Plan $101,698
PowersMark J Powers Substation Superviso $101,655
TweedyRobyn A Tweedy Cust Srv Bus Mgr $101,500
DawsonRobert F Dawson Sheldon Mat Hand $101,441
HilgenfeldKyle S Hilgenfeld CNS System Engineer $101,437
EdwardsKevin R Edwards GGS Work Control $101,423
FeaginDerek D Feagin ITT Applications $101,285
RasmussenJames A Rasmussen I & C Shop $101,231
RajewichTerry K Rajewich Account Mgmnt $101,120
BlockKevin W Block Retail Sys Cntl Team $101,100
ParrMichael A Parr Corporate Projects $101,027
OlsonDouglas S Olson ITT Applications $100,956
JeanneretAllan L Jeanneret Admin Services $100,894
DericksonChristopher E Derickson Water Systems $100,854
ConawayRonald D Conaway Train - Manager $100,773
HahnGene A Hahn Tech Infrastructure $100,476
BeattyJeffrey A Beatty Security Manager $100,424
PearsonPhillip T Pearson GGS Work Control $100,403
BoyleRichard P Boyle Retail Norfolk Oper $100,398
DivisRicky G Divis Sheldon Project Eng $100,258
KoschBill H Kosch Nuclear/Fossil Fuels $100,252
EllisKeith D Ellis Economic Development $100,191
EshlemanRobert W Eshleman GGS Technical $100,022
TriplettDirk R Triplett Retail Sys Cntl Team $100,004
DeklevaEdward J Dekleva Water Res Mgr $99,991
SeamanJeffrey W Seaman Ops Manager $99,928
KreifelsLance C Kreifels Ops Manager $99,896
HamannChristopher M Hamann Substation Superviso $99,882
NewcombKent T Newcomb Eng Prg & Comp $99,856
LevanderBrandon C Levander Transm Sys Cntl Supr $99,832
ReynoldsJack R Reynolds Canaday Plant $99,777
BodenSteve L Boden Mechanical Maint $99,750
KuhnsJeff P Kuhns Security Manager $99,741
KempfRoger R Kempf Lines Supervisor $99,711
HartwigNicholas P Hartwig Ops Manager $99,602
SpennerAllan J Spenner ITT Applications $99,539
KerrNeil A Kerr Ops Manager $99,466
FuehrerCory R Fuehrer Energy Efficiency $99,409
ConnerRobert L Conner Ops Manager $99,376
BenesHarvey M Benes Water Systems $99,360
CzarnickTim P Czarnick Generation Asset Mgt $99,329
UptonAllen D Upton RP - Manager $99,310
BennettBrent J Bennett Retail So Sioux Oper $99,284
BuhrmanBradley R Buhrman Lines Supervisor $99,243
AnnoDwaine Leroy Anno Generation Asset Mgt $99,174
MillsRodney M Mills Substation Superviso $99,170
MunsenMichael C Munsen GGS I&C $99,046
CallawayHarold C Callaway Nuclear Projects $99,039
SchollBeverly A Scholl Sheldon Project Eng $99,009
ShraderJohn C Shrader Safety,TechTrn/H Per $98,990
HayWilliam L Hay Sheldon Mechanical $98,928
YoungHarold F Young Drafting $98,924
FraryJack L Frary Chemistry $98,917
WardMark R Ward Work Control Mgr $98,788
WilliamsBill E Williams RP - Manager $98,673
WendtJean M Wendt ITT Applications $98,558
WieberdinkDarrel J Wieberdink ITT Applications $98,541
PfeifferGary L Pfeiffer Substation Superviso $98,485
WaddellBrian D Waddell Train - Manager $98,461
FischerJedediah J Fischer Corporate Projects $98,450
SchimonitzDavid R Schimonitz GGS Operations $98,449
GiffordRobert D Gifford Safety,TechTrn/H Per $98,400
AllenWilliam D Allen Retail York Oper $98,346
BohnJerry L Bohn Retail Norfolk Oper $98,293
HartzellLynn D Hartzell Beatrice Station $98,228
HallSteven E Hall Sheldon Operations $98,192
MundhenkeKevin L Mundhenke Retail Norfolk Oper $98,183
MartinezAnthony M Martinez MP & C Manager $98,182
GreenDonald L Green QA - Sr Mgr $98,179
WenzAnthony S Wenz Substation Superviso $98,166
SnyderRussell G Snyder Beatrice Station $98,141
DaugaardDon S Daugaard ITT Applications $97,740
BirdDavid M Bird Maint Planning $97,719
WhetstoneDonald T Whetstone Construction Service $97,718
IskeCarl L Iske Lines Supervisor $97,717
NorquestTimothy W Norquest Substation Superviso $97,646
JonesAaron R Jones Substation Superviso $97,559
LammersMark K Lammers Safety,TechTrn/H Per $97,538
WalnoferChristopher J Walnofer Ainsworth Wind Facil $97,514
Van RenanJeffrey L Van Renan Generation Asset Mgt $97,491
AbelsNathan L Abels Retail So Sioux Oper $97,477
RasmussenLee J Rasmussen Electrical Shop $97,433
GlunzPatrick D Glunz Telecom Supervisor $97,395
PriceJohn G Price Tech Infrastructure $97,308
DiaRachid M Dia DED - Manager $97,269
MyerAndrew W Myer Lines Supervisor $97,185
AckermanJohn C Ackerman Eng Prg & Comp $97,109
ArgoTerry L Argo Train - Manager $96,912
HolzWayne R Holz Retail Kearney Oper $96,721
DozierPamela K Dozier ITT Applications $96,670
KoneckyBrian R Konecky CSD-Engineering Mgr $96,667
WeberGary W Weber GGS Electrical $96,658
BenderGale C Bender Retail Norfolk Oper $96,639
RoweLevi W Rowe Retail Sys Cntl Team $96,628
GrothKevin W Groth Ops Manager $96,615
LambCharles P Lamb Tech Infrastructure $96,599
WellmanTami D Wellman Train - Manager $96,576
LewisDavid Lewis FIN Team $96,538
FeickertRobert M Feickert Train - Manager $96,401
FreilingSteve A Freiling RP - Manager $96,393
TinkhamJohn M Tinkham T & D Asset Mgmt $96,275
LundRonnie D Lund CSD-Engineering Mgr $96,267
DornDouglas D Dorn Beatrice Station $96,225
CliffordBill A Clifford Substation Superviso $96,205
SjutsRobert E Sjuts Construction Service $96,204
EwersBrandon D Ewers I & C Shop $96,098
ShaferJeffrey T Shafer Water Res Mgr $96,073
BostonRaymond A Boston Retail York Oper $96,072
LechnerRobert J Lechner Ops Manager $96,058
WolffDavid L Wolff CSD-Engineering Mgr $96,051
KringsMatthew D Krings Substation Superviso $96,034
KirklandRussell L Kirkland Retail Kearney Oper $95,989
SchmitEric R Schmit Retail York Oper $95,815
FisherDavid A Fisher GGS Operations $95,780
RhodesAdam A Rhodes Sheldon Operations $95,779
HaynesKym A Haynes Security Manager $95,733
JanakPaul A Janak Lines Supervisor $95,733
HanksCory L Hanks Lines Supervisor $95,695
PerlingerMitchell D Perlinger GGS Operations $95,682
YoungKenneth D Young Energy Efficiency $95,680
BablAdam M Babl Lines Supervisor $95,599
ZinnelDaniel L Zinnel Retail Kearney Oper $95,564
SmithDaniel E Smith Lexington Operations $95,533
KissingerMichael P Kissinger GGS Operations $95,480
FrumJohn E Frum Nuclear Projects $95,473
WendtDouglas E Wendt Retail Scotts Oper $95,401
BryantCody D Bryant GGS Operations $95,398
BremerLesli J Bremer Outage Manager $95,392
SchmidtVirginia K Schmidt ITT Applications $95,358
HeckStuart G Heck Ops Manager $95,341
TalmonLarry L Talmon FIN Team $95,223
KarelKeith R Karel Environmental $95,092
LammersRonald D Lammers Retail Norfolk Oper $95,089
ConroyLee J Conroy Retail Norfolk Oper $95,054
VosslerBrian D Vossler Sheldon Operations $95,012
GrossmanTony L Grossman FIN Team $94,906
DueringDee E Duering Ops Manager $94,886
AustinDavid J Austin Retail Kearney Oper $94,847
HofstetterShawn E Hofstetter Lines Supervisor $94,806
SchulzShannon C Schulz CNS System Engineer $94,806
BakerMark E Baker GM Plant/Operations $94,788
SedlacekChad J Sedlacek Retail Norfolk Oper $94,665
HoltheChad M Holthe Retail So Sioux Oper $94,635
KlevelandBrian K Kleveland Business Support Ser $94,315
KorthTerrance J Korth Wholesale Billing $94,296
RasmussenAaron P Rasmussen CSD-Engineering Mgr $94,272
GuzmanVincent Guzman Lines Supervisor $94,197
TigheRick L Tighe Substation Superviso $94,189
LinderLarry D Linder Environmental $94,174
WinkelmanBradford W Winkelman Lines Supervisor $94,067
KimeTyler J Kime CSD-Engineering Mgr $94,055
JennigesJames J Jenniges Environmental $94,047
WillersTodd L Willers Substation Superviso $94,016
MuellerRicky L Mueller Construction Service $93,970
BrandtDonnie Eugene Brandt Train - Manager $93,959
LudwigDirk A Ludwig ECC Ctrl Cntr Supt $93,889
WegnerCorey L Wegner Telecom Supervisor $93,886
KellyRyan J Kelly Lines Supervisor $93,882
LansdownDavid L Lansdown Maint Planning $93,871
ParkerAaron J Parker Ops Manager $93,821
SmithBryan L Smith Retail Kearney Oper $93,754
OswaldDavid R Oswald Ops Manager $93,697
HartmanThomas J Hartman Tech Infrastructure $93,685
DushBrad R Dush Retail Kearney Oper $93,624
HarrisAndrew B Harris Substation Superviso $93,579
BlessinRaymond L Blessin Retail McCook Oper $93,535
MarvinMichael E Marvin Retail Norfolk Oper $93,499
RushBrian J Rush Retail So Sioux Oper $93,466
BishopEdward A Bishop FIN Team $93,431
NienaberCarl F Nienaber Tech Infrastructure $93,404
VavraGary J Vavra Telecom Engineering $93,383
BurkeShawn P Burke GGS I&C $93,365
DillonAdam J Dillon Substation Superviso $93,354
LackeyGary Grant Lackey Electrical Shop $93,252
MazankowskiDavid J Mazankowski Controller Planning $93,196
HolmCory J Holm GGS Operations $93,163
ChinnTodd A Chinn Environmental $93,133
KinnamanBryan A Kinnaman Train - Manager $93,118
ShannonMark L Shannon ITT Applications $93,110
WadasBrian J Wadas Substation Superviso $93,069
KraftPatrick L Kraft Security Manager $93,063
PrzymusClint S Przymus Corp Communications $93,055
KelsayJames Garland Kelsay Emergency Prep $93,046
ViceDaniel R Vice Info Technology Mgr $93,040
GoedenKeith G Goeden Lines Supervisor $93,035
HartwigRon A Hartwig Substation Superviso $92,950
MooreJeremiah J Moore Sheldon Operations $92,938
CaufieldJack S Caufield CSD-Engineering Mgr $92,934
GauchatRodney E Gauchat Security Manager $92,929
DauelJeff E Dauel DED - Manager $92,926
LowranceJeffrey S Lowrance Ops Manager $92,896
BatesAndrea L Bates Train - Manager $92,838
FaltysMarcus S Faltys CSD-Engineering Mgr $92,810
AllenJeremy R Allen Security Manager $92,789
PalmerMaurice C Palmer Ops Manager $92,706
SejkoraMatthew R Sejkora Sheldon Operations $92,701
LammersShane J Lammers Retail So Sioux Oper $92,661
DwyerMichael J Dwyer Telecom Engineering $92,631
ProthmanJason J Prothman Substation Superviso $92,629
MuellerStaci S Mueller Financial Planning $92,614
RosenkranzJason D Rosenkranz Resource Plan & Risk $92,609
PillenChristine A Pillen Controllr & Fin Plan $92,588
VaughnDaniel R Vaughn GGS Operations $92,581
JohnsonBill R Johnson Retail York Oper $92,558
MladyCarsten J Mlady Retail Sys Cntl Team $92,548
ThompsonDwight L Thompson GGS Technical $92,547
PerryRonald E Perry Mechanical Maint $92,541
WrightKeith A Wright Admin Services $92,496
ReinbothBrett A Reinboth GGS Technical $92,489
HarrisDouglas D Harris Environmental $92,454
KleinTodd J Klein Contracts Management $92,453
ZacarolaFred L Zacarola Chemistry $92,424
WagnitzRonald G Wagnitz Environmental $92,376
ZerbeBrent A Zerbe Substation Superviso $92,376
MalzerCharles L Malzer Beatrice Station $92,369
StolpeSterling W Stolpe Construction Service $92,359
StippChristopher O Stipp Environmental $92,349
JardeePeter D Jardee Lines Supervisor $92,342
DierbergerScott W Dierberger I & C Shop $92,342
GriffithKelly L Griffith Substation Superviso $92,313
PerryRandy D Perry I & C Shop $92,304
KarjalaScott E Karjala Beatrice Station $92,291
BruderTimothy R Bruder Sheldon Mat Hand $92,190
StanleyMary E Stanley Business Services $92,170
JohnsonDoug D Johnson Retail Scotts Oper $91,994
MartinAaron R Martin GGS I&C $91,969
HaysAlvin F Hays Info Technology Mgr $91,909
RaymondJeffrey O Raymond Environmental $91,816
SanneBrenda M Sanne Corp Communications $91,718
SchulenbergBradley E Schulenberg RP - Manager $91,717
MorrisRussell L Morris RP - Manager $91,690
HirnerJoseph L Hirner RP - Manager $91,652
WheatleyGuy W Wheatley Tech Infrastructure $91,553
BeckerTiah M Becker Train - Manager $91,527
SabinsDuane K Sabins Ops Manager $91,514
AnvilleKim J Anville HR Mgmt $91,482
MurphyDaniel P Murphy Sheldon Plan/Schedul $91,462
FreidelCorey D Freidel Retail So Sioux Oper $91,405
HanrahanPatrick M Hanrahan CSD-Engineering Mgr $91,389
BrumbaughCameron W Brumbaugh T & D Asset Mgmt $91,380
MillerRyan D Miller Sheldon Operations $91,346
KirschnerTimothy R Kirschner T & D Asset Mgmt $91,345
SarnowskiMichael A Sarnowski RP - Manager $91,345
CawleyJamison T Cawley CSD-Engineering Mgr $91,315
JakubJustin W Jakub CSD-Engineering Mgr $91,263
HoeflerVincent G Hoefler Eng Prg & Comp $91,261
StehlikTimothy R Stehlik Sheldon Elect & I/C $91,255
HanksLynn R Hanks Retail Scotts Oper $91,230
CabaBrian A Caba Retail York Oper $91,228
SheaJeffrey P Shea Sheldon Operations $91,166
SwansonLonnie R Swanson Admin Services $91,155
McKayRichard L Mckay Mechanical Maint $91,149
BakkerMalinda L Bakker CNS System Engineer $91,104
TannerKurt N Tanner Maint Planning $91,079
PetersanMatthew D Petersan Corporate Projects $91,058
AndersonShawn R Anderson Retail Norfolk Oper $91,056
WestmoreErvin C Westmore Telecom Supervisor $91,043
DerrSteven M Derr Retail McCook Oper $91,025
SchwartingJeffrey L Schwarting Security Manager $91,012
HurytaKirk A Huryta T & D Asset Mgmt $91,008
VornhagenAllen J Vornhagen CSD-Engineering Mgr $91,004
CurryRobin L Curry ITT Applications $90,886
BrandlBrian M Brandl Substation Superviso $90,788
EwersGary A Ewers ITT Applications $90,754
HotovyTeresa J Hotovy HR Mgmt $90,712
SlamaRobert Allen Slama I & C Shop $90,694
PillenThomas D Pillen Major Trans Prj Team $90,669
KreikemeierKevin M Kreikemeier Lines Supervisor $90,661
PlettnerRockford G Plettner Environmental $90,642
NelsonGary D Nelson Lines Supervisor $90,634
BrummerJim S Brummer Retail Norfolk Oper $90,626
BoyleCharles E Boyle Retail Norfolk Oper $90,610
LorenzDaniel J Lorenz Sheldon Operations $90,599
SchultzNicole M Schultz Tech Infrastructure $90,572
HochsteinRyan K Hochstein Substation Superviso $90,567
ChramostaSteven Charles Chramosta Support $90,554
McPhillipsRobert D Mcphillips Telecom Engineering $90,542
HaynesKristina S Haynes Emergency Prep $90,479
ReddingMark A Redding FIN Team $90,463
KruegerJason D Krueger Retail McCook Oper $90,441
WhitwerGaylan T Whitwer Retail Sys Cntl Team $90,435
YoungJoel J Young Resource Plan & Risk $90,423
DierbergerTerry L Dierberger Lines Supervisor $90,364
GillespieDyke H Gillespie Chemistry $90,362
WellerRaymond E Weller Chemistry $90,357
DezortRoger D Dezort GGS Operations $90,286
BeckScott P Beck GGS Operations $90,224
LaCroixCynthia W Lacroix CC Spec - LaCroix $90,179
FallsJohn Lee Falls Chemistry $90,124
SnyderMichael J Snyder Retail York Oper $90,072
MayJarid C May Retail Norfolk Oper $89,998
MadisonWarren P Madison Retail Scotts Oper $89,953
EwingCarl E Ewing Work Control Mgr $89,945
OverhueDavid P Overhue Environmental $89,908
FisherJason R Fisher Retail Kearney Oper $89,896
BebbJeremy L Bebb RP - Manager $89,882
RyanWilliam J Ryan GGS Operations $89,862
StramelBarbara R Stramel Outage Manager $89,854
ZarekAdam M Zarek Retail York Oper $89,851
RojewskiJared W Rojewski Retail York Oper $89,795
RutledgeThomas J Rutledge Retail Scotts Oper $89,732
JacobsonJeff J Jacobson Sheldon Plan/Schedul $89,727
StanderMichael J Stander Sheldon Project Eng $89,696
GossmanDavid O Gossman FIN Team $89,688
RoseRonald V Rose Energy Efficiency $89,558
SellinAdam J Sellin Lines Supervisor $89,488
BebbSheryl R Bebb Admin Services $89,434
LandenBryce J Landen Energy Efficiency $89,374
LembkeDavid W Lembke GGS Mechanical Maint $89,365
VetickJoe J Vetick Land Management $89,307
WaitCasey J Wait Retail Scotts Oper $89,224
McFaddenDarin M Mcfadden Substation Superviso $89,202
WestRegonald T West Correct Actn&Assess $89,186
SullivanDonald E Sullivan Mechanical Maint $89,145
SmallDaniel E Small ECC Ctrl Cntr Supt $89,090
TschetterShane K Tschetter Corporate Projects $89,080
SnellMichael W Snell Retail York Oper $89,025
SummersBonnie J Summers ITT Applications $89,024
VachaCharles L Vacha Retail Scotts Oper $88,976
O'BrienKevin L O'Brien Retail Norfolk Oper $88,975
BrumbaughNicole M Brumbaugh Retail Billing $88,942
StapletonJune L Stapleton ITT Applications $88,892
HamptonThomas B Hampton GGS Manager & Svcs $88,824
BauerDouglas J Bauer Retail Norfolk Oper $88,799
McGargillDonald L Mcgargill Train - Manager $88,766
RadcliffeKevin S Radcliffe GGS Operations $88,737
BakkerBrandon J Bakker Electrical Shop $88,726
ThorsonDonnie C Thorson Corporate Security $88,714
PetersonDonald L Peterson Substation Superviso $88,710
PflepsenGerry C Pflepsen CNS System Engineer $88,663
WaymanLee G Wayman GGS Work Control $88,654
DeFreeceJohnnie L Defreece Retail York Oper $88,604
MostromKenneth D Mostrom Substation Superviso $88,598
DarnellDave A Darnell Sheldon Project Eng $88,556
WoolsonAl F Woolson Safety - CS&D $88,471
FischerMax J Fischer GGS Technical $88,452
KindDuane Nick Kind Substation Superviso $88,431
FurnasDavid G Furnas Mechanical Maint $88,396
HurdCarl A Hurd Retail Sys Cntl Team $88,371
YelickBruce E Yelick I & C Shop $88,342
BridgeJake T Bridge Lines Supervisor $88,325
GaedekeChad P Gaedeke Substation Superviso $88,294
ClavijoMiguel A Clavijo Info Technology Mgr $88,287
GoeringDarrin L Goering FIN Team $88,265
HoebingDean J Hoebing Tech Training-CSD $88,234
NunesJonathan E Nunes Sheldon Project Eng $88,223
KernerFrank G Kerner CNS System Engineer $88,206
Gehring-OhrabloKristine M Gehring-Ohrablo Chemistry $88,206
PopeJames W Pope FIN Team $88,183
HatchDavid N Hatch Substation Superviso $88,170
LuceDale G Luce Safety - CS&D $88,122
AksamitDuane E Aksamit Sheldon Mechanical $88,089
WackerEric T Wacker Energy Mgmnt $88,019
BryantZachary R Bryant Retail Scotts Oper $87,980
JohnsonAnthony D Johnson Train - Manager $87,977
ZwickScott D Zwick Procurement Mgmt $87,931
DuttonJames E Dutton Telecom Supervisor $87,920
CusterJeremy A Custer CNS System Engineer $87,917
HastingsScott A Hastings GGS Operations $87,840
DunnDeborah A Dunn Train - Manager $87,768
McFarlandLisa M Mcfarland VP Govt Aff/Gen Coun $87,735
BombergerJeffrey S Bomberger GGS Work Control $87,712
HarrisAric C Harris CNS System Engineer $87,708
FrameTravis P Frame GGS Operations $87,651
ReynoldsGrant A Reynolds CNS System Engineer $87,650
AndersonDarin A Anderson Info Technology Mgr $87,598
VanAsperenSamuel J Vanasperen Beatrice Station $87,564
AndersonChad A Anderson Substation Superviso $87,554
GayBarbara J Gay Bus/Fac Svc Mgr $87,514
BungerDavid W Bunger Substation Superviso $87,397
TrippJames M Tripp Ops Manager $87,325
PeateThomas S Peate Sheldon Mat Hand $87,309
CornishWilliam K Cornish Safety - CS&D $87,280
KellerTodd A Keller Retail Norfolk Oper $87,269
PetersonJeffrey J Peterson Retail McCook Oper $87,266
HierGregory L Hier Sheldon Project Eng $87,231
NunnsGary L Nunns Tech Training-CSD $87,222
DyerMark G Dyer Substation Superviso $87,190
SwobodaBenjamin S Swoboda DED - Manager $87,172
KirkpatrickDennis E Kirkpatrick QA - Sr Mgr $87,159
WarehamChad D Wareham GGS Mechanical Maint $87,153
LongClifford O Long Eng Prg & Comp $87,117
MeyersKevin E Meyers Security Manager $87,091
RubenkingMarvin R Rubenking Sheldon Busn Mgr $87,068
FairheadAndrew J Fairhead Eng Prg & Comp $87,036
ObermeierBryce G Obermeier GGS Operations $86,974
WhiteJoseph A White RP - Manager $86,913
ApfelKyle K Apfel Retail Sys Cntl Team $86,825
RennerLon D Renner Telecom Engineering $86,743
NeujahrRodney D Neujahr Substation Superviso $86,713
HaggertyKeith J Haggerty CNS System Engineer $86,671
FolchertGary V Folchert Energy Efficiency $86,655
DeBowerRoss H Debower Land Management $86,613
HarphamJoseph Charles Harpham Mechanical Maint $86,585
ChrispEdward Y Chrisp Environmental $86,565
TeetorMichael A Teetor Energy Efficiency $86,539
SundayJoseph H Sunday Tech Training-CSD $86,431
JonesKevin G Jones Security Manager $86,418
ShraderTy J Shrader Mechanical Maint $86,417
SchefusJon R Schefus T & D Asset Mgmt $86,408
HillMichael R Hill Retail Kearney Oper $86,402
GrahamChester L Graham Retail Kearney Oper $86,366
McGrewMatthew C Mcgrew Retail Norfolk Oper $86,352
WestonMatthew R Weston Telecom Supervisor $86,338
KirkpatrickBrenda M Kirkpatrick Licensing Manager $86,260
GrahamJames A Graham Lines Supervisor $86,255
DohertyMatt M Doherty GGS Manager & Svcs $86,251
WeyerDaniel F Weyer T & D Asset Mgmt $86,246
KutaColleen M Kuta Fin&Cost-Ops-ES $86,232
DalyDavid E Daly GGS Manager & Svcs $86,203
HofferberBrent L Hofferber Procurement Mgmt $86,178
GiffordLonnie W Gifford GGS Operations $86,128
HeidbrederGreg L Heidbreder Retail Kearney Oper $86,113
HolmesBrian L Holmes GGS Electrical $86,107
JonesNathan G Jones Telecom Supervisor $86,024
PutnamCharles H Putnam HR Services/Operatns $86,018
SedlacekBrian L Sedlacek Retail Norfolk Oper $85,848
KeizerGlenn A Keizer CSD-Work Mgmt Procss $85,817
RademacherAdam S Rademacher Maint Support $85,814
BuhrDale Wayne Buhr Beatrice Station $85,788
FosterAdam D Foster IT Security $85,745
HoffmanAndrew D Hoffman Lines Supervisor $85,731
SchrollGarret C Schroll Substation Superviso $85,701
SpulakDarrell L Spulak GGS Project Eng $85,691
BeltRodney D Belt CSD-Work Mgmt Procss $85,689
VredenburghEric E Vredenburgh Sheldon Operations $85,675
HuntRoger L Hunt Energy Efficiency $85,668
SuttonTerence M Sutton CSD-Engineering Mgr $85,644
BaumliSteven R Baumli Sheldon Elect & I/C $85,610
JohnsonKevin H Johnson Nuclear/Fossil Fuels $85,608
PennerSidney S Penner Sheldon Mechanical $85,563
JonesCory D Jones Ops Manager $85,539
AndreasenScotty D Andreasen T & D Asset Mgmt $85,491
McLaughlinMichael S Mclaughlin Lexington Operations $85,452
BrodineCole C Brodine Reliability Complian $85,428
BorchersLisa K Borchers IT Security $85,417
VildaBenjamin J Vilda Sheldon Operations $85,389
StubbendickRyan G Stubbendick Substation Superviso $85,366
HeroldMichael K Herold Mechanical Maint $85,348
TorsonThomas J Torson Retail So Sioux Oper $85,345
MaddoxKimberly A Maddox Maint Support $85,345
PoulsenJeremy A Poulsen Retail Norfolk Oper $85,283
WindhamPaul R Windham Water Systems $85,280
WhiteheadGlenn E Whitehead ECC Ctrl Cntr Supt $85,276
KruegerVictor L Krueger Eng Prg & Comp $85,271
StahleckerRandal E Stahlecker Retail McCook Oper $85,264
ThiesJay W Thies Retail Scotts Oper $85,245
CoffmanJesse J Coffman Lines Supervisor $85,243
HatleyBrandon J Hatley Substation Superviso $85,240
AyersNiles F Ayers Tech Training-CSD $85,195
PlumleeJerry J Plumlee RP - Manager $85,175
StevensJames D Stevens GGS Mechanical Maint $85,148
BarrettTracy E Barrett GGS Mechanical Maint $85,100
ChristoBradley J Christo Retail York Oper $85,076
DiazRaymond Diaz Retail McCook Oper $85,072
CopeJanet A Cope RP - Manager $85,064
CarrollJohn L Carroll Beatrice Station $85,063
HumphreyDavid J Humphrey Telecom Engineering $85,010
MillerDonald C Miller Substation Superviso $84,999
NitzelKenneth L Nitzel Sheldon Training $84,985
LandButch H Land Sheldon Operations $84,973
ReesonThomas R Reeson Retail McCook Oper $84,963
DammastJeffry W Dammast Electrical Shop $84,878
HallKevin L Hall Substation Superviso $84,837
KuehnWilliam R Kuehn CSD-Work Mgmt Procss $84,822
SchmutteJason D Schmutte Sheldon Operations $84,811
SieboldAndrew T Siebold CNS System Engineer $84,798
BoerngenCharles J Boerngen Substation Superviso $84,760
ZimmermanBrent D Zimmerman Beatrice Station $84,734
PeshekDaron J Peshek Security Manager $84,624
BenceJohn A Bence Sheldon Mat Hand $84,609
MillerRussell J Miller GGS Project Eng $84,595
CookDonald M Cook Substation Superviso $84,553
PealAnthony C Peal GGS Operations $84,550
DaughertyKelly R Daugherty Sheldon Mechanical $84,499
BushRobert H Bush GGS I&C $84,499
MurrishJeremy D Murrish GGS Mechanical Maint $84,491
HatfieldPatrick C Hatfield Retail York Oper $84,478
BrodenIan M Broden Lines Supervisor $84,476
HanceLeo D Hance Security Manager $84,419
SpennerLori S Spenner I&T Technology $84,356
KellerRobert J Keller Safety,TechTrn/H Per $84,317
MoyerJanice E Moyer Info Technology Mgr $84,310
BetzDustin D Betz Trans Compl & Plan $84,209
BaltenspergerMark E Baltensperger Mechanical Maint $84,166
EhrenbergCraig D Ehrenberg Procurement Mgmt $84,142
TilfordCyrus M Tilford GGS Operations $84,127
StierwaltJoseph S Stierwalt Sheldon Mechanical $84,122
KirkendallTimothy M Kirkendall Maint Planning $84,108
KatholCatherine M Kathol Dist Superintendent $84,093
StevensTimothy D Stevens GGS Mechanical Maint $84,060
BeckerMark C Becker Corp Communications $84,058
BukerMark A Buker Drafting $83,913
LloydMark A Lloyd Sheldon Mechanical $83,825
HurdJennifer Hurd ECC Ctrl Cntr Supt $83,804
EdwardsAnthony R Edwards Substation Superviso $83,710
VanAsperenSteve D Vanasperen Sheldon Operations $83,664
RuhlRussell W Ruhl Fac Svc - Central $83,568
ChohonTyson P Chohon Substation Superviso $83,558
JebensDouglas B Jebens T & D Asset Mgmt $83,545
GeisertGerald W Geisert Retail McCook Oper $83,517
Von BergenRichard J Von Bergen Mechanical Maint $83,453
VonRentzellTroy E Vonrentzell CNS System Engineer $83,396
UhriMark L Uhri Work Control Mgr $83,374
WagnerKevin A Wagner Retail York Oper $83,374
EvertJ Brandon Evert GGS Operations $83,359
GittingsJohn P Gittings GGS Electrical $83,332
BaileyR Annette Bailey Contracts Management $83,310
ReedMatthew R Reed CNS System Engineer $83,307
JohnsonTerry L Johnson Retail Scotts Oper $83,293
BjorklundJeffrey W Bjorklund Substation Superviso $83,290
HamlingDebra J Hamling HR Mgmt $83,151
NeimanJon R Neiman GGS Mechanical Maint $83,121
HergenraderMonty D Hergenrader GGS Technical $83,075
MunsonDarwin G Munson GGS Mechanical Maint $83,049
ChristoNicholas H Christo Retail Kearney Oper $83,041
CochranGary L Cochran Security Manager $82,976
ZybachDavid L Zybach CSD-Engineering Mgr $82,967
BorgmanChad E Borgman Sheldon Mechanical $82,950
WillisBobby J Willis Ops Manager $82,937
ReevesKip M Reeves Emergency Prep $82,937
SchlautmanJoel James Schlautman Telecom Supervisor $82,913
MillerRandall R Miller Sheldon Lab $82,892
WeberTamara D Weber Procurement Mgmt $82,876
WiechmannBrian W Wiechmann Sheldon Operations $82,875
CopelandTory J Copeland GGS Electrical $82,819
FraileyRichard D Frailey GGS Work Control $82,806
WilsonShawn R Wilson CSD-Work Mgmt Procss $82,785
MeikleJared M Meikle Retail Norfolk Oper $82,752
WolkenShane M Wolken GGS Operations $82,703
KreifelsMatthew R Kreifels Train - Manager $82,697
SearsRoger D Sears GGS Technical $82,670
EnglerRoger A Engler Retail McCook Oper $82,664
SnitilyErnest J Snitily HR Services/Operatns $82,632
ValentineTyler L Valentine Ops Manager $82,619
BeckmanAndrew J Beckman Substation Superviso $82,614
RippeKyle R Rippe FIN Team $82,591
BendaHeather L Benda IT Security $82,586
SmithRyan D Smith Sheldon Elect & I/C $82,557
BaldwinBen R Baldwin Retail Norfolk Oper $82,536
SteubeDiana L Steube Generation Asset Mgt $82,522
RomansGary W Romans Substation Superviso $82,461
BartlingChristopher T Bartling Retail Norfolk Oper $82,391
JurgensMark A Jurgens Sheldon Mechanical $82,380
NeukirchMark R Neukirch Telecom Supervisor $82,331
JensenRyan E Jensen DED - Manager $82,324
MeyersDouglas A Meyers Tech Training-CSD $82,321
CicmanecSean W Cicmanec Ops Manager $82,286
DeanArthur Dean Security Manager $82,274
JohnsonThomas A Johnson GGS Work Control $82,252
O'BrienJoshua M O'Brien Substation Superviso $82,209
KeimDavid P Keim Beatrice Station $82,183
SmithLinda M Smith Cust Srv Bus Mgr $82,070
MartinezRalph Martinez GGS Mechanical Maint $82,046
WilsonFrancis P Wilson GGS Operations $81,990
McPhersonDaniel A Mcpherson Ops Manager $81,966
ChytkaWill H Chytka Retail So Sioux Oper $81,910
HengenDouglas A Hengen GGS Mechanical Maint $81,889
KnappTammy S Knapp Train - Manager $81,888
McGrewDan C Mcgrew Retail Norfolk Oper $81,872
PinkertonMichal K Pinkerton GGS Technical $81,800
HeathMichael J Heath Substation Superviso $81,790
RockwellKenneth B Rockwell GGS Operations $81,763
GetteJeffrey P Gette Substation Superviso $81,713
JensenRobert D Jensen Retail York Oper $81,685
BecherMichael D Becher Fac Svc - Eastern $81,667
LinstromMike E Linstrom GGS Work Control $81,642
AndresenChristopher L Andresen T & D Asset Mgmt $81,636
BuscherBrian B Buscher GGS Technical $81,602
JohnsonAndrew D Johnson Retail So Sioux Oper $81,512
KukerMichael T Kuker FIN Team $81,496
DavisLeonard A Davis GGS Electrical $81,314
JareckeTodd M Jarecke Sheldon Operations $81,251
FordenKristine A Forden GGS Technical $81,236
GrieserKevin L Grieser Retail Sys Cntl Team $81,235
BourneMichael W Bourne Retail Scotts Oper $81,230
JeanneretDennis D Jeanneret Mechanical Maint $81,223
AltwineJoan A Altwine Canaday Plant $81,212
HoushCraig W Housh Retail Scotts Oper $81,206
StoltenbergBryce A Stoltenberg Retail Scotts Oper $81,201
GregoryDaniel M Gregory Retail Sys Cntl Team $81,191
BombergerLawrence R Bomberger Canaday Plant $81,168
LoosveltL Mark Loosvelt Operations Supp Srvc $81,123
HickeyCarlos E Hickey GGS Operations $81,105
AndersenSeth R Andersen Substation Superviso $81,102
EndorfJeffrey A Endorf HR Emp Development $81,054
RavenscroftLeslie A Ravenscroft GGS Technical $80,992
FreezeWilliam G Freeze GGS Mechanical Maint $80,991
KingJustin W King Environmental $80,981
AldanaJose J Aldana Security Manager $80,955
RiceBen J Rice GGS Mechanical Maint $80,928
DishongRobert A Dishong Security Manager $80,913
WenzRobert C Wenz GGS Work Control $80,908
BlockAlex T Block Ops Manager $80,817
WilsonTimothy Wilson GGS Electrical $80,714
MakDonald D Mak Retail Kearney Oper $80,691
LinderDavid J Linder Water Systems $80,648
DunkinTrever D Dunkin Sheldon Operations $80,641
WenzlAdam S Wenzl Ops Manager $80,573
StonerSusan K Stoner T & D Asset Mgmt $80,406
HintonTyler E Hinton GGS Operations $80,404
WheatleyDerek C Wheatley DED - Manager $80,372
PorathDerran R Porath Finance & Acctg Mgr $80,324
AskelsonTommy J Askelson Lexington Operations $80,264
DunekackeThomas L Dunekacke Security Manager $80,217
AllenVan E Allen Mechanical Maint $80,162
EpleyJoel E Epley Financial Planning $80,155
BoyleCorey J Boyle Retail McCook Oper $80,138
ScottMatthew L Scott Mechanical Maint $80,127
MohningJohn L Mohning Telecom Engineering $80,081
O'MeliaDennis T O'Melia Sheldon Project Eng $80,057
KnopikDebra S Knopik MP & C Manager $80,055
PinkelmanChad J Pinkelman T & D Asset Mgmt $80,016
LammersChris J Lammers Retail Norfolk Oper $79,914
SweleySamuel D Sweley GGS Operations $79,907
WheeldonJustin L Wheeldon Ops Manager $79,857
HenryTodd Allan Henry Mechanical Maint $79,853
HargerChester W Harger Inventory Management $79,851
SkaffThomas A Skaff CSD-Engineering Mgr $79,837
BackerChris L Backer Beatrice Station $79,789
PowellJeff M Powell Security Manager $79,771
StarzecRonald J Starzec Land Management $79,731
MangersBrian M Mangers ECC Ctrl Cntr Supt $79,719
WilsonMartin D Wilson Sheldon Mat Hand $79,654
RosenbladMarshall B Rosenblad Retail Scotts Oper $79,583
FosbinderScott L Fosbinder GGS Operations $79,555
BauerJeffrey P Bauer Telecom Supervisor $79,452
DyeJoshua D Dye GGS Mechanical Maint $79,439
WernerNathan E Werner DED - Manager $79,392
HamanTyler J Haman GGS Operations $79,379
SauterE Lee Sauter Sheldon Operations $79,360
PavelLarry J Pavel T & D Asset Mgmt $79,326
HoltheMatthew K Holthe Telecom Engineering $79,314
MillerDennis L Miller Security Manager $79,287
LundvallJason T Lundvall GGS Operations $79,275
AlleeWayne A Allee Security Manager $79,262
CarlockRandy L Carlock Canaday Plant $79,216
NichollsJeremy L Nicholls Sheldon Elect & I/C $79,204
MitchellGeri A Mitchell Fin & Cost -Ops T&D $79,101
PedersenRob R Pedersen Retail York Oper $79,075
UtechtAdam R Utecht GGS Project Eng $79,063
SchroederMitchell J Schroeder Retail York Oper $79,004
BaltenspergerDana L Baltensperger Train - Manager $78,997
SedlacekRandy L Sedlacek Substation Superviso $78,989
SeegebarthMatthew D Seegebarth CSD-Work Mgmt Procss $78,978
YendraDerek A Yendra Substation Superviso $78,951
DericksonRussel D Derickson Inventory Management $78,837
FoustMichael J Foust Beatrice Station $78,835
SuhrCharles L Suhr Info Technology Mgr $78,822
JohnsonBrian S Johnson Security Manager $78,813
MartinezSteven D Martinez GGS Operations $78,775
LaibleDustin A Laible Retail Norfolk Oper $78,755
BennettJohn L Bennett Contracts Management $78,744
EppBilly W Epp Sheldon Project Eng $78,706
DishmanTyler B Dishman Lines Supervisor $78,695
DalyDan D Daly Retail York Oper $78,683
CooperAlbert Mark Cooper Canaday Plant $78,672
JochumRandal R Jochum GGS Mechanical Maint $78,646
HoerlerTodd A Hoerler GGS Technical $78,629
DahlinNathan S Dahlin Retail Sys Cntl Team $78,570
RossRonald K Ross Security Manager $78,567
CielochaTimothy A Cielocha T & D Asset Mgmt $78,566
JochumPaul E Jochum GGS Operations $78,484
GubbelsMichael F Gubbels Substation Superviso $78,482
JoyKent D Joy Mechanical Maint $78,386
SoellDean V Soell GGS Mechanical Maint $78,343
MalcolmBenjamin R Malcolm CSD-Engineering Mgr $78,330
OlberdingJodie Y Olberding Licensing Manager $78,321
BoucKevin G Bouc I&T Technology $78,285
WatsonJoshua S Watson CSD-Engineering Mgr $78,155
WamsleyAndrew W Wamsley Mechanical Maint $78,126
GlunzTroy D Glunz GGS Operations $78,105
GuptillJacob L Guptill Retail York Oper $78,086
VanAsperenDavid S Vanasperen Lines Supervisor $78,042
FordenKris L Forden Water Systems $77,982
GilmoreRyan L Gilmore GGS Operations $77,834
NelsonJudy R Nelson Tech Infrastructure $77,828
O'BrienDale M O'Brien GGS Operations $77,788
JohnsonScott A Johnson GGS Mechanical Maint $77,745
YenniBryan K Yenni GGS I&C $77,720
JacksonRick L Jackson Water Systems $77,714
PetskaGary H Petska GGS Operations $77,710
HeywoodRuth A Heywood Work Control Mgr $77,656
VaughtTammy M Vaught Controller Planning $77,656
RippenRyan D Rippen GGS Electrical $77,646
RowanBrook E Rowan Retail Norfolk Oper $77,522
TalbottThomas C Talbott GGS Operations $77,451
RhodesBruce M Rhodes Fac Svc - Central $77,427
EickhoffTrever L Eickhoff Nuclear Projects $77,383
ParrishKyle F Parrish Info Technology Mgr $77,355
WeederMark A Weeder Finance & Acctg Mgr $77,286
WalkerSteven H Walker Energy Efficiency $77,285
JoyDeborah L Joy Nuclear Projects $77,271
LewisJerome M Lewis Retail Norfolk Oper $77,242
TrojanDillon J Trojan Combustion Turbine $77,230
McMannSteven D Mcmann Mechanical Maint $77,182
AllenKent R Allen FIN Team $77,161
McCormickSeth P Mccormick GGS Technical $77,114
MazzullaBailey J Mazzulla Chemistry $77,097
McConvilleSeth D Mcconville Retail McCook Oper $77,089
BealMitchell T Beal Retail Billing $77,063
KnudsonAaron J Knudson CSD-Engineering Mgr $77,061
JennerJerry L Jenner GGS Electrical $77,025
DeBuhrJason M Debuhr Mechanical Maint $76,978
HeeseRobert D Heese Land Management $76,880
RybaDale M Ryba Drafting $76,721
DeanJennifer R Dean Security Manager $76,714
FosterJoshua M Foster Ops Manager $76,707
ChristensenAllen D Christensen Pricng/Rates/WH Bill $76,698
HamptonSpencer B Hampton Support $76,631
DuggerWilliam G Dugger Retail Kearney Oper $76,619
PucketJoseph W Pucket GGS Work Control $76,599
MarionJosh J Marion Security Manager $76,561
SchizasKyle A Schizas DED - Manager $76,550
PeakVance A Peak GGS Operations $76,547
JohnsonCyle A Johnson DED - Manager $76,530
KreikemeierChad D Kreikemeier Substation Superviso $76,491
RahderMontgomery J Rahder Substation Superviso $76,490
SmithGeorge J Smith CNS System Engineer $76,488
UerlingDustin R Uerling GGS Project Eng $76,461
ReicksJolyn K Reicks HR Emp Development $76,430
SaarJered L Saar Ainsworth Wind Facil $76,396
SonnemanAlex D Sonneman GGS Electrical $76,244
JohnsonBrett M Johnson Mechanical Maint $76,153
BailyMelody D Baily Sc-Ch-Og-Mc Cust Srv $76,047
MeeksG Vaughn Meeks GGS Operations $76,021
EvansDaniel E Evans Water Systems $76,009
WhiteDallas G White GGS Mechanical Maint $75,951
HuffDavid A Huff Sheldon Operations $75,930
SchneiderKolby R Schneider HR Mgmt $75,877
WeaverAlan R Weaver Contracts Management $75,823
MorganWilliam B Morgan Security Manager $75,794
PackardLinnea K Packard CSD-Work Mgmt Procss $75,789
LewellenLandon B Lewellen Security Manager $75,783
KocerLad Roy Kocer Controller Planning $75,776
OstergardRoben Wade Ostergard Water Systems $75,759
BernalRaymond Bernal Canaday Plant $75,741
ZillyJames Zilly Sheldon Mat Hand $75,688
MazankowskiMichael L Mazankowski Finance & Acctg Mgr $75,665
HongsermeierRandy L Hongsermeier GGS Technical $75,650
PiperTimothy D Piper Fleet Service(Labor) $75,641
RobinsonPaul R Robinson GGS Operations $75,622
HendricksonTodd R Hendrickson Security Manager $75,536
SwedbergBrady B Swedberg GGS Mechanical Maint $75,466
MorrisKelli S Morris Tech Infrastructure $75,405
LucasJordan S Lucas GGS Operations $75,257
EdwardsSteven L Edwards Security Manager $75,182
ShanksWilliam D Shanks Business Services $75,177
UrbanRobert R Urban GGS I&C $75,146
SudbeckLouann I Sudbeck Retail Billing $75,106
AlbrachtJoseph F Albracht Sheldon Project Eng $75,036
LantDonald D Lant IT Security $75,000
LoutzenhiserJames L Loutzenhiser Energy Efficiency $74,998
WhiteBryan J White GGS Operations $74,959
KrondakMichael M Krondak Water Res Mgr $74,887
BartlettLori A Bartlett Sheldon Operations $74,883
AdyHoward R Ady GGS Mechanical Maint $74,880
FischerRobert G Fischer Contracts Management $74,849
DennyDarren M Denny Telecom Supervisor $74,831
DunnPatrick E Dunn Security Manager $74,769
KatzbergChristopher S Katzberg ECC Ctrl Cntr Supt $74,761
StanleyBenjamin E Stanley Mechanical Maint $74,740
BackerAdrian C Backer GGS Operations $74,740
RichJoshua L Rich CSD-Engineering Mgr $74,661
PhelpsDaniel B Phelps Water Systems $74,608
KarlinJason T Karlin Beatrice Station $74,601
AlbrechtMark C Albrecht CSD-Engineering Mgr $74,539
McClintockGrant K Mcclintock GGS Mechanical Maint $74,525
KrabNicholas J Krab GGS Operations $74,436
PerkinsBrian L Perkins RP - Manager $74,406
MasonEric D Mason FIN Team $74,348
MillerDerek J Miller GGS Operations $74,316
PerlingerMichael D Perlinger GGS Operations $74,312
MattesonMichele B Matteson Finance & Acctg Mgr $74,296
JohnsonDarren L Johnson Fac Svc - Central $74,288
BakerJeffrey M Baker GGS Mechanical Maint $74,276
SimpsonRonna M Simpson Procurement Mgmt $74,216
SchlautmanSteven L Schlautman Drafting $74,202
HomolkaMitchell S Homolka Sheldon Mat Hand $74,120
FiggeBrandon L Figge CSD-Engineering Mgr $73,941
HowardRobert E Howard RP - Manager $73,925
SchulteSeth M Schulte RP - Manager $73,874
JacksonJustin L Jackson DED - Manager $73,858
LantisRandall L Lantis GGS Operations $73,837
MargheimScott A Margheim Corp Communications $73,794
HalseyShana R Halsey CC Spec - Halsey $73,791
NienaberMatthew B Nienaber DED - Manager $73,746
VanderPlasRyan J Vanderplas CNS System Engineer $73,711
WolfeJonathan D Wolfe Tech Infrastructure $73,701
MakingsShawn G Makings Security Manager $73,673
StaabKristopher J Staab Ops Manager $73,597
PernicekJeremy J Pernicek ITT Applications $73,549
BehrendsJudy L Behrends Sheldon Plan/Schedul $73,425
YoungDavid J Young CSD-Engineering Mgr $73,335
MontgomeryEric A Montgomery CNS System Engineer $73,311
RolandLynda M Roland Support $73,306
KoenigBrittney J Koenig CC Spec - Koenig $73,279
SwantzWilliam L Swantz Corp Nuclear Bus Mgt $73,267
CoopChristopher L Coop Aviation-Labor $73,229
BarburRobert S Barbur Fleet Service(Labor) $73,224
WelchDonna K Welch HR Services/Operatns $73,221
AvalosArmando Avalos GGS Mechanical Maint $73,216
OverfieldJacob D Overfield Security Manager $73,206
CollinsAlvin W Collins Electrical Shop $73,093
AdamsReese L Adams Security Manager $73,071
BarrettJosh E Barrett GGS Manager & Svcs $72,977
HornyakRonald S Hornyak GGS Operations $72,960
ThomsenGaylen R Thomsen Stores Supervisor $72,871
RosseBrian M Rosse T & D Asset Mgmt $72,869
SandersPaul F Sanders Telecom Supervisor $72,833
FleecsDaniel J Fleecs Water Systems $72,784
HopeBrian C Hope Land Management $72,777
WallacePreston A Wallace GGS Mechanical Maint $72,766
ChowningJoseph M Chowning Mechanical Maint $72,716
VealTravis R Veal GGS Mechanical Maint $72,716
McIntoshCorey J Mcintosh CSD-Engineering Mgr $72,632
GabelGreg S Gabel GGS Technical $72,562
PhillipsWilliam K Phillips GGS Operations $72,521
ObergJohn L Oberg Water Systems $72,450
EinspahrDavid Wayne Einspahr GGS Electrical $72,426
HowardAdrian Craig Howard Canaday Plant $72,395
NovakPatricia A Novak Sheldon Lab $72,384
HainesWilliam P Haines Lexington Operations $72,349
JohnsonJoe D Johnson Lines Supervisor $72,301
LottmanDean A Lottman Sheldon Operations $72,258
ShubertBeverly J Shubert CNS Master Data $72,254
BrueggemannGrant W Brueggemann Chemistry $72,236
ReedDominic J Reed GGS Mechanical Maint $72,217
ZohnerIsaac Mt Zohner Sheldon Project Eng $72,178
MitchellMitch H Mitchell GGS Operations $72,120
WhiteJonathan C White GGS Operations $72,112
KuenningBritt T Kuenning GGS Operations $72,092
KurtenbachTodd A Kurtenbach Internal Controls $72,091
MelvinTravis R Melvin GGS Operations $72,065
HernandezScott M Hernandez GGS Mechanical Maint $72,021
MarotzMitchell M Marotz DED - Manager $72,009
WilmersMatthew J Wilmers DED - Manager $72,000
AndersonLucas J Anderson GGS Operations $71,994
RahorstRonald L Rahorst Sheldon Project Eng $71,968
EngertElizabeth V Engert Chemistry $71,966
PainterDevin A Painter Ainsworth Wind Facil $71,933
CopelandRamsey J Copeland GGS Mechanical Maint $71,927
SchultzChristopher M Schultz GGS Operations $71,914
ReichmuthMichael R Reichmuth Support $71,901
BeckBrian R Beck CSD-Engineering Mgr $71,781
KorthCraig W Korth Substation Superviso $71,761
BieckBrenda S Bieck HR Services/Operatns $71,734
WendlandBilly E Wendland Nuclear/Fossil Fuels $71,709
BlessinJustin M Blessin Ainsworth Wind Facil $71,708
KunhartMark L Kunhart BSS Reprographics $71,705
HeidbrinkKyle M Heidbrink I & C Shop $71,700
BeauchampDaniel D Beauchamp GGS Operations $71,674
SchmitzScott M Schmitz GGS Electrical $71,653
BeachyWayne E Beachy Water Systems $71,623
LunzmannDerek L Lunzmann Telecom Supervisor $71,598
VanekJason A Vanek Environmental $71,533
BrottShaun W Brott GGS Mechanical Maint $71,466
HebleZachary J Heble Electrical Shop $71,393
HigginsShirley A Higgins Governmental Affairs $71,343
HuntJared A Hunt CSD-Engineering Mgr $71,182
NovickiJill R Novicki Corp Communications $71,036
FoustMilo Joe Foust GGS Work Control $71,033
FilipsAnthony E Filips GGS Project Eng $71,027
WentworthWilliam M Wentworth Telecom Supervisor $71,019
AaseKory D Aase Water Systems $70,899
ActonJason R Acton Security Manager $70,859
SandJill R Sand Fin&Cost-Ops-ES $70,854
BlexRussell L Blex Maint Support $70,792
JensenTodd A Jensen Sheldon Mat Hand $70,791
StonerScott E Stoner Telecom Supervisor $70,709
SjutsLynn R Sjuts I&T Technology $70,709
JamesTimothy L James GGS Mechanical Maint $70,571
SchuettlerLisa A Schuettler ITT Applications $70,561
MohrmanDebra S Mohrman I&T Technology $70,522
AndersonTravis R Anderson Substation Superviso $70,470
BearingerKevin C Bearinger Fleet Service(Labor) $70,446
StaabKristopher J Staab Sheldon Warehouse $70,439
LongNathan G Long Mechanical Maint $70,406
GroteluschenDwayne K Groteluschen Sheldon Project Eng $70,345
CoxLeland J Cox Water Systems $70,265
NiedermeyerDerek L Niedermeyer Electrical Shop $70,260
PfisterKerry D Pfister MP & C Manager $70,182
NiehausAndrew P Niehaus Corp Communications $70,158
OlberdingBradley K Olberding Mechanical Maint $70,084
VinsonChristopher M Vinson Electrical Shop $70,060
SundayScott M Sunday Telecom Supervisor $69,934
OsbornAnthony J Osborn Retail Sys Cntl Team $69,912
NutschGregory George Nutsch Sheldon Elect & I/C $69,900
DurrJeff J Durr GGS Operations $69,892
BlatchfordBrenda L Blatchford Major Trans Prj Team $69,841
MillerMark S Miller Corp Communications $69,793
GeorgeTammi L George ECC Ctrl Cntr Supt $69,746
NicholsTim O Nichols Lines Supervisor $69,489
McCartMelissa M Mccart HR Mgmt $69,429
TraversRonda F Travers Wholesale Billing $69,427
DavisSteven D Davis Mechanical Maint $69,340
ChaseSean M Chase I & C Shop $69,180
TobiassonMark A Tobiasson Water Systems $69,176
KrausTodd N Kraus GGS Operations $69,166
JohnsonChad E Johnson Corp Communications $69,082
BarrettTimothy J Barrett GGS Electrical $69,049
TorczonCarol J Torczon Retail Billing $69,039
OberleNick O Oberle Lines Supervisor $68,972
ShandyWayne E Shandy MP & C Manager $68,955
McClainShad D Mcclain GGS Operations $68,798
KelleyCraig M Kelley GGS I&C $68,767
JonesKathy F Jones Wholesale Billing $68,684
HerradaShannon M Herrada Support $68,682
WieseChristine M Wiese Wholesale Billing $68,652
AueRhonda L Aue Correct Actn&Assess $68,592
KreifelsJordan G Kreifels Mechanical Maint $68,576
NovakTimothy J Novak Drafting $68,447
EngbrechtJeremy J Engbrecht GGS Operations $68,432
FlamigGrant L Flamig T & D Asset Mgmt $68,396
SmockNathan D Smock Ops Manager $68,359
ShryockBrian J Shryock CNS System Engineer $68,330
WalbornBrandi L Walborn CNS System Engineer $68,330
DishmanAndrew N Dishman GGS Electrical $68,328
WestonWilliam L Weston ITT Applications $68,308
ZimmermanThomas V Zimmerman Procurement Mgmt $68,289
RoggeMatthew J Rogge Telecom Supervisor $68,273
DiekeversKarl D Diekevers GGS Technical $68,155
MohrEvan J Mohr GGS Technical $68,108
JasaChris A Jasa Fleet Service(Labor) $68,102
WillsonLisa M Willson Ke-Au-Yo Cust Srv $67,888
WilsonJoel D Wilson DED - Manager $67,882
GoodmanDan L Goodman Stores Supervisor $67,841
OsborneJohn Howard Osborne Security Manager $67,840
NewlandBrian K Newland GGS Work Control $67,826
BrinkerBrandon J Brinker GGS Work Control $67,823
StaubMichael D Staub Fleet Service(Labor) $67,808
PruchaNicole C Prucha DED - Manager $67,800
TannerKimberly A Tanner Procurement Mgmt $67,797
StoeckleMatthew C Stoeckle IT Security $67,784
HellbuschCody D Hellbusch Lines Supervisor $67,742
PriceScott A Price I & C Shop $67,698
HartWayne E Hart MP & C Manager $67,646
JoyntDouglas D Joynt ECC Ctrl Cntr Supt $67,627
MartinPhil R Martin Fleet Service(Labor) $67,622
EplerScott D Epler Security Manager $67,591
HoferJason K Hofer Trans Compl & Plan $67,538
MaddoxJoshua J Maddox Mechanical Maint $67,499
PerssonDaniel A Persson Retail Kearney Oper $67,439
HaackWilliam C Haack BSS Reprographics $67,439
BryantDiane A Bryant GGS Technical $67,370
NosalJuliann Nosal Business Support Ser $67,359
BehrendsKlinton D Behrends Mechanical Maint $67,276
WalshJordan T Walsh Lines Supervisor $67,211
HudsonJoel R Hudson I & C Shop $67,158
NelsenKim R Nelsen Canaday Plant $67,158
KramerConnie M Kramer Wholesale Billing $67,111
HellerChristopher W Heller Electrical Shop $67,094
Torres-AbreuLuis M Torres-Abreu GGS Project Eng $67,088
McIntoshNick D Mcintosh CSD-Engineering Mgr $67,067
HaggertyJames M Haggerty GGS I&C $66,989
StewartVicki L Stewart Business Services $66,896
HicksJean M Hicks HR Mgmt $66,864
WalterJustin R Walter Retail McCook Oper $66,833
HartmanJane L Hartman Internal Controls $66,832
OldfieldScott M Oldfield Chemistry $66,762
ChowningMichelle M Chowning Work Control Mgr $66,679
LubkenJulee K Lubken Contracts Management $66,633
RuskampWilliam H Ruskamp Procurement Mgmt $66,556
SullwoldBrandon L Sullwold Mechanical Maint $66,538
BryantDerek W Bryant T & D Asset Mgmt $66,470
BrenNathan J Bren Transm Sys Cntl Supr $66,469
FiskAaron J Fisk CNS System Engineer $66,461
BrudiganChad F Brudigan Retail Norfolk Oper $66,405
KleineweberTerry L Kleineweber I & C Shop $66,356
EschKraig J Esch CSD-Engineering Mgr $66,294
JacksonJay W Jackson FIN Team $66,227
AdamsonBrad H Adamson T & D Asset Mgmt $66,196
BeckerRobert J Becker FIN Team $66,176
SundermanJeremy R Sunderman RP - Manager $66,164
KopfBrian T Kopf RP - Manager $66,079
DaviesReginald E Davies Land Management $66,064
ChamplinJoshua L Champlin DED - Manager $66,032
MatkinAshley C Matkin Water Systems $65,984
SpencerPaul E Spencer Water Systems $65,942
BrownRobert O Brown Mechanical Maint $65,909
ChrismanDavid W Chrisman GGS I&C $65,822
GottulaDonna Marie Gottula MP & C Manager $65,812
KellnerLynn R Kellner Internal Controls $65,698
DunkinSteven R Dunkin Fleet Service(Labor) $65,626
GroffRodney D Groff Mechanical Maint $65,552
DitloffDennis W Ditloff Land Management $65,526
BarbeeTimothy L Barbee Security Manager $65,347
DreifurstNeal J Dreifurst Land Management $65,236
ColeBert S Cole Security Manager $65,234
RoehrichChristopher C Roehrich Lines Supervisor $65,166
ClausenChristopher C Clausen Lines Supervisor $65,157
IskeStacy L Iske GGS Work Control $65,145
McConnellMichael K Mcconnell Fleet Service(Labor) $65,123
CullisonRandall S Cullison DED - Manager $65,040
SmithThomas D Smith Substation Superviso $65,019
PlantengaLynn Plantenga Procurement Mgmt $64,940
HoinsRichard K Hoins ECC Ctrl Cntr Supt $64,897
LosekeSusan A Loseke Land Management $64,778
FliesDavid D Flies Security Manager $64,732
EppBrian K Epp Procurement Mgmt $64,703
YearleyPatrick C Yearley DED - Manager $64,688
LundstromRobert M Lundstrom Substation Superviso $64,616
NelsonKathleen A Nelson Contracts Management $64,572
FastenauChristine M Fastenau Procurement Mgmt $64,557
BletscherMatthew D Bletscher Mechanical Maint $64,516
FritzJason D Fritz Lines Supervisor $64,384
EschDavid G Esch CSD-Engineering Mgr $64,318
BehleRebecca M Behle Wholesale Billing $64,227
CavePatrick M Cave Security Manager $64,205
StachuraKevin R Stachura CSD-Engineering Mgr $64,072
PughTravis T Pugh Mechanical Maint $64,009
BaustianPaul R Baustian Support $63,958
EicherJames B Eicher Drafting $63,957
StepanekBrian J Stepanek CSD-Engineering Mgr $63,793
GreenRyan D Green Lines Supervisor $63,775
PotterJohn C Potter GGS Project Eng $63,700
StanleyBrian K Stanley Mechanical Maint $63,697
GiboneyVernon G Giboney Fac Svc - Central $63,656
HusaThomas J Husa Stores Supervisor $63,647
MessnerCarl L Messner Security Manager $63,573
ArltKatharine M Arlt Support $63,547
SchweerTravis J Schweer Fleet Service(Labor) $63,507
HolmesRick L Holmes Ainsworth Wind Facil $63,492
SprunkRobyn L Sprunk Support $63,424
FeusnerJeremy D Feusner Land Management $63,371
MullinsTomas C Mullins DED - Manager $63,368
LueckLaurie J Lueck Contracts Management $63,339
WiebkeBrian A Wiebke Mechanical Maint $63,325
LiebigKimberly K Liebig HR Emp Development $63,313
HahnNeal D Hahn Mechanical Maint $63,302
GleasonLisa A Gleason Support $63,238
BoringTerrie L Boring Info Technology Mgr $63,222
StaroscikKurt M Staroscik Land Management $63,182
OldfieldGary D Oldfield I & C Shop $63,168
LavigneCrystal G Lavigne VP & CNO/Site VP $63,161
BallingerPaul L Ballinger CNS System Engineer $63,121
DuncanBruce B Duncan Chemistry $63,121
ModelskiJanette H Modelski Board of Directors $63,019
SchlagerAndrew R Schlager Retail McCook Oper $62,987
NeujahrKeven T Neujahr Fleet Service(Labor) $62,976
JonesTeena M Jones Business Support Ser $62,975
CorkenAndrea A Corken RP - Manager $62,951
SuttonShane A Sutton Security Manager $62,951
RamseyDennis C Ramsey Security Manager $62,847
MyersEdwin A Myers Security Manager $62,663
KukerLori A Kuker Security Manager $62,638
ReevesZachary S Reeves Mechanical Maint $62,605
AquinoShawn P Aquino Security Manager $62,582
ZimmererJudy A Zimmerer T & D Asset Mgmt $62,527
JoyMatthew R Joy Mechanical Maint $62,453
MertensNick C Mertens CSD-Engineering Mgr $62,314
WardenburgMike T Wardenburg Stores Supervisor $62,283
KarpinskiLacey S Karpinski RP - Manager $62,280
BartonGary S Barton Info Technology Mgr $62,207
KlugJordan D Klug Lines Supervisor $62,196
WilkeEric M Wilke CNS System Engineer $62,004
JacksonKevin M Jackson Security Manager $61,953
BeasingReed A Beasing Security Manager $61,754
ThomasBilly B Thomas Security Manager $61,696
BensonLee A Benson Drafting $61,558
JakubowskiRandy A Jakubowski CSD-Engineering Mgr $61,534
BirkelKent P Birkel Drafting $61,521
ChambersTalisa R Chambers QA - Sr Mgr $61,424
WilliamsonJohn E Williamson Procurement Mgmt $61,382
DeanAndrew J Dean Security Manager $61,359
CrowdellJohn J Crowdell Stores Supervisor $61,358
KeefoverSandra K Keefover VP & COO $61,270
KillingsworthFranklin A Killingsworth Security Manager $61,225
JensenLuke J Jensen DED - Manager $61,188
FalingJeffry A Faling GGS Manager & Svcs $61,183
HeimesClayton J Heimes Substation Superviso $61,095
JacksonJeffrey L Jackson Water Systems $60,912
OlberdingThomas W Olberding Security Manager $60,891
AndersonJulie M Anderson Train - Manager $60,889
KruidMatthew H Kruid Substation Superviso $60,831
GerdesTrevor L Gerdes Security Manager $60,455
GerdesRiley R Gerdes Security Manager $60,397
HochstetlerTimothy E Hochstetler Fleet Service(Labor) $60,281
ShotkoskiBryant E Shotkoski I & C Shop $60,246
WendtLori L Wendt Finance & Acctg Mgr $60,231
CunningCameron S Cunning Chemistry $60,216
JenkinsMartin X Jenkins Security Manager $60,158
RechDaniel Louis Rech Drafting $60,067
FitzgeraldJames Edward Fitzgerald Retail Kearney Oper $60,036
JohnsonChristine L Johnson Transm Sys Cntl Supr $60,014
BrownAlan M Brown CSD-Engineering Mgr $59,898
DriskellScott W Driskell Security Manager $59,893
WhislerTrenton J Whisler RP - Manager $59,795
SmithGregory L Smith Ops Manager $59,760
WroblewskiMatthew L Wroblewski I & C Shop $59,740
JorgensenMichael D Jorgensen Stores Supervisor $59,567
JohnsonJulie L Johnson Land Management $59,491
CulpPaul E Culp Mechanical Maint $59,466
PriceJoan M Price Finance & Acctg Mgr $59,430
ClarkDavid E Clark MP & C Manager $59,365
PaluBradley J Palu Retail Sys Cntl Team $59,355
SeamanEric T Seaman Water Systems $59,316
LibertyGary W Liberty Security Manager $59,198
GriebSheila R Grieb Account Mgmnt $59,179
AskinsAndrew Joseph Lewis Askins Ops Manager $59,165
LeavertonMelinda A Leaverton Procurement Mgmt $59,108
RichterLori L Richter Contracts Management $58,866
StacyPaige M Stacy Procurement Mgmt $58,815
HerronRobert E Herron Fleet Service(Labor) $58,674
ZlatkovskyDavid F Zlatkovsky Water Systems $58,659
HodsonLyn M Hodson GGS Mechanical Maint $58,642
EinspahrMichael W Einspahr Water Systems $58,622
RickenbachDavid J Rickenbach CNS System Engineer $58,500
LawrenceMatthew J Lawrence Ops Manager $58,360
SchlegelmilchMitchell K Schlegelmilch Stores Supervisor $58,347
CliftonMargaret R Clifton Procurement Mgmt $58,340
MocnikLawrence A Mocnik Ops Manager $58,266
MitchellLisa R Mitchell Ops Manager $58,245
TaylorJohn M Taylor Security Manager $58,193
HoppleCaleb G Hopple RP - Manager $58,085
BecknerBrad W Beckner Security Manager $58,063
PierceKevin L Pierce Retail McCook Oper $58,062
HopwoodSarah J Hopwood Procurement Mgmt $58,036
NaeveJimmy D Naeve Drafting $58,025
PierpointDustin R Pierpoint RP - Manager $58,019
YoungsKeith L Youngs Water Systems $57,933
AndersonDustin L Anderson RP - Manager $57,890
ReutzelRoy A Reutzel Water Systems $57,807
TinkerRebecca J Tinker DED - Manager $57,806
DevineRonald M Devine Water Systems $57,802
CookArthur F Cook Security Manager $57,791
RashBrett M Rash Telecom Supervisor $57,757
StaubNathan M Staub Telecom Supervisor $57,756
DrierAaron M Drier Security Manager $57,648
EllisAmelia K Ellis Emergency Prep $57,558
GuilfordRoger L Guilford Security Manager $57,552
WhippleChad M Whipple Water Systems $57,530
MakingsBranden D Makings Security Manager $57,522
MadronDerrick E Madron Security Manager $57,457
HelmickDerek W Helmick DED - Manager $57,442
HaysMarshal A Hays RP - Manager $57,439
McCannDiane K Mccann Security Manager $57,417
AndersonDonny L Anderson Correct Actn&Assess $57,369
SchmidDean A Schmid Lines Supervisor $57,368
KarpinskiFrank D Karpinski Security Manager $57,181
CadeTerry K Cade Procurement Mgmt $57,156
ReimanBeverly A Reiman T & D Asset Mgmt $57,135
KeoghSteven W Keogh Land Management $57,109
EngelhauptLeonard B Engelhaupt Water Systems $57,040
HooverCalvin L Hoover Water Systems $56,989
WiezorekMichael E Wiezorek Retail York Oper $56,890
ButlerDarren J Butler Drafting $56,805
RineDavid L Rine Drafting $56,795
DavisLance E Davis Maint Support $56,772
LynchJanet M Lynch Lines Supervisor $56,758
SmetsBrent C Smets Lexington Operations $56,693
MojeJennifer J Moje HR Mgmt $56,676
TRUETed A True Security Manager $56,659
PasonaultTeresa Kay Pasonault Finance & Acctg Mgr $56,658
ActonThomas D Acton Security Manager $56,647
PummelKevin J Pummel Security Manager $56,461
MadronKelley L Madron CNS Master Data $56,414
GaedekeChristine M Gaedeke Fin&Cost-Ops-ES $56,394
EngelhauptWilliam J Engelhaupt Water Systems $56,307
RoumpfRonald A Roumpf Security Manager $56,291
WaltersDonnie R Walters MP & C Manager $56,171
LittrelShiloh M Littrel Security Manager $56,157
RayburnThomas K Rayburn Fleet Service(Labor) $56,120
GrahamCalvin W Graham Security Manager $56,106
StrothkampDaniel L Strothkamp Lines Supervisor $56,082
MayerCaitlin M Mayer RP - Manager $56,071
WemhoffTimothy S Wemhoff Stores Supervisor $56,035
LeeBarbara J Lee Train - Manager $55,935
KloeppingKirk R Kloepping Water Systems $55,914
SchwankNancy A Schwank HR Services/Operatns $55,902
BeattyDeanna L Beatty Security Manager $55,864
ParkerDanny R Parker MP & C Manager $55,853
ShaferTammy L Shafer Security Manager $55,803
MullinsPaula R Mullins Work Control Mgr $55,787
OdeanJulie A Odean Procurement Mgmt $55,781
DrummondNathan J Drummond Security Manager $55,750
OlsonJeffery E Olson MP & C Manager $55,720
ArltJohn G Arlt T & D Asset Mgmt $55,712
JacksonMathew S Jackson Security Manager $55,649
SmithKimberly M Smith President & CEO $55,646
ChastainShannon L Chastain Business Services $55,617
DushJudith C Dush Business Support Ser $55,607
UglowJody Lynn Uglow Security Manager $55,494
JanssenNicholas C Janssen Ops Manager $55,470
HowardSteven M Howard Security Manager $55,422
DavisRichard D Davis Water Systems $55,409
JenkinsRema R Jenkins Security Manager $55,369
RyanMegan M Ryan GGS Manager & Svcs $55,369
KvasnickaSherry A Kvasnicka HR Mgmt $55,354
HanisTricia D Hanis Corporate Security $55,334
DuranManuel L Duran Security Manager $55,334
SeebaAlex B Seeba Electrical Shop $55,331
HoneywellBrian L Honeywell Security Manager $55,304
HemphillSteven M Hemphill Ops Manager $55,143
WebbKeenan D Webb Security Manager $55,084
WingPatsy K Wing Security Manager $55,016
NolandDonald L Noland Security Manager $55,011
GasperLuke A Gasper Lines Supervisor $54,979
BerglandNicollette M Bergland Finance & Acctg Mgr $54,957
JonesThomas A Jones Support $54,933
CaseyJohn M Casey Electrical Shop $54,910
MoererPaul W Moerer Telecom Supervisor $54,754
RogersBenjamin E Rogers Security Manager $54,696
ZimmererDouglas J Zimmerer Water Systems $54,608
SwerczekJennifer L Swerczek Corp Communications $54,562
MorganBeau R Morgan Security Manager $54,523
AldanaKimberly A Aldana HR Mgmt $54,513
BassingerShawn D Bassinger Security Manager $54,463
MillerJason A Miller Security Manager $54,463
SickmanLee R Sickman Security Manager $54,454
HerronTravis D Herron Security Manager $54,445
TietmeyerBrenda L Tietmeyer Substation Superviso $54,371
JohnsonMike R Johnson Security Manager $54,318
PriceBill L Price Security Manager $54,297
HendricksonTammy L Hendrickson Security Manager $54,211
VincentBrook L Vincent Tech Training-CSD $54,140
BecknerKevin E Beckner Security Manager $54,135
GoedekenDenise K Goedeken Environmental $54,118
PelsterGary L Pelster Corp Communications $54,072
AndersonBernard L Anderson Corporate Projects $54,043
CatlettMark D Catlett Security Manager $54,031
BraunNarka K Braun I&T Technology $53,990
MullinsErman Mullins Security Manager $53,980
WilliamsonLisa M Williamson Security Manager $53,937
KonzMatthew T Konz T & D Asset Mgmt $53,891
WalentineDevin T Walentine DED - Manager $53,867
WrightMary A Wright Support $53,832
CourtneyMarty R Courtney Water Systems $53,831
MooreLori M Moore Procurement Mgmt $53,799
AndersonKris L Anderson Cust Srv Bus Mgr $53,771
SmithPatrick J Smith Water Systems $53,711
PopishRobert A Popish Security Manager $53,632
SchulenbergDustin D Schulenberg RP - Manager $53,631
WemhoffKathy K Wemhoff Resource Plan & Risk $53,577
WeaklandErik D Weakland Security Manager $53,526
DaltonMichael L Dalton Corp Communications $53,512
MurphyPaula J Murphy Business Services $53,476
CourtneyJami C Courtney Security Manager $53,316
OttoDaniel A Otto Security Manager $53,256
MurphyKaren E Murphy Account Mgmnt $53,145
BrownPaul D Brown CSD-Engineering Mgr $53,099
PotterMichael D Potter Water Systems $53,046
FogartyJames P Fogarty Electrical Shop $53,041
ShaferPenny D Shafer Security Manager $52,854
CzaplewskiMartin H Czaplewski Retail Kearney Oper $52,827
StonerCory L Stoner Security Manager $52,690
KratzDavid L Kratz Security Manager $52,639
JanssenCathy L Janssen CC Spec - LaCroix $52,596
HayesJoshua I Hayes Security Manager $52,458
ClarkSandy K Clark Maint Support $52,433
GamberSteven L Gamber Security Manager $52,426
HaynesHyatt A Haynes Security Manager $52,334
TorczonGina M Torczon Retail Billing $52,334
HoefsMaranda A Hoefs Asset & Project Mgmt $52,268
KetelsenSylvia M Ketelsen Dist Superintendent $52,202
SchmidtRichard J Schmidt Fac Svc - Eastern $52,134
ByfieldJeremey M Byfield Security Manager $52,092
SedlacekSondra S Sedlacek Land Management $52,003
ShaferGarland R Shafer Security Manager $51,890
DvorakNeil J Dvorak Lines Supervisor $51,889
PrichardCassandra S Prichard Security Manager $51,887
MichaelsenKathleen S Michaelsen HR Services/Operatns $51,869
GerkenMichael H Gerken Fleet Service(Labor) $51,790
ElamCurtis D Elam Security Manager $51,768
BlevinsJessica M Blevins Security Manager $51,681
MeyerkorthCody D Meyerkorth Security Manager $51,368
HomanKatie E Homan Security Manager $51,344
DovelZach D Dovel Security Manager $51,302
SchollChad W Scholl Security Manager $51,185
GuliziaLance T Gulizia Security Manager $51,150
HunzigerMark A Hunziger Security Manager $50,984
DemuthCameron D Demuth Stores Supervisor $50,938
MillerPatrick A Miller Drafting $50,773
SoellJudy J Soell GGS Manager & Svcs $50,738
NewtsonLucinda Newtson Drafting $50,629
RinneSusan K Rinne T & D Asset Mgmt $50,615
ChadwickRobert A Chadwick Drafting $50,580
BaltzellJames D Baltzell GGS Manager & Svcs $50,579
GuliziaThomas J Gulizia Security Manager $50,483
BarnesRandy L Barnes Fac Svc - Central $50,429
HenryShawna L Henry RP - Manager $50,407
KwapnioskiMary L Kwapnioski Economic Development $50,399
OsbornCurtis D Osborn GGS Operations $50,377
HarreJustin W Harre Stores Supervisor $50,370
WisslerJennifer A Wissler Admin Services $50,176
HowellChristopher R Howell Security Manager $50,167
WalshTimothy J Walsh GGS Mechanical Maint $50,012
(Name withheld) Corp Communications $49,912
(Name withheld) GGS Manager & Svcs $49,738
(Name withheld) Corp Communications $49,727
(Name withheld) CC Spec - LaCroix $49,709
(Name withheld) Procurement Mgmt $49,678
(Name withheld) Beatrice Station $49,626
(Name withheld) Retail Scotts Oper $49,540
(Name withheld) MP & C Manager $49,436
(Name withheld) Corp Communications $49,428
(Name withheld) Aviation-Labor $49,397
(Name withheld) Corp Communications $49,390
(Name withheld) MP & C Manager $49,363
(Name withheld) Security Manager $49,327
(Name withheld) Security Manager $49,239
(Name withheld) Business Support Ser $49,203
(Name withheld) Security Manager $49,128
(Name withheld) Business Support Ser $49,021
(Name withheld) GGS Technical $48,957
(Name withheld) GGS Manager & Svcs $48,862
(Name withheld) Security Manager $48,823
(Name withheld) Retail McCook Oper $48,432
(Name withheld) Sr Mgr Engineering $48,373
(Name withheld) BSS Reprographics $48,261
(Name withheld) MP & C Manager $48,055
(Name withheld) Security Manager $47,970
(Name withheld) Water Systems $47,840
(Name withheld) Drafting $47,820
(Name withheld) Retail Norfolk Oper $47,793
(Name withheld) ITT Applications $47,770
(Name withheld) Maint Planning $47,732
(Name withheld) GM Plant/Operations $47,675
(Name withheld) Ops Manager $47,669
(Name withheld) GGS Manager & Svcs $47,660
(Name withheld) PS & O Manager $47,516
(Name withheld) Environmental $47,331
(Name withheld) CC Spec - LaCroix $47,314
(Name withheld) Security Manager $47,291
(Name withheld) Sheldon Busn Mgr $47,275
(Name withheld) Construction Service $47,136
(Name withheld) Security Manager $47,009
(Name withheld) Finance & Acctg Mgr $47,008
(Name withheld) Drafting $46,971
(Name withheld) Retail Billing $46,869
(Name withheld) Stores Supervisor $46,766
(Name withheld) Security Manager $46,667
(Name withheld) Security Manager $46,567
(Name withheld) Eng Prg & Comp $46,492
(Name withheld) T & D Asset Mgmt $46,392
(Name withheld) Economic Development $46,285
(Name withheld) Wholesale Billing $46,257
(Name withheld) Trans Compl & Plan $46,136
(Name withheld) CNS System Engineer $46,076
(Name withheld) HR Services/Operatns $45,745
(Name withheld) Governmental Affairs $45,724
(Name withheld) Ops Manager $45,688
(Name withheld) Retail Norfolk Oper $45,685
(Name withheld) Ops Manager $45,674
(Name withheld) HR Mgmt $45,667
(Name withheld) Drafting $45,525
(Name withheld) Admin Services $45,492
(Name withheld) Mechanical Maint $45,347
(Name withheld) Corp Nuclear Bus Mgt $45,312
(Name withheld) Mechanical Maint $45,311
(Name withheld) Retail Scotts Oper $45,290
(Name withheld) Security Manager $45,230
(Name withheld) Construction Service $45,192
(Name withheld) Economic Development $45,156
(Name withheld) Business Support Ser $45,152
(Name withheld) Economic Development $45,056
(Name withheld) Retail Billing $44,983
(Name withheld) Business Support Ser $44,887
(Name withheld) BSS Reprographics $44,834
(Name withheld) Chemistry $44,823
(Name withheld) Retail Billing $44,671
(Name withheld) CC Spec - LaCroix $44,602
(Name withheld) CC Disp Specialist $44,538
(Name withheld) VP & CFO $44,403
(Name withheld) IT Security $44,319
(Name withheld) GGS Operations $44,316
(Name withheld) VP Govt Aff/Gen Coun $44,267
(Name withheld) HR Mgmt $44,023
(Name withheld) CC Spec - Koenig $43,946
(Name withheld) QA - Sr Mgr $43,925
(Name withheld) Corp Communications $43,706
(Name withheld) VP Govt Aff/Gen Coun $43,680
(Name withheld) CSD-Engineering Mgr $43,568
(Name withheld) Stores Supervisor $43,531
(Name withheld) RP - Manager $43,510
(Name withheld) Admin Services $43,467
(Name withheld) Retail McCook Oper $43,355
(Name withheld) Stores Supervisor $43,332
(Name withheld) Retail York Oper $43,085
(Name withheld) GGS Project Eng $42,838
(Name withheld) Controllr & Fin Plan $42,824
(Name withheld) Retail Billing $42,773
(Name withheld) Security Manager $42,731
(Name withheld) DED - Manager $42,683
(Name withheld) Finance & Acctg Mgr $42,601
(Name withheld) Aviation-Labor $42,589
(Name withheld) Retail Billing $42,416
(Name withheld) HR Services/Operatns $42,323
(Name withheld) Fac Svc - Eastern $42,308
(Name withheld) Water Systems $42,257
(Name withheld) HR Mgmt $42,225
(Name withheld) Admin Services $42,192
(Name withheld) Admin Services $42,164
(Name withheld) Substation Superviso $42,086
(Name withheld) Internal Controls $42,064
(Name withheld) Correct Actn&Assess $42,063
(Name withheld) Fac Svc - Eastern $42,011
(Name withheld) Retail Scotts Oper $41,949
(Name withheld) GGS I&C $41,853
(Name withheld) Business Support Ser $41,754
(Name withheld) Chief Inform Officer $41,688
(Name withheld) Mechanical Maint $41,682
(Name withheld) Energy Efficiency $41,579
(Name withheld) Admin Services $41,571
(Name withheld) Licensing Manager $41,511
(Name withheld) Retail Sys Cntl Team $41,316
(Name withheld) Aviation-Labor $41,068
(Name withheld) ITT Applications $40,946
(Name withheld) Retail So Sioux Oper $40,944
(Name withheld) Procurement Mgmt $40,840
(Name withheld) Business Support Ser $40,779
(Name withheld) HR Services/Operatns $40,609
(Name withheld) Sc-Ch-Og-Mc Cust Srv $40,553
(Name withheld) CC Spec - Koenig $40,183
(Name withheld) Substation Superviso $39,917
(Name withheld) CC Spec - Halsey $39,900
(Name withheld) CC Spec - LaCroix $39,749
(Name withheld) Procurement Mgmt $39,733
(Name withheld) Retail Scotts Oper $39,651
(Name withheld) Maint Manager $39,563
(Name withheld) Retail Norfolk Oper $39,510
(Name withheld) Procurement Mgmt $39,478
(Name withheld) Wholesale Billing $39,360
(Name withheld) Tech Infrastructure $39,305
(Name withheld) Finance & Acctg Mgr $38,976
(Name withheld) Lines Supervisor $38,927
(Name withheld) CSD-Engineering Mgr $38,919
(Name withheld) Ke-Au-Yo Cust Srv $38,908
(Name withheld) Drafting $38,906
(Name withheld) Substation Superviso $38,771
(Name withheld) I & C Shop $38,671
(Name withheld) Energy Mgmnt $38,662
(Name withheld) Resource Plan & Risk $38,632
(Name withheld) Norfolk Cust Srv $38,611
(Name withheld) Sc-Ch-Og-Mc Cust Srv $38,610
(Name withheld) CC Spec - Halsey $38,608
(Name withheld) Business Support Ser $38,529
(Name withheld) CC Spec - LaCroix $38,435
(Name withheld) CC Spec - LaCroix $38,293
(Name withheld) Construction Service $38,235
(Name withheld) Retail York Oper $38,191
(Name withheld) CSD-Engineering Mgr $38,069
(Name withheld) Business Support Ser $38,002
(Name withheld) Maint Support $37,997
(Name withheld) CC Spec - Koenig $37,968
(Name withheld) Water Systems $37,892
(Name withheld) CC Spec - Halsey $37,840
(Name withheld) Plattsmouth Cust Svc $37,838
(Name withheld) Sc-Ch-Og-Mc Cust Srv $37,797
(Name withheld) GGS Manager & Svcs $37,766
(Name withheld) Fac Svc - Eastern $37,636
(Name withheld) CC Spec - LaCroix $37,418
(Name withheld) Corp Communications $37,387
(Name withheld) Retail Kearney Oper $37,335
(Name withheld) CC Spec - LaCroix $37,210
(Name withheld) ECC Ctrl Cntr Supt $37,170
(Name withheld) Business Support Ser $37,046
(Name withheld) HR Mgmt $36,785
(Name withheld) Business Support Ser $36,773
(Name withheld) CC Spec - Halsey $36,742
(Name withheld) Ke-Au-Yo Cust Srv $36,679
(Name withheld) Water Res Mgr $36,673
(Name withheld) Sc-Ch-Og-Mc Cust Srv $36,650
(Name withheld) Sc-Ch-Og-Mc Cust Srv $36,648
(Name withheld) Retail So Sioux Oper $36,646
(Name withheld) Business Support Ser $36,639
(Name withheld) Business Support Ser $36,637
(Name withheld) T & D Asset Mgmt $36,620
(Name withheld) CC Spec - Halsey $36,557
(Name withheld) Fleet Service(Labor) $36,180
(Name withheld) DED - Manager $36,105
(Name withheld) Norfolk Cust Srv $35,977
(Name withheld) Telecom Supervisor $35,950
(Name withheld) Business Support Ser $35,930
(Name withheld) Ke-Au-Yo Cust Srv $35,910
(Name withheld) BSS Reprographics $35,897
(Name withheld) Procurement Mgmt $35,868
(Name withheld) Ke-Au-Yo Cust Srv $35,819
(Name withheld) CC Spec - Koenig $35,762
(Name withheld) Substation Superviso $35,756
(Name withheld) GGS Manager & Svcs $35,671
(Name withheld) Retail Scotts Oper $35,185
(Name withheld) CC Spec - Halsey $35,179
(Name withheld) CC Disp Specialist $35,131
(Name withheld) Water Systems $35,080
(Name withheld) IT Security $34,932
(Name withheld) Retail Kearney Oper $34,670
(Name withheld) GGS Manager & Svcs $34,658
(Name withheld) Retail Kearney Oper $34,620
(Name withheld) CC Disp Specialist $34,472
(Name withheld) T & D Asset Mgmt $34,423
(Name withheld) GGS Manager & Svcs $34,241
(Name withheld) CC Spec - LaCroix $34,228
(Name withheld) Fac Svc - Central $34,141
(Name withheld) RP - Manager $34,130
(Name withheld) Retail Kearney Oper $34,084
(Name withheld) Drafting $33,852
(Name withheld) Fac Svc - Central $33,679
(Name withheld) CC Spec - Halsey $33,547
(Name withheld) Sheldon Operations $33,027
(Name withheld) Maint Support $32,880
(Name withheld) GGS Manager & Svcs $32,741
(Name withheld) CC Spec - Koenig $32,728
(Name withheld) CC Spec - Halsey $32,710
(Name withheld) Sheldon Operations $32,563
(Name withheld) CC Disp Specialist $32,125
(Name withheld) Sc-Ch-Og-Mc Cust Srv $32,054
(Name withheld) Retail York Oper $31,903
(Name withheld) Telecom Supervisor $31,631
(Name withheld) CC Spec - Halsey $31,429
(Name withheld) GGS I&C $31,381
(Name withheld) CC Spec - LaCroix $31,312
(Name withheld) CC Disp Specialist $31,296
(Name withheld) CC Spec - LaCroix $31,206
(Name withheld) Environmental $30,970
(Name withheld) O'Neill Cust Srv $30,549
(Name withheld) Business Support Ser $30,539
(Name withheld) CC Spec - Koenig $30,372
(Name withheld) Fac Svc - Eastern $30,140
(Name withheld) Fac Svc - Eastern $30,023
(Name withheld) Fac Svc - Eastern $29,381
(Name withheld) Sheldon Operations $29,250
(Name withheld) Fac Svc - Central $29,148
(Name withheld) Sc-Ch-Og-Mc Cust Srv $28,995
(Name withheld) Fac Svc - Eastern $27,863
(Name withheld) BSS Reprographics $27,796
(Name withheld) Ke-Au-Yo Cust Srv $27,787
(Name withheld) Fac Svc - Eastern $27,664
(Name withheld) Corporate Security $26,876
(Name withheld) GGS Manager & Svcs $26,789
(Name withheld) Maint Support $26,496
(Name withheld) Drafting $26,387
(Name withheld) HR Mgmt $25,749
(Name withheld) Info Technology Mgr $25,135
(Name withheld) Sc-Ch-Og-Mc Cust Srv $24,888
(Name withheld) I & C Shop $24,532
(Name withheld) Fac Svc - Eastern $24,410
(Name withheld) Sheldon Mechanical $23,804
(Name withheld) T&D Const/Operations $22,493
(Name withheld) Construction Service $22,289
(Name withheld) Substation Superviso $21,493
(Name withheld) BSS Reprographics $21,444
(Name withheld) Substation Superviso $20,823
(Name withheld) DED - Manager $20,064
(Name withheld) Ke-Au-Yo Cust Srv $19,963
(Name withheld) Construction Service $19,204
(Name withheld) CNS System Engineer $18,726
(Name withheld) Business Support Ser $17,911
(Name withheld) Lines Supervisor $17,120
LarsenRonald W Larsen  Board of Directors $15,120
(Name withheld) Lexington Operations $14,350
(Name withheld) ECC Ctrl Cntr Supt $14,041
(Name withheld) Retail McCook Oper $13,515
ThompsonGary G Thompson  Board of Directors $13,440
RasmussenDennis L Rasmussen  Board of Directors $13,440
HardingMary A Harding  Board of Directors $13,440
FroehlichVirgil L Froehlich  Board of Directors $13,440
LinstromLarry E Linstrom  Board of Directors $13,440
SchrockEdward J Schrock  Board of Directors $13,440
ChlopekJerry L Chlopek  Board of Directors $13,440
KunzeKen R Kunze  Board of Directors $13,440
HoffThomas J Hoff  Board of Directors $13,440
(Name withheld) I & C Shop $12,978
ChristensenFreddie L Christensen  Board of Directors $12,778
(Name withheld) Stores Supervisor $12,755
(Name withheld) I&T Technology $12,684
(Name withheld) Sheldon Project Eng $12,608
(Name withheld) Electrical Shop $12,220
(Name withheld) Electrical Shop $12,191
(Name withheld) Sheldon Project Eng $11,601
(Name withheld) CSD-Engineering Mgr $11,096
(Name withheld) GGS Operations $10,820
(Name withheld) CC Spec - Halsey $9,661
(Name withheld) CC Spec - Halsey $9,598
(Name withheld) CC Spec - Halsey $9,515
(Name withheld) GGS Manager & Svcs $9,052
(Name withheld) Fac Svc - Central $8,384
(Name withheld) VP H.R./Corp Support $7,552
(Name withheld) Fac Svc - Central $7,013
(Name withheld) GGS I&C $6,428
(Name withheld) GGS I&C $6,382
(Name withheld) Retail Scotts Oper $5,941
(Name withheld) Retail York Oper $5,902
(Name withheld) Retail Scotts Oper $5,816
(Name withheld) Construction Service $5,742
(Name withheld) Environmental $5,056
(Name withheld) GGS Operations $4,611
(Name withheld) GGS Operations $3,458
(Name withheld) Aviation-Labor $3,074
(Name withheld) Aviation-Labor $3,074
(Name withheld) Retail McCook Oper $1,241
(Name withheld) Construction Service $145
(Name withheld) Construction Service $115