Payne hopes new film can play at Dundee opening

If the timing works out, Dundee could open with "Downsizing," Payne's sci-fi dramedy starring Matt Damon and Kristen Wiig.

Director Alexander Payne talks with Matt Damon before filming a scene for "Downsizing while in an alley just east of 48th Street between Farnam and Douglas Streets. CHRIS MACHIAN/THE WORLD-HERALD

By Micah Mertes / World-Herald staff writer

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Dundee: the sequel

Film Streams hopes to renovate and reopen the Dundee Theater by the end of 2017.
Here's what it will look like, and here's what it could mean for Omaha. Read more

Layout of the Dundee

Click the image to see a detailed layout of the plans for the renovated Dundee.

Alexander Payne’s next film — the Matt Damon-starring sci-fi dramedy “Downsizing,” which was filmed partially in Omaha — is coming to theaters around the same time that the Dundee Theater is slated to reopen, and this is not a coincidence. It’s an opportunity.
Payne, a Film Streams board member, said in an email that it would be a “beautiful thing” if “Downsizing” (which opens Dec. 22) could inaugurate the re-opening of the theater. He said he and Film Streams director Rachel Jacobson hope construction can be finished in time, but they’re being realistic. The timing might not work out, what with the vagaries of construction and movie release schedules.
But if it does happen, that would be Omaha’s greatest living filmmaker showing his biggest film to date at the revived movie house that helped him become Omaha’s greatest living filmmaker.
Whatever the case, this much is all but certain: Whenever Payne is in Omaha, you stand a good chance of seeing him at the new Dundee.

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