A special thanks

By Matthew Hansen / World-Herald staff writer

Saturday, February 6, 2016

The New Cuba

An eight-day series from The World-Herald
Day One Our view of Cuba is warped by the Cold War, distorted by a half-century-long embargo, blurred by the difficulty of traveling to Cuba and meeting regular Cubans on their own terms.
The photographs Photographer Ryan Soderlin takes you on a visual journey through Cuba.
Q&A: Changes in Cuba Clearing up common questions regarding Cuba travel.

This trip was made possible through a grant from the Andy Awards, a University of Nebraska at Omaha-sponsored program that seeks to promote international journalism.
The Andy Awards have long been funded by former World-Herald Publisher Harold “Andy” Andersen and Marian Andersen. Harold Andersen passed away in December at the age of 92 after a distinguished career that saw him repeatedly advocate for stories and photos that brought the far corners of the world to The World-Herald’s Nebraska and Iowa readership.
We are grateful that Andy’s vision of journalism extended beyond the borders of our state and country. His generous contribution to the grant program that bears his nickname will continue to allow Nebraska media outlets to pursue such important work for years to come.
We also would like to thank UNO International Studies & Programs, which founded and maintained this grant program under the leadership of now-retired dean Tom Gouttierre and current director Patrick McNamara.
Finally, a special thanks to Jonathan Benjamin-Alvarado, a UNO political science professor and an assistant vice chancellor for student affairs. Benjamin-Alvarado helped us with the tricky logistics of traveling to Cuba and introduced us to many of the people, places and things he has encountered during his 23 trips to the island. Simply put, this trip wouldn’t have been possible without his selfless assistance.

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