Enos Frost

BirthAug. 9, 1838
DeathMarch 23, 1936
CemeteryWymore (Wymore)
PostColeman (Wymore)
Unit2nd Illinois Lt Artillery, Battery A

Private Enos Frost

Battery A, 2nd Illinois Light Artillery

Frost was born in Lancaster County, New York on August 9, 1838. He was residing in Princeville (Peoria County), Illinois when he enlisted in the regiment on April 19, 1861. Frost was mustered on August 17, 1861. He served 3 years and 1 month. Frost was discharged on September 14, 1864.

The 2nd Illinois Light Artillery was organized and mustered at Peoria on May 23, 1861. During Frost’s enlistment, the unit was involved in several major battles and campaigns. Some of them include:

Battle of Pea Ridge (AK) (March 6-8, 1862).

Battle of Champion’s Hill (MS) (May 16, 1863).

Siege of Vicksburg (MS) (May 18-July 4, 1863).

Siege of Jackson (MS) (July 10-17, 1863).

Frost died on March 23, 1936 at the age of 97 years. He is buried in the Wymore Cemetery in Wymore (Gage County), Nebraska. Frost was a member of the Coleman Post (#115) of the Grand Army of the Republic in Wymore.

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Note: Veteran bios were compiled and written by Dean Podoll.