Lemuel Stillwell

DeathJuly 15, 1933
CemeteryLewiston (Lewiston)
Unit98th Ohio Infantry, Company B

Private Lemuel Stillwell

Company B, 98th Ohio Infantry

Stillwell was born in November of 1842. He enlisted in the regiment on August 6, 1862 and was mustered on August 20, 1862. Stillwell served about 33 months and was discharged on June 1, 1865 at Washington DC.

The 98th Ohio Infantry was organized at Steubenville, Ohio on August 20, 1862. During his enlistment, the regiment was involved in many major battles and campaigns. Some of them include:

Battle of Perryville (KY) (October 8, 1862). Regimental losses were 30 killed and 90 wounded.

Battle of Chickamauga (GA) (September 19-21, 1863). Regimental losses were 8 killed, 19 wounded, and 11 were captured during the 3 day battle.

Atlanta (GA) Campaign (Spring/Summer 1864).

Battle of Resaca (GA) (May 14-15, 1864).

Battle of Peach Tree Creek (GA) (July 19-20, 1864).

Siege of Atlanta (GA) (July 22-August 25, 1864).

Battle of Jonesboro (GA) (August 31-September 1, 1864).

General Sherman’s “March to the Sea” (GA) (November 15-December 10, 1864).

Siege of Savannah (GA) (December 10-21, 1864).

Campaign of the Carolinas (January-April 1865).

Battle of Bentonville (NC) (March 19-21, 1865). Regimental losses were 10 killed and 7 wounded on March 19, 1865.

At the Bennett House (Raleigh NC) when General Johnston surrendered the Army of Tennessee (April 26, 1865).

Grand Review of the Troops (Washington DC) (May 24, 1865).

Stillwell died on July 15, 1933 at the age of 90 years. He is buried in the Lewiston Cemetery in Lewiston (Pawnee County), Nebraska.

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Note: Veteran bios were compiled and written by Dean Podoll.