William H Pease

BirthJune 6, 1841
DeathMay 8, 1922
CemeteryLeau Qui Court (Niobrara)
PostLander (Niobrara)
Unit6th Wisconsin Infantry, Company C

Private William H Pease

Company C, 6th Wisconsin Infantry

Veteran Reserve Corps (VRC)

Pease was born in New York state on June 6, 1841. He was living in Lynxville (Crawford County), Wisconsin when he enlisted and was mustered in the regiment on April 25, 1861. Pease served in the unit about 26 months before transferring to the Veteran Reserve Corps (VRC) on July 1, 1863. The VRC was organized for soldiers that had been wounded, injured, or suffering from disease/illness. The members of the VRC were assigned “light duty” and able bodied soldiers could be sent to frontline duties. One source indicates that Pease was discharged from the VRC on July 16, 1864. The reason for Pease’s transfer to the VRC was not available.

The 6th Wisconsin Infantry was organized and mustered at Camp Randall on July 16, 1861. The unit fought in many major battles and campaigns during the War. The regiment fought at the Battle of Antietam (VA) (September 17, 1862) and suffered heavy losses. The casualty count was 29 killed and 100 wounded during the bloodiest day in American history.

Pease died on May 8, 1922. He is buried in the Leau-qui-Court Cemetery in Niobrara (Knox County), Nebraska. He was a charter member and the last member of the Lander Post (#125) of the Grand Army of the Republic in Niobrara.

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Note: Veteran bios were compiled and written by Dean Podoll.