Phillip H Schwab

BirthJune 29, 1841
DeathJan. 2, 1930
CemeterySutton (Sutton)
PostMeade (Sutton)
Unit52nd Illinois Infantry, Company B

Corporal Phillip H Schwab

Company B, 52nd Illinois Infantry

Schwab was born in Darmstadt, Germany on June 29, 1841. He was residing in Perkins Grove (Lee County), Illinois when he enlisted on September 17, 1861. Schwab was a farmer that enlisted for 3 years. He was mustered on October 25, 1861. He re-enlisted on January 1, 1864 at Pulaski, Tennessee. Schwab was promoted to corporal during his tour of duty. He served about 44 months and was mustered out on July 6, 1865 at Louisville, Kentucky.

The 52nd Illinois Infantry was organized at Geneva, Illinois on November 19, 1861. During Schwab’s enlistment, the regiment was involved in many major battles and campaigns. A partial list includes:

Battle of Shiloh (TN) (April 6-7, 1862).

Battle of Corinth (MS) (October 3-4, 1862).

Siege of Atlanta (GA) (July 22-August 25, 1864).

General Sherman’s “March to the Sea” (GA) (November 15-December 10, 1864).

Siege of Savannah (GA) (December 10-21, 1864).

Campaign of the Carolinas (NC/SC) (January-April, 1865).

Battle of Bentonville (NC) (March 20-21, 1865).

At the Bennett House (Raleigh NC) when General Johnston surrendered the Army of Tennessee (April 26, 1865).

Grand Review of the Troops (Washington DC) (May 24, 1865).

Schwab died in 1930. Sutton Cemetery records indicate that he died on December 31, 1930. Other Civil War sources reflect that he died on January 2, 1930. He is buried in the Sutton Cemetery in Sutton (Clay County), Nebraska. At the time of his death, he was the last member of the Meade Post (#19) of the Grand Army of the Republic in Sutton.

In 1921 the S.J. Clarke Publishing Company of Chicago authored the document “History of Hamilton and Clay Counties”. Included in this excellent work are profiles of prominent citizens of those counties. Excerpts of Schwab’s profile additional insight in his life:

The Schwab Family left Germany and settled in Lee County, Illinois in 1847. Schwab’s father was a progressive and successful farmer.

After the Civil War, Schwab returned to Illinois and bought a farm.

He married Mary Schaefle in 1868. The couple parented 4 children.

He was a member of the Illinois State Militia from 1878 to 1885. He served as a first lieutenant.

He moved to Clay County in 1885. In addition to his farming, he purchased grain elevators at Sutton and Lushton.

Schwab served as a Clay County Commissioner.

He was the commander of the Meade Post of the Grand Army of the Republic in Sutton for 15 years.

The closing comment in his profile mentions that “his many years of diligence and industry brought him success and financial independence”.

Note: Veteran bios were compiled and written by Dean Podoll.