Alexander Graham

DeathJune 10, 1930
PostRawlins (Beatrice)
Unit45th Ohio Infantry, Company D

Private Alexander Graham

Company D, 45th Ohio Infantry

Graham was born in 1844. He enlisted as an 18 year old private on July 31, 1862. Graham was mustered on August 19, 1862 and served about 33 months. He was mustered out on June 12, 1865 at Camp Harker, Tennessee.

The 45th Ohio Infantry was organized at Camp Chase (Columbus), Ohio on August 19, 1862. In the early part of 1863 the unit became a mounted infantry regiment and joined the 7th Ohio Cavalry and 10th Kentucky Cavalry as members of a brigade. On October 23, 1863 the unit fought at the Battle of Philadelphia in eastern Tennessee. It was the most costly engagement for the unit and regimental losses were 4 killed, 9 wounded, and 134 captured. The captured soldiers were sent to Richmond, Virginia and imprisoned at that location during the winter of 1863-64. Private Graham was not one of the captured soldiers. One source indicates that 63 members of the regiment died during their imprisonment. The remaining prisoners were sent to Andersonville Prison in Macon County, Georgia. The prison was known for its’ overcrowded conditions, poor sanitation, and harsh conditions. The website for the 45th Ohio indicates that 68 prisoners died at Andersonville. It is probable that that the prisoners were freed in November 1864 when camp prisoners were liberated during General William Sherman’s “March to the Sea”.

Graham was one of two soldiers from the regiment that were wounded on July 4, 1864 near Marietta, Georgia. It is unknown if Graham was hospitalized and the amount of time he was away from the outfit.

He died on June 10, 1930. His burial location was not available. He was a charter member of the Rawlins Post (#35) of the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) in Beatrice. In addition, he was the last member of the Wyman Post (#101) of the GAR in Firth, Nebraska.

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Note: Veteran bios were compiled and written by Dean Podoll.