George W Graham

DeathDec. 17, 1895
CemeteryLeau Qui Court (Niobrara)
PostWhitaker (Dorsey)
Unit43rd Indiana Infantry, Company H

Private George W Graham

Company G, 11th Indiana Infantry (3months, 1861)

Company H, 43rd Indiana Infantry

Graham was born in Indiana in 1841. An exact date of birth was not available. He was living in Montgomery County, Indiana when he enlisted and was mustered in the 11th Indiana Infantry on April 22, 1861. The unit was organized at Indianapolis between April 21 and April 25, 1861. The 3 month regiment was sent to Maryland anD was mustered out on August 2, 1861.

He re-entered the Union Army as a member of Company H of the 43rd Indiana Infantry. He enlisted and was mustered on October 2, 1861. He served about 3 years and was mustered out on October 20, 1864. The regiment was organized and mustered at Terre Haute, Indiana on September 27, 1861. During his enlistment, the unit was involved in several major battles. A partial list include:

Siege and capture of Island Number 10 (MO) (March 15-April 8, 1862).

Occupation of Memphis (TN) (June 8, 1862).

Battle of Helena (AK) (July 4, 1863).

Capture of Little Rock (AK) (September 10, 1863).

Battle of Mark’s Mill (AK) (April 25, 1864). Regimental losses were 12 killed, 19 wounded, and 16 captured.

Battle of Jenkins’ Ferry (AK) (April 30, 1864).

He died on December 17, 1895. He is buried in the Leau Qui Court Cemetery in Niobrara (Knox County), Nebraska. He was a charter member of the Whitaker Post (#224) of the Grand Army of the Republic in Dorsey, Nebraska.

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Note: Veteran bios were compiled and written by Dean Podoll.