Nebraska hole in one database

5,488 holes in one listed so far

This database shows holes in one officially reported by golf courses to The Omaha World-Herald.

Recent holes in one are added as we get them, and we're combing the archives to add aces from the past. If you notice your hole in one missing or have any questions, please let us know.

Want to report your ace? Have the course fax complete information (course, golfer, hole, yardage, club and witnesses) to 402-444-1238.

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Holes in one at 94 yards

11 aces at this distance

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Name Course Hole Distance Club Date
Connie Faltys Northridge Country Club 5 94 5-wood Oct. 22, 2008
Don Kampschneider River Wilds 14 94 13-wood Sept. 6, 2005
Sam Colpitts Fox Run 3 94 Pitching Wedge Aug. 25, 2005
Bryan Soukup River Wilds 14 94 Pitching Wedge July 22, 2005
Gabby Peterson Eagle Run 3 (M) 94 8-iron June 2, 2006
Nick Cammarata Stone Creek 2 (B) 94 Pitching Wedge June 29, 2007
Jared Dannenberg Eagle Run 3 94 7-iron July 5, 2007
Mary Miller Oak Hills 2 94 8-iron Aug. 29, 2011
Grace Corrigan Stone Creek 2 94 Pitching Wedge April 25, 2016
Ryan Brechbill Eagle Run 8 94 Pitching Wedge June 19, 2017
Pam Knox Oak Hills 2 94 7-iron Sept. 3, 2018

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