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Scott George's Hole in One

Scott George hit a 137-yard hole in one using a 5-iron on the 5 (LE) hole at Eagle Run in Omaha. The ace was reported on April 16, 2011. Witnesses: Nick George.

More about Scott George's ace:

I am originally from Omaha but currently I live in Los Angeles, Calif. All my immediate family lives in Omaha, including my two brothers, so when I am back in town we usually get together to golf. All three of us have golfed since we were young, 25+ years each at least. Each of us have had numerous near encounters with the elusive hole-in-one, yet none of us had ever hit one until that day.

I am a bit of an optimist, so I actually expect the ball to go in if I see I have struck it well. Well this day was no different. I remember getting to the tee box and the wind was blowing pretty hard into our face and from our left to our right. At the time, I was only golfing with one of my brothers, Nick, as my other brother, Ed was at a volleyball tournament in Lincoln.

I read the distance at 139 yards. I told Nick, who was up first, to make sure he used enough club as the hole is uphill all the way and the wind was definitely going to be a factor. Nick originally was going to hit a 9-iron but after I shared my thoughts he decided to hit an 8-iron . Nick hit it solid but I watched as the wind played havoc with it in the air, ultimately it landed short on the bottom of the green and stopped dead. That left him about 50 feet out from his birdie. I considered using a 7-iron but I wanted to make sure I flighted the ball low enough to stay out of the wind and run a bit after it hit, since the flag was toward the top of the green and uphill all the way.

I chose to hit a knocked down 5-iron and apparently it was the right choice for me. I aimed left of the green about 10 yards to compensate for the wind. As soon as I hit the ball I thought "Man, that is going to be a good one." The ball started moving to the right from the effects of the wind and it landed about 25 feet short and left of the pin. Since I hit a low trajectory, the ball was going to roll and that is just what it did, right into the hole!

I remember jumping up in the air, yelling out in joy, and then running around a bit like Happy Gilmore. As we approached the green, I still remember smiling broadly as the only ball on the green was Nick's shot. I strode quickly to the hole and there it lay, my Nike One Black, marked "SG", and thought, "I am so glad to have hit this hole in one, and even more glad that I hit one before either of my brothers". (We are all super competitive).

- Scott George