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This database shows holes in one officially reported by golf courses to The Omaha World-Herald.

Recent holes in one are added as we get them, and we're combing the archives to add aces from the past. If you notice your hole in one missing or have any questions, please let us know.

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Sean Clapp's Hole in One

Sean Clapp hit a 212-yard hole in one using a 7-iron on the 8 (B) hole at Indian Creek in Elkhorn. The ace was reported on June 4, 2011.

More about Sean Clapp's ace:

This was the first time I had ever golfed at this Elkhorn course. I've only been golfing for three years now so this was the surprise of my life when I got the hole in one.

We were golfing on Black Bird, and this was our 17th hole for the day. This was No. 8 on Black Bird.

The pin was on the front part of the green and there looked to be a little wind. Everybody else had honors for the hole and I was the last one to shoot. Jim Turner and the other gentlemen we golfed with all hit 5-irons and all fell short of the green. I decided to use a 7-iron and teed the ball up. I hit the ball and it seemed like it maybe got too much air and looked to be going short also. The ball looked like it drawed a little bit, and the ball hit about 8 feet in front of the hole, bounced past the tee and trickled back and rolled in for the hole in one.

I've personally have never seen a hole in one and didn't know how to react at first. We were golfing with two strangers that also have been golfing for years and have never seen a hole in one. They bum-rushed me and were giving me high fives and congratulating me and were so shocked that they actually got to see one.

Jim Turner and I have been golfing together now for three years. He is a sales rep for a local sign company that used to be my client. He's 63 years old and basically has taught me everything I know to this point about golf. So how fitting it was for him to be there for my first hole in one! I liked playing this golf course a lot and will return as often as possible.