First game in Nebraska history

Nebraska 10
Omaha YMCA 0

Nov. 27, 1890 • Omaha, NE

Lincoln brevities

No, that headline isn't a misprint. Nebraska football (or foot ball as it was back then) wasn't quite as big of a deal as it is today. From what we could find in our archives, the only mention of Nebraska's 10-0 win in the first game was a paragraph from the Lincoln brevities section on page 6 of the Nov. 29th evening paper. It's the 12th "brevity" of the article, under big news like G. Levy and son returning from a trip to Minneapolis or Moses Burns' third annual 'possum supper.

So what did the coverage say?

"The university students are feeling very much elated over the university foot ball team's victory at Omaha yesterday. There is now a great deal of talk about forming a state collegiate foot ball association, including the state, Cotner, Wesleyan of this city, Doane college at Crete, and Fairfield, Stromsburg and Peru normals."

That doesn't mean there wasn't foot ball coverage in the paper. There was a full report in the paper from the big Yale-Princeton game and additional college games from across the country.

The PDF attached here has the paragraph on Nebraska's game highlighted with a red box.

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