Nebraska 36
Omaha University Club 0

Oct. 26, 1895 • Omaha

Rough and Tumble

State University Outplays the Club Eleven — Score 36 to 0

The State University foot ball team arrived in the city at noon yesterday and proceeded to do battle against the University club of Omaha at 4 p.m. The halves were only of twenty-five minutes duration. The University club kicked off and was returned fifteen yards by Shedd. The ball was immediately punted on the first bound by Fair for sixty-five yards, which was caught by Leonard, who was tackled in his tracks. Here steady grains were made by the local team, the ball being advanced by Taylor, Burdick and Leonard.

These three youngsters have the bottom and sand for excellent foot ball material and with a few more years and pounds will make as good players as can be found anywhere. They carried the ball well, ran low and interfered well together, but the Nebraska line was too much for them, the local team and the backs were unable to get started with their interference very often. The Lincolns showed excellent interference around the ends at times and made good gains, but the line was very slow in getting into the interference.

The Lincoln backs are first class men to carry the ball and run well together, but they have a very grave fault in that they betray the play so that the opposing team is able to tell which way they are going to go. This must be remedled or they will never be able to gain ground.

Harry Aiken, the Princeton player, played hobb with the center of the Nebraska line, which is a very weak point in the team. Of the Nebraska eleven Shedd, Hayward and Spooner seemed to be in the best form and played a game worthy of the institution they represent. In justice to the lose line work of the Nebraska team it may be said that Oury, Whipple, Jones and Shue were not in the game and they will greatly strengthen the team for next Saturday's contest. The university team played remarkably well for the time it has been practicing and showed great pluck in going against the heavy varsity team. Burdick was not quite up to his usual form, but played a good game, as did the other two backs. Captain Cowin of the University club played a strong game. Nebraska made six touchdowns from which Shedd made the good record of kicking every goal, which left the visitors victors by 56 to 0.

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Nebraska is 1-0 all-time against Omaha University Club.

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