Iowa 6
Nebraska 0

Nov. 28, 1896 • Omaha, NE

It Was Holbrook’s Game: Iowa’s Powerful Halfback Wins a Victory From the Nebraska University.

Brilliant Rushes Prove Too Much Even for the Indomitable Shedd to Head Off.

Nebraska was defeated yesterday in the exhibitions game with Iowa by a score 6 to 0.

The weather man was very kind in granting more favorable weather for the foot ball game, but the grounds were exceedingly slippery and covered with ice and snow. The players and their enthusiastic follower were true to their sport, however, and were present at the appointed time. the crowd was somewhat larger than that of Thursday, but the game was practically a repetition of the former contest, being very close and as free from brutality as possible.

The Iowans had avoirdupois in their favor, played a faster game, and so proved themselves victorious. On the other hand, the Nebraskans played very scientific ball, but somehow luck as against them, and the players failed to take advantage when they had the opportunity. If Nebraska had had a Holbrook the score might have been very different. To him the Iowans credit their victory, while the Lincoln boys pine for such a “deer foot.”

The First Goal

The Lincolnites won the toss-up, and Iowa kicked off, but Nebraska fumbled the ball. Here the Hawkeyes got possession and made steady gains on Nebraska’s goal. Ten yards from her stronghold, however, Nebraska got possession and made about thirty yards on a punt, but lost the sphere. Holbrook tried some fancy work, but was collared by Wiggins. Later on the dusky man was tried again around the right, but Shedd was on hand and checked him in splendid interference, sped around the right and gained a touchdown. Thomas kicked a goal. Score: Iowa, 6; Nebraska, 0. Nothing further of importance occurred during the remainder of the half, which was chiefly in favor of the Hawkeyes.

After a short intermission the ball was set in motion, and Holbrook attempted to make a spurt, but ran against Shedd, who again brought him down. The ball was now about midfield, and the Iowans strained every effort to gain, but the home players were on their guard. They made a most stubborn defense, and despite the Hawkeyes’ superior weight, compelled them to kick. Thorpe made a bad fumble, which gave the visitors considerable of a gain.

Nebraska Gains

As the Iowans were pretty close to Nebraska’s citadel, Thorpe punted and play was transferred to the other half of the field. Iowa go the leather, which they carried about ten yards. Claims of “off side” were recognized by the referee, and Nebraska punted again and the ball went sailing to within fifteen yards of the Iowa stronghold, and Shedd went after it uninterrupted and had the chance of his life, but missed the sphere, which was secured by Thomas. From this on until the end of the play the ball was steadily worked toward Nebraska’s goal, and at the call of time it was on her thirty-five yard line. During the last half Nebraska had somewhat the best of things, but was unfortunate,

The Iowa team was the same as participated in Thursday’s match, while Cook of the Nebraska team was absent, his position being filled by Garrett, and Benedict played left end and Jones held down left half.

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