Nebraska 6
Iowa 0

Nov. 25, 1897 • Council Bluffs, Iowa

Iowa is beaten six to nothing

Council Bluffs, IA, Nov. 25 — It was the greatest football game every played in Iowa. That is the calm — well not so very calm — unbiased judgment of the experts who witnessed it, and the 3,000 other people who gazed upon it and howled themselves hoarse will no doubt accept this as a just observation.

Seldom have two teams been so evenly matched an all during the first half and for quite a time during the second it looked like the old college conundrum. If an unstoppable force strikes an immovable body what will be the result?

Nebraska early in the game pushed into Iowa territory, but never was ground more stubbornly contested and time and again were the men of both teams piled in a struggling, writhing mess with no appreciable gain for either side as a result. Iowa was, however, gradually crowded back almost to the goal line and then with a brilliance of play that set the crowed wild the gallant Hawkeyes extracted themselves from a situation that seemed worse than desperate. Nebraska had the Iowans within about three yards when the ball was lost on downs and a moment later it went flying far out toward Nebraska territory and for the time the Iowa team was safe.

The touchdown secured by Nebraska in the second half was earned, but after all it was due in some measure to good fortune and the Iowa boys have no reason whatever for feeling ashamed of the game they put up.

The crowd was by far the largest ever seen at a football game in Council Bluffs, although the cold, misty rain made it disagreeable for the attendants. There was a number of very smart turnouts from both Omaha and Council Bluffs. Colors were about evenly divided, the gold of Iowa being plentiful interspread with the cream and crimson of Nebraska. All through the game there was much enthusiasm on the part of the crowd, but the joshing and yelling was all of the most thoroughly good natured sort and not an untoward incident happened to mar the enjoyment of the proceedings.

The betting was largely in favor of Nebraska, but during the first half more than one enthusiastic admirer of the Nebraska team was heard to express regret of having jeopardized so much coin.

PD Cornell of Lincoln acted as referee, JB Mather, a Council Bluffs boy attending Tabor college as umpire, and Lieutenant Townley of Lincoln was timekeepers. Thirty-five minute halves were agreed on.

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