Nebraska 24
Tarkio 0

Oct. 15, 1898 • Lincoln

Scarlet and Cream Waves

Nebraska’s Crack University Team Triumphs Over the Sons of Tarkio

Twenty-Four to Nothing Tells the Story of the Dire Defeat of the Missourians

First Half a Tame Struggle, but Later Visitors Take a Bracer — Some Good Plays on Both Sides

Lincoln, Neb., Oct. 15 — Nebraska “showed” Missouri today on the gridiron to the tune of 24 to 0.

The scarlet and cream of the state university again is triumphant and red light shone from the tower of the university again tonight, in token of the prowess of the crack football team of Nebraska.

From kick-off to finish the Nebraskans began to chew on the Missourians, and by the time the last half was done they were entirely eaten up. The Nebraska boys put up a strong game. They played ball every minute. The team work was good and the individual plays while not remarkable, were of sufficient force to count good and plenty when the score was made up.

The first half of the game was very tame. The rooters began to get disgusted and thought the whole thing was going to be too much of a pudding. The Tarkios seemed to be stunned or dazed and did not know where they were at. They played too closely together and did not make room for individual plays. Nebraska made three touchdowns during the first half of the game, two of them being credited up to Ervin, the big fullback, who is familiarly know as “Satan.” Kingsbury, right tackle, made the other one. The return punting of Cowgill, quarterback, was good, and the line bucking of Ervin was strong and almost invincible.

Daston, the right tackle for the Tarkios, was not so bad and he went around the Nebraska boys several times, making pretty tackles. The Waughs, left and and left half did some good work for the Tarkios. When time was called for the first half Nebraska had eighteen to her credit, while Tarkio was still in the minus column.

During the second half, Tarkio took a hike to herself and began to ginger up a hit. The bleachers awoke to the situation and gave the boys some good rounds of applause. The rooters went to work for Tarkio, owing to the fact that the first half had been so tame, and endeavored to spur the Missourians on. The rooting or something, had good effect, for they went to work and began to play ball.

First Half — Tarkio kicked off thirty yards. Ervin returned put sixty yards. Tarkio held for downs, punted twenty-five yards. Benedict sent around left end, eight yards. Kingsbury made six. Ervin carried ball first touchdown. Played three minutes. Melford kicked goal. Tarkio kicked off thirty, Cowgill returned kick fifty, Kingsbury fell on ball. Benedict, Ervin, Pillsbury, Williams made gains. Ervin made second touchdown. Played five minutes. Melford kicked goal. Tarkio punted ten, Nebraska held. Cowgill kicked forty. Kingsbury made great tackle. Tarkio punted. Williams, Pillsbury, Benedict, Ervin made gains in turn, Ervin making touchdown. Melford kicked goal. Score 19 to 0.

Second Half — Tarkio sent Waugh, left half, around Nebraska’s left end for repeated gains Nebraska lost heart and Tarkio kept score down last half. Nebraska plucked courage, took ball on downs, Williams carried ball four yards around right end. Benedict carried ball five yards fake play. Ervin bucked center five yards. Cowgill punted twenty, Tarkio got ball on foul, punted. Turner falling on ball. Pillsbury, Ervin, Williams each advanced ball. Turner made final touchdown. Melford kicking goal. Teams played center field touchdown. Tarkio holding ball close second half. Score 24 to 0.

Easton was injured in the next to the last play, Rankin succeeding him.

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Nebraska is 3-0 all-time against Tarkio.

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