KC Medics 24
Nebraska 0

Nov. 7, 1898 • Kansas City, Missouri

Medics Defeat Nebraskans

Kansas City Embryo Doctors Prove Too Heavy for Fagged Out Champions.

Kansas City, Mo., Nov. 7 — The Kansas City Medics defeated Nebraska university here this afternoon by a score of 24 to 0.

The Nebraskans made a great mistake in attempting to play two games in three days. They were pretty well fagged out after their big contest with Kansas, and were in no condition to tackle the Medics, whose strength they had underestimated. But had the Nebraskans been in the best physical condition they would have found the doctors formidable opponents.

The Nebraska stone wall of Saturday was today a sieve. For the Nebraskans Turner, the auburn-topped giant guard, played the fastest game.

Holman kicked off fifty yards at the start of the game, and then Nebraska worked the ball steadily down the field until the five-yard line was reached, when the Medics stood firm and held Nebraska for downs.

Heller made three yards for the doctors and Lewis skirted left end for fifteen, but Nebraska forced a punt by Holman. The visitors could not keep the ball long, however, and with the leather in their possession the Medics commenced a heavy onslaught on the opposing line, which was kept up until a touchdown was made. After that the Medics forced the playing to the end.

Heller made the most sensational play of the game at the start of the second half. Erwin kicked off forty-five yards to Holman, who returned eight, and on the best line-up the Medic captain took the ball, plunged through the line, and without molestation ran eighty-five yards for a touchdown.

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