Iowa 30
Nebraska 0

Nov. 4, 1899 • Omaha, NE

Victory for the Old Gold

Iowa Football Team Triumphs Over the Bearers of the Scarlet and Cream

Twenty-five hundred people, mostly from Iowa, to judge from the shouting, saw the scarlet and cream go down before the old gold at the Ames Avenue park Saturday afternoon.

Iowa 30 Nebraska 0 tells the story. Nebraska, with only three old men on the team, was up against Iowa's veterans, all but two of whom had played from one to three yeas on the varsity.

Nebraska does not complain of the defeat. The stronger team won. Iowa's vim, snap and team work were fine. The interference for the runner was perfect. The captain and the members of the team are wine in football, knowing every point for their advantage and claiming it, too, persistently and loudly. The team was good enough to win on its merits without constantly demanding penalties from the officials for offenses which they were themselves committing every line-up.

Iowa's offside playing, especially when in a tight place, was wretched. Twice Nebraska was prevented from scoring by Iowa players breaking through before the ball was passed and preventing the center from putting the ball in play.

Three times Nebraska had the ball so near that a touchdown should have been made, but partly by bad generalship of their own and partly the failure of the officials to stop Iowa's offside play no score resulted.

Made the Iowans play

Although Nebraska was outclassed, the team made Iowa play football every minute.

For Nebraska Benedict, Pearse and Crandall played desperately. Benedict made the most of the long gains and tackled in great style. He far outpunted his Iowa opponent. Pearse made good gains when called and did great tackling, twice breaking through and getting the man with the ball for no gain when Iowa was on Nebraska's one-yard line. Crandall tackled brilliantly, both by breaking through and getting men behind the line and in getting runners coming around the end, breaking through this strong interference repeatedly.

Griffith was Iowa's start. His running with the ball and his tackling were both fine. He is invaluable to his team in urging them on, and inspiring them to hard fast play. Martin and Edson made good gains, especially around the ends. The guards and tackles were sent against the line for good gains. There are no weak spots on the team.

Detail of the game

Nebraska wins the toss and takes west goal. Iowa kicks along the ground fifteen yards and gets the ball. Iowa rushes the ball along three to five yards at a time by means of guardsback and tacklesback formation. Nebraska seems carried off her feet. When Iowa reaches one-yard line Nebraska makes a magnificent stand, stopping two plays without gain. Pearse breaks through the line and tackles runner for loss. On next play, however, Griffith, who throughout the game played like a tiger, carries the ball over the line for a touchdown and Warner kicks goal. Time, four minutes.

Nebraska kicks off, Benedict sending the ball fifty yards and by good interference Iowa brings it back ten. Iowa is forced to kick Warner punting 20 yards. Nebraska now begins a series of small gains, and aided by an offside play by Iowa which gives Nebraska ten yards get the ball within thirty yards of Iowa's goal Crandall attempts a field goal, but goes ten feet to one side. Iowa kicks from twenty-five yard line to Ringer, who is downed in his tracks. Nebraska goes steadily down the field, Benedict making four. Williams five and four, Pearse eight, Benedict eight, Pearse three yards. Iowa then braces up and gets ball on downs. Griffith goes fifteen yards and guards and tackles carry the ball down the field Edson makes fifteen yards and Griffith carries it fifteen yards for the second touchdown. Warner kicks goal. Score 12 to 0.

Nebraska kicks off fifty-five yards and Morton brings it back ten. Morton tries to gain, but Crandall makes a grand tackle, stopping him with a loss. Lowe kicks and Benedict brings it back ten yards. Nebraska can make no gain, the Iowa men breaking up the interference behind the line. Benedict punts forty yards and Iowa brings it back five yards. Morton makes ten yards and Griffith twenty, Edson ten, Morton fifteen.

Crandall's brave efforts

Guardsback formations bring the ball slowly toward Nebraska's goal despite the magnificent work of Crandall. Time after time this little Omaha boy, weighing 185 pounds, plunged into the tandem of the heavy Iowa guard and piled up the men on top of him. Morton takes the ball but fumbles. The ball rolls across the line and the Iowa quarterback falls on it, making the third touchdown. Warner again kicks goal. Score, 18 to 0.

Nebraska kicks off sixty-yard line. Iowa returns seven yards. Edson makes a run of thirty yards on a pass. Right guard takes the ball, but is tackled so hard by Pearse that he drops it and Drain gets it for Nebraska. Nebraska begins a steady march for goal. Pearse gets two, Benedict fifteen, Gordon three, Williams five, Benedict five, Williams one, Benedict five. On offside play by Iowa gives Nebraska ten yards more. Nebraska is now within ten yards of Iowa's goal. It seemed important to prevent Nebraska scoring.

Officials favor Iowa

The Iowa team jumped through the line when the quarter signaled for the ball, making it absolutely impossible for the Nebraska team to even put the ball in play. The officials seemed afraid to penalize the Iowa men, and after three futile attempts to put the ball in play, gave the ball to Iowa. Weakness of officials alone prevented the scoring at this time.

Iowa kicked out of danger and the first half was over.

The second half began at 4:30. Benedict kicked off forty-five yards. Pearse tackled the man who caught without gain. Iowa is forced to kick, as is Nebraska four downs later, when Benedict punts thirty-five yards to the corner of the field. Iowa slowly brings out the ball by guard and tackle plays, but is again forced to punt. Nebraska cannot gain and punts. Edson makes a run around right end for fifteen yards. A few plays later Nebraska gets the ball on a fumble, but is forced to kick. Iowa braces up and moves steadily toward Nebraska's goal, Griffith making a twenty-yard run around left end, and later carries the ball over the line despite the gallant stand made by Nebraska. The infallible Warner kicks his fourth goal and the score is 24 to 0.

Nebraska kicks off fifty-five yards. After a few short gains, during which Morton is hurt and retires in favor of Stratford, Iowa loses the ball on downs. Benedict gains fifteen yards and a series of gains by Nebraska brings the ball to Iowa's three-yard line. Here Iowa, having found the officials to be harmless, again interferes with the center and quarter, preventing any possibility of a play.

Tries a goal

Iowa punts twenty yards and Benedict brings the ball back ten. Crandall again tries for goal, but the kick is blocked and an Iowa man falls on the ball. After two downs, which result in slight gain for Iowa, Littke reires and Brockway takes his place. Nebraska gets the ball on downs, but is forced to punt. Griffith runs twenty yards. Brockway is stropped without gain by Ringer, who makes a fine tackle. Stratford makes ten. Iowa is forced to punt, sending the ball over the goal line. Nebraska kicks off from twenty-five-yard line thirty yards. Griffith makes fifteen, Stratford ten. Then neither side can gain the ball, passing back and forth Iowa tries for a field goal. The ball hits someone in the line and rolls over Nebraska's goal line. Williams runs after it in a half-hearted manner, is pushed aside by the Iowa end and smiles as the end falls on the ball for the fifth touchdown. Warner kicks goal and the final score is 30 to 0.

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