Nebraska 5
Tarkio 0

Oct. 29, 1900 • Tarkio, MO

Tarkio and Nebraska battle

Note: This story incorrectly writes the final score as 0-0. The correct final was a 5-0 Nebraska win.

* * *

Tarkio, Mo., Oct 29. — One of the most exciting and stubbornly contested games of football that was ever witnessed in this city was that of today, when the Nebraska state university met the Tarkio college team on the college gridiron.

Tarkio kicked off and for twenty minutes a stubborn battle was fought in which Nebraska made a run of thirty yards on downs. Tarkio then held them for downs but lost the ball on fumble and Nebraska made an attempt to kick a field goal, but missed it about two feet. Times of the first half, twenty minutes.

Nebraska kicked off in the second half, Tarkio got the ball and made a gain of ten yards. Nebraska then took the ball within two feet of a touchdown but lost the ball on downs. Tarkio kicked the ball to center and again got the ball on fumble, when Low made an end run for thirty-five yards, when time was called.

The Tarkio players who deserve special mention are Nicoll, Murchie, Tidrick, Bell, Low and Balmer and Allen did effective tackle work. Neither of these teams have been scored on this year and while Nebraska has the advantage of Tarkio in weight, they were unable to do any effective work with their line and failed to score. Score, 0 to 0.

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Nebraska is 3-0 all-time against Tarkio.

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