Minnesota 19
Nebraska 0

Oct. 12, 1901 • Northrop Field, Minneapolis

Victory, But Hard Battle

Minnesota Defeats Nebraska, but Only After Tremendous Conflict, by 19 to 0.

Required Two 35-Minute Halves to Settle Supremacy at Minneapolis.

Never a Minute That the Sturdy Millers Were Not in Fear of Their Goal.

Story of One of the Greatest Combats on the Western Gridiron as It Occurred.

Minneapolis, Minn., Oct. 12--The pride of the hearts of all sport-loving Nebraska went down before the rugged foot ball players of Minnesota this afternoon by a score of 19 to 0, and while the score would indicate a decisive victory, there was never a minute of the game that the sturdy Gophers were not in fear of their goal.

At 12 o’clock the gates of Northup field were thrown open and the greatest crowd that ever assembled to see a football game in Minneapolis began to crowd the bleachers, and when the teams called together at least 12,000 football enthusiasts were inside the gates. Those unfortunate enough not to secure seats were eager to get standing room at each end of the large bleachers. Enthusiasm ran high and the lucky scalpers with tickets found ready buyers at from $2 to $5.

At 2:45 the Minneapolis team came on the field and was given a wild ovation by its loyal supporters, and five minutes later Captain Westover and his brawny team came trotting out of the big armory building and the north end of the field and received such cheers as only 3,000 voices can give who have made a hard night’s travel of 500 miles to see a game. The two teams were called together at 2:50.

Nebraska won the toss and took south, with Minnesota to kick off. Minnesota kicked to the five-yard line and there the real doings began. Nebraska took the ball and started fast, aggressive attacks upon which her hopes for victory hinged, but the Minnesota defense proved a much more effective machine than the scarlet and cream anticipated and the ball went to Minnesota after two successive downs.

Right at this point in the game Nebraska hopes went high, for the much-dreaded Gopher offense was successfully torn open and Minnesota found herself unable to make her desired gains and in desperation to open holes at nil hazards lost the ball on holding in the line.

On Nebraska’s Thirty-Five Yard

The ball was now at Nebraska’s thirty-five yard line, and the encouraged cornhuskers started the hopeless take of rushing the ball down to their opponents’ goal. Here the Minnesota left showed its great advantage against the Nebraskans’ lighter line and after a ten-yard gain the ball was lost on downs. The Minnesota team started its system of close-in rushes and pushed Nebraska to her five-yard line.

Here Nebraska showed a wonderful defense and stacker the big Millers up like so many school boys. Nebraska got the ball on downs on her three-yard line, due to the superb defensive work of Brew, Westover, Ringer, Stringer and Shedd. Stringer and Brew tore through the Gopher line repeatedly and spoiled the proudest efforts right in the bud, and Jack Westover--well, he simply made his opponent look like 10 cents.

At things point Kingsbury fell back of the goal line for a punt, Rogers and Aune tore through. The kick was blocked. Bain fell on the ball and a safety was scored for Minnesota. Score 2 to 0.

Nebraska kicked off and Minnesota once more started her famous rushes. At the twenty-yard line Knowlton tried for a goal and failed. Nebraska again kicked at Minnesota. Minnesota once more took the ball for a series of rushes, but on the fifteen-yard line was held for downs. Nebraska made some short gains, but lost the ball on holding on the line.

Minnesota then took the ball, and after a series of fierce line smashes, in which her superior weight was a very important factor, pushed the ball over for her first touchdown. Knowlton failed to kick goal and the score stood 7 to 0 in favor of Minnesota.

The Second Half

Nebraska put the ball in play in the second half and after a series of rushes and a kick the ball was on Nebraska’s thirty-five yard line. Once more the Gophers’ battering ram went into play and Rogers was rushed through the Antelope line for a second touchdown. Score 13 to 0.

With defeat staring them in the face the gamey visitors went into the fray like victors, but the excessive weight of the home team was too wearing and after a few exchanges the ball once more crossed the Nebraska goal line and the giant Bee scored, scored the last touchdown. Score 19 to 0.

At the kick-off Nebraska went into the game with the determination to score or die and the way that the giant line of Minnesota crumbled under the Antelopes’ aggressive rushes was worth your money twice to see. Nebraska held for downs on her forty-yard line and on the second down Pillsbury kick to the Gophers’ twenty-five yard line. Doble fumbled and the omnipresent Crandall fell on the ball. This gave Nebraska her best chance to score, but she lost the ball on downs and time was called with the ball in Minnesota’s possession on her forty-yard line..

Every Nebraska player played like a veteran, and while the score was adverse, for the fierce fight put up and the stay-there spirit shown Nebraska’s team is worthy of the highest praise.

Two substitutions were made. In the middle of the first half Brew was hurt and George Shedd took his place at guard, and Bender went in at half. And in the second half Crandall succeeded Kingsbury. Jack Westover at all stages of the game more than held his opponent, and Jack tonight deserves the place of the foremost tackle in the west.

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