Nebraska 29
Doane 0

Oct. 5, 1901 • Lincoln, NE

Nebraska University Forces Doane to Wall

Crete Students Play a Nervy Game but Are Outclassed by Strong, Active Players

Lincoln, Neb., Oct. 5 — In thirty-five minutes of actual playing Nebraska university this afternoon defeated Doane college of Crete, by a score of 29 to 0. Nebraska’s goal line was never in danger and the only reason she did not pile up a higher score was that there was no more time. Although playing a nervy and desperate game the Crete boys were far outclassed and succeeded in making their distance but twice. They were forced to punt repeatedly.

The general good work of the university was repeatedly marred by bad an inexcusable fumbles, due some times to a misunderstanding of signals. In punting Doane had by far the better of it. They were not able, however, to stop up the yawning holes Nebraska tore in their line nor to stop either the big and terrible bucks to the little, squirming fellows.

Nebraska played a number of new and inexperienced men and tried two different acts of backs. During the greater portion of the first half, G. Shedd, Pillsbury and Kingsbury, no one of whom weighs less than 178 pounds, played behind the line. The rest of the time, Crandall and Bender, the two little backs, and Bell at fullback played these positions. Johnson, the little colored boy, was given a trial at right end to save Cortelyou, and Voss played the entire game at center to save Koehler, who is suffering from a “Charley horse.” Tobin held Ringer’s position at left guard.

The team work has developed since the last game on home grounds which was two weeks ago. Only in a few instances was there a lack of steam and spirit. Every man was in the playing, pushing, pulling or hauling. When the big backs were in, it was impossible for the boys from Crete to stop them. The mighty Pillsbury would plough from two to ten yards with two or three of them hanging to him. Sheed would skirt either end with impunity and Kingsbury would follow his example. Such blocking was never seen here before so early in the season. With so many fast substitutes and with such team work as has developed, Nebraska will present a tough proposition to the giant northerners at Minneapolis next Saturday.

An evidence of the general interest being taken in football and the future of Nebraska is found in the fact that to this contest, against a school recognized as far from the university’s class, there were between 400 and 500 paid admissions. This is a record breaker. There was also a sample of rooting such as will be sprang on Minneapolis a week hence.

How Nebraska stands

Nebraska’s men are strong, active and far from overworked. Neither are they over confident. They recognize that success against Minnesota depends on hard and careful training. Coach Booth and Assistant Coach Melford watched the contest from the side lines and expressed themselves as highly gratified with the work of their pupils.

Nebraska won the toss and took the north goal. There was no wind however, and this was little advantage. Shedd kicked twenty-five yards and Doane returned it there. Then for the first time the Crete boys made their distance. It took three full downs, however. Then the university took the ball on a fumble and Shedd plunged through for eight yards. Kingsbury tore off five. Pillsbury Brat took five and then eight. Shedd duplicated his first effort and then Kingsbury duplicated his. Drain carried it two yards, Shedd three, Kingsbury six and then over for a touchdown. Stringer kicked goal and at the end of five and a half minutes of play the score was 6 to 0.

Doane kicked thirty yards to Drain who was downed in his tracks. Then shedd took fifteen yards to his credit, Kingsbury one, Shedd five, Pillsbury seven, Shedd five, Pillsbury thirty, Shedd five, Pillsbury seven, Shedd four, Shedd seven and over for the second touchdown at the end of nine and three-quarter minutes. Stringer missed a difficult goal and the score was 11 to 0.

Score climbs up

Doane started the second half by punt — turned the pig skin five yards. Shedd carried it two and went out of the game with a wrenched shoulder. He was succeeded by Bender, who celebrated his advent by taking eleven yards of the Doane boys’ territory. On a fumble by Kingsbury the ball went to Crete. On the second down they tried for a place kick and on a fumble Cortelyou got the ball. Kingsbury took ten yards then ten more. Bender ten, Kingsbury six, Drain fifteen and Pillsbury one. Here the university was held for downs and although the ball went to Doane they were forced to punt. Fuller sent the ball thirty yards through the air and Drain carried it back ten. He again made five. A fumble follower in which the university retained the ball. Then Pillsbury took fifteen yards, Bender six, Kingsbury two, Bender six, Pillsbury two and over for the third touchdown. Stringer kicked goal and the score was 17 to 0.

Doane punted thirty yards; Drain returned the ball ten, Stringer punted fifteen and the half ended, after twenty minutes of play.

Doane started the second half by punting forty yards to Drain who, with magnificent interference, returned the ball thirty yards. Crandall wormed through for five yards, Bender took seven, Bell eight then two more, Bender seven, Bell three, Bender seven, Bell three, Bender ten, Bell three and then Bell took the ball over for the fourth touchdown of the game, Bender pushing him right along. Stringer kicked another goal and the score was 23 to 0 at the end of four minutes of the second half.

The next time Butler sent the ball forty-five yards for Doane. Bender, with the aid of excellent interference, largely credit to Drain, returned it forty. Bell punted twenty, and Doane was thrown back for a loss of ten yards. An attempt to kick was blocked by Westover, and then the Crete boys made their distance, for the second and last time during the game. Doane was forced to punt and Bender returned the ball forty yards. Drain again blocking wonderfully. Bell was sent over for the the next and last touchdown. Stringer kicked another easy goal and the scoring ended, 29 to 0 in favor of the university.

A little time remained and Doane punted fifty yards Bender returned the ball twenty yards. Bender made six, Bell eight; Bender ten, Crandall four; Bell one; Crandall two, Drain five, Bender eight, Crandall one, Bender two and Bell three. Then Bender missed the ball on a pass and Bowlby of Doane fell upon it. Corlson carried it two yards, Houston six, and then Fuller kicked fifteen. Drain fumbled and Bowlby fell on the ball again. Carlson got another yard, Houston two and then Bender returned it twenty. Nebraska had just lost the ball on a fumbled on her twenty yard line when the final whistle blew.

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