Wisconsin 18
Nebraska 0

Nov. 2, 1901 • Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Defeat, but With Honors

Milwaukee, Wis., Nov. 2—It took the Badger football team the entire first half to solve the terrific plunges of the Nebraska State university eleven this afternoon and the score of 18 to 0 by no means adequately represents the stubborn fight that was made by the men from the west.

Last night the visitors expected, they said, to be defeated by a heavier score than was the case at the Minnesota game, but this did not prove to be the case.

The first touchdown was made by Wisconsin only four minutes before the end of the first half, but before that one of the husky Cornhuskers ended the entire Wisconsin team and was tackled by Corhems of the Badgers on the very threshold of the goal line.

The first half was that on which the visitors were most in evidence. After the end of that half the Badgers were able to hold their own to better advantage and the Nebraskans did not show much strength as was manifested in the first of the game.

Nebraska kicked off and Marshall returned the ball 10 yards, Driver punted to the center of the field and the Nebraskans sent in a series of line plunges that caused the cardinal wearers of Madison to fear that their men would be overwhelmed.

Drains punted to Wisconsin’s 20-yard line and the Badgers in their turn tried line plays. Cohems and Larson were unable to make gains, but on a second trials Larson went through center for five yards. Wisconsin then lost the ball on a fumble, and Nebraska was given distance on an offside play.

A wrong signal gave the oval to Wisconsin and Driver punted back out of danger. Nebraska tried a fake pass to get distance through Wisconsin’s offside, but the visitors were warned that a second trial would mean loss of the ball. Kingsbury went through Wisconsin center for five yards, Westover went through for five more, and Kingsbury twice in succession hurdled the cardinals line for the same gain. Drain tried for a place kick but failed, and Marshall headed for the Cornhuskers goal, but dropped the ball, which was now in Nebraska territory. Kingsbury, Pillsbury and Sheed carried the pigskin back in to Wisconsin territory by terrific plunges and it seemed as though they would soon score. Cortelyou on a double play cleared Wisconsin’s men, but was tackled by Cochems, the speedy Badger end on the 10-yard line.

This was Nebraska’s nearest reach to the Badger goal. The Wisconsin men held their opponents for downs and Driver punted out of danger. Nebraska tried counter plays without avail, and Wisconsin took the ball, and when there were but a few minutes left of play, Driver went over from the 2-yard line for the first touchdown. That decided the game.

In the second half the Badgers kept the pigskin for the first part of the half hour, working it down the field by slow stages, though hardly losing possession of the pigskin until the second touchdown was scored. Driver was pushed over the corner of the field at the Nebraska goal line, and after a difficult kick the score was 12 to 0 against the Cornhuskers.

For the remainder of the half the Nebraskans tried by frequent punting, to keep the oval in Wisconsin’s territory, and the teams kept from one end of the gridiron for the remainder of the time. Wisconsin, however, took the lead on punts, and after recovering the ball well in Nebraska territory, Marshall reported the plunges for the last touchdown.

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