Nebraska 5
Kirksville Osteopaths 0

Sept. 28, 1901 • Kirksville, MO

Nebraska Wins Over Crack Osteopath Team

Parts of this game recap are illegible.

University Boys Defeat the Kirksville Eleven in a Stiff Fought Contest.

Score of 5 to 0 Made After Magnificent Battle on the Missouri Grid Iron

Kirksville, Mo. Sept. 28--The Nebraska foot ball team won 5 to 0 in the hardest kirdest of a foot ball game with the American School of Osteopathy here today by virtue of lucky runs around one end and through one of the guards in the first half. In the second half with Kirksville, making steady gains toward Nebraska’s goal on two occasions, Umpire Pixley of Omaha, penalized Kirksville for alleged holding in the line and gave the visitors the ball.

The features of the game were Bender’s runs around the end for forty yards and through the right tackle for thirty-five yards in the first half and the long run of Van Dorn and Bllinski, of Kirksville, in the second half. The sensation of the day occurred in that half when Van Dorn, in one of Nebraska’s plays, carried and threw Bender for a loss of fifteen yards and Blinski in the next play, throwing back Sheed five yards.

Nebraska’s line was heavier, averaging about ... pounds, but there was little difference in the average weight of the teams as a whole. Penalties for off side plays were frequent.

Nebraska won the toss and chose the south goal. A heavy north wind was blowing from the field. Kirksville kicked to the 35-yard line. Nebraska kicked for a touchdown. Kirksville kicked for forty yards. Nebraska worked to Kirksville’s 15-yard and lost the ball on downs. Kirksville then, by bucking, worked it up to varsity 15-yard line, where by a little bad judgment, the ball was lost on downs.

Bender’s run for seventy-five yards around the ends and through tackle followed with line bucking carried over. Stringer kicked for goal, missed. Crowley kicked for thirty-five yards. Nebraska backed for five yards and Kingsbury then kicked for forty yards. Kirksville worked the ball to center when time was called.

In the second half Nebraska kicked off for thirty-five yards. Craig carried it back ten and a series of line bucks and end runs landed the ball at center. Here first foul on Kirksville for holding in line was called and ball awarded to Nebraska. Here Van Dorn and Blinski gave Nebraska the two losses for fifteen and five yards. Kingsbury kicked for fifteen yards. Kirksville gained five yards and the ball was again awarded to Nebraska on another foul. Nebraska was held for three downs again. Blinski made a thirty-five yard run around the end and Van Dorn made heavy gains through the line. The ball was lost to Nebraska just as time was called.

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Nebraska is 1-0 all-time against Kirksville Osteopaths.

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