Nebraska 7
Knox 0

Nov. 15, 1902 • Lincoln, NE

Cannot Cross Nebraska Line

Lincoln, Neb., Nov. 15 — Seven to 0 in favor of Nebraska was the result of seventy minutes of muddy foot ball playing with Knox college of Galesburg, Ill. on the Nebraska field this afternoon. Full 3,500 people jammed into the grandstand and dotted the bleachers facing rain and snow to cheer the Cornhuskers on to victory.

There never was a chance for the much-vaunted Galesburg men to win. They never were in striking distance of Nebraska's goal, fumbling and being held at critical times. On the other hand, they themselves braced at critical periods. They succeeded toward the close of the second half in holding Nebraska within six inches of that prized chalk mark. Throughout the game the visitors carried the pigskin forty-four yards, while the Cornhuskers carried it 231.

Martin and Hopkins, the two Knox men protested by Nebraska last night, were both in the game, Nebraska deciding not to push their objections. The former was charged with being a professional, the other with having already played more than the allotted four years on a university team.

The field was soggy. Mud clung to the players and the ball and it was absolutely impossible for fast playing to be done. This one fact probably saved Knox another touchdown in the first half as the ball was in Nebraska's possession on their five-yard line, where it had been carried by steady line plunges. On a dry day and field Nebraska people say the score would have been 34 to 0.

Nebraska scores came through a touchback in which Cortelyou was the star man and touchdown by Bender, both made in the first half. Knox was penalized time after time, five yards at a clip for off-side playing. Martin and Howell being the chief offenders. It was twelve minutes after the first whistle blew that Benedict punted from the middle of the field. The ball went to Grogan, he fumbled, and it rolled on to within two yards of the Knox goal where it was gathered in by Zalusky. Cortelyou hit him like a moving train and he rolled over and over, back of his own goal line, and was there nailed fast in the mud by Nebraska's crack right end.

How Score was Made

From the twenty-yard line Knox then punted the leather eighteen yards where Benedict was downed in his tracks. Bell hit the line and Nebraska got five yards for an offside play by Knox. Bender went into the visitors and another five yards of Knox territory was given Nebraska for an offside play. Bender, Bell and Mickel then assumed the chief roles and gradually worked the ball through center and Knox's right side, Bender finally going through for a touchdown. The ball rested in the extreme southeastern corner of the field however and Benedict punted out to Bell. Ringer missed goal from where Bell heeled the mark, the ball striking the cross bar and bounding back. From that time on, with two points for the touchback and five for the touchdown, no more scoring was done.

Only once in the first half did the visitors try straight line pounding and their effort proved so futile that ever after they kicked as soon as the ball was theirs. Benedict punted from the Knox fifty-yard line to the twenty. There Hopkins was given the ball and lost two yards in an attempt to circle Nebraska's right. Zalusky suffered the same fate in trying the other end and then he went to kicking. Several times thereafter in the first half, it was Knox's ball, but always without a try at line pounding, Zalusky was sent back to boot the leather. This he always did well and his kicks would average right up to Benedict's.

There was considerable fumbling particularly on the part of Knox and usually Nebraska succeeded in falling on the leather. In the second half, once the Knox men took a spurt and carried the ball about forty yards, losing it on Nebraska's fifty-yard line on a fumble. Zalusky made the longest run of the day, going through Mason and Follmer for twelve yards. Nebraska's chief gains were made by the backs going straight through the line, piercing it either just inside or outside tackle. Mickel and Englehart were eminently successful in piercing center for the required distance at critical times.

Northwestern Next

Title money changed hands. Knox backers were few and not demonstrative. At the hotels they demanded odds of a least two to one on the general result and even money that the visitors would not score.

This is the last contest for the Cornhuskers until Thanksgiving day, when Northwestern will be met on the Nebraska field. So far not a single opponent this season has succeeded in sullying Nebraska's goal line. Not a score has been marked against the Cornhuskers, and they will train hard after a little letdown for a few days to trounce the Northwestern men so thoroughly that an attempt by Nebraska to become one of the big nine will deserve serious consideration.

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