Nebraska 16
Kansas 0

Nov. 8, 1902 • Lincoln, NE

Goes Down to a Sad Defeat

Lincoln, Neb., Nov. 8 — Nebraska cinched her claims to the football championship of the Missouri Valley today by defeating Kansas in a game fairly full of interesting features. Several hundred rooters accompanied the Jayhawkers on a special train, and gave encouragement to the players by their enthusiastic yelling. The score was 16 to 0. Two touchdowns were made by Nebraska, and a goal from field. Her goal was never in any serious danger, although the Kansans played a stiff game at times, and once in the last half, carried the ball forty yards, losing it on a fumble on Nebraska's thirty-five-yard line.

The first touchdown was made after ten minutes of play. Kansas fought hard but the Cornhuskers marched steadily down. When near their opponents' goal one of the Kansans stole the ball and ran the full length of the field, but the touchdown was not allowed, the referee ruling that the ball had been called down and was not in play. Benedict kicked goal. The two teams fought up and down the field for the remainder of the half, Nebraska losing a chance to score by fumbling on the twenty-yard line. The half ended with Nebraska in possession of the ball in Kansas territory.

Find a Weak End

The Jayhawkers started off strong in the second half and had their opponents going for awhile. Shedd, Nebraska's left end, was laid up in bed, and Follmer, the substitute end, was on the side lines with a sprained ankle. Thorpe substitute quarterback went in to play the position but he could not effectually stop the rushes.

Most of Kansas' gains were made around this end. After several interchanges Nebraska started a heavy march down the field. When Kansas thirty-yard line was reached, Nebraska turned a neat trick that netted a touchdown, although goal was missed. The signal was apparently given for a punt and the Cornhuskers spread out for the play. Kansas took the cue and several of her line dropped back. The ball was passed to Bender, who broke through the line, evaded several tacklers and raced thirty yards for a touchdown.

Kansas kicked off again, and Nebraska started down the field. When within twenty yards of the Kansans' goal the Jayhawkers braced and held for two downs. Benedict dropped back and kicked a clear goal from field. Only a few minutes were left, and neither team succeeded in scoring.

A summary of the gains scored by the two teams discloses that Nebraska advanced the oval 300 yards and Kansas seventy-five. Kansas captured the ball twice on downs, and Nebraska took it from their opponents three times by the same means.

Kansas Fights Hard

Several times Benedict preferred to punt while the Cornhuskers were making substantial gains, the plan being to exhaust the Jayhawkers by putting them on the offense, or in the hope that Kansas might fumble and lose the ball within hailing distances of their goal. Before Love's enforced retirement from an injury, he punted in fine form and had a bit the advantage of Benedict in the kicking argument. One of Benedict's spirals, however, was for a full sixty yards, while his place kick for a goal from the field went through to the mark.

The time of the halves was cut to twenty-five minutes, both coaches evidently wishing to save their players for coming games. This fact probably prevented the Cornhuskers from scoring two or three touchdowns.

Kansas did not expect defeat, but it must have been the rooters who anticipated such a result, for the players waged as valiant a fight against the odds as has been witnessed in years on a Nebraska gridiron.

Whatever was achieved by the Cornhuskers came from fierce effort for the Jayhawkers resisted every minute of play.

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