Nebraska 10
Denver 0

Oct. 10, 1903 • Denver, CO

Cornhuskers Too Heavy For the Mountain Men

Nebraskans Meet the Denverites on the Gridiron and the Score is 10 to 0

Invaders Do Heavy Work From the Start, Not Letting Their Opponents Have Chance to Win.

Special Dispatch to the World-Herald.

Denver, Colo., Oct. 10--By dint of fearless combat and imbued with a determination to score against Nebraska, the eleven of the Denver University today held Booth's big Cornhuskers to the close score of 10 points, but failed to besmirch the invaders' goal. Two touchdowns, one in the first twenty-five minutes of play, when Renedict was pushed over Denver's line, and the other in the last half by Bell, did the business for the men from the corn country.

In a stroke that was a conflict, Denver put up a magnificent exhibition of heady football, but sheer superior weight and excellence in skill made possible a victory for Nebraska. In all, the visitors made 25 yards in gains, while Denver was held to fifteen. While this shows a mastery defensive game for the Nebraskans it does the same for Denver, in as much as only the best (mort) of hard work 'n defense could have held the score go low in the face of such gigantic gains.

Bender, the captain of the Cornhuskers handled his men with a great display of (genialship), but frequent fumbles proved costly at critical times. Denver played a licking game, at which Stuart, the crimson half-back, has no peer on the western gridiron.

Just nineteen minutes after Mayor Wright had made the kickoff, Benedict plunged over Denver's goal for the first touchdown. Bender, with a sprained ankle, missed an easy goal. Score 5 to 0.

In the second half each side was penalized in two occasions. Profitable line hurdles by Bell and Benedict and end runs worked the ball deep into Denver territory. Bell then shot over two yards in the second touchdown. Nebraska chose to try for a fair kick in preference to a difficult goal, but failed. Score, 10 to 0.

The play was back and forth after that until the end of the half, with the ball in dispute in the center of the checkerboard.

Governor Peabody attended the game and "rooted" for the locals.

After the contest Coach Booth said, "I expected about what happened Denver put up a stubborn protest and deserves much credit. It has material for the first class team and with proper coaching should develop a wonder."

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