Nebraska 16
Haskell 0

Oct. 17, 1903 • Lincoln, NE

Indian Scalps are Dangling

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Lincoln, Neb., Oct. —With a perfect day, an ideal field and a large an enthusiastic crowd of spectators to enliven the sport and cheer the players, the Cornhuskers met the Haskell Indians on Nebraska field today.

Probably in no game which has been played at Lincoln was there a greater effort made to protect the game of the Nebraska team than today, unless it was last season, when Northwestern got the oval within seven yards of the uncrossed goal line, which the Nebraska team had so successfully defended against all comers throughout the entire season.

Nebraska and Haskell had met before and the home team had conquered, fairly annihilating the dusky line in the second half, scoring with monotonous frequency. The home team remembered this good record and was prepared to uphold it to the best of each canvas-clad warrior's ability. The Indians remembered it too, had been thinking of it all season and to guard against a repetition of it had sent east to Carlisle for the best athletic aborigines that could be spared.

Under such conditions it was no matter for surprise that the two lines went into action like soldiers fighting for the possession of some point of vantage. It was a game of desperate fighting and the fighting began when the game began.

Some Hard Flaying

Wrangling about the selection of a referee delayed the game until 4:10 and at 4:50 Nebraska scored the first touchdown after a hard struggle back and forth between the center and Haskell's twenty-yard line. Nebraska made three costly fumbles early in the game and, for a time, it was give and take, with no visible advantage to either side, but gradually the superior science of Booth's pets began to tell the Aborigines left end weakened and the Nebraska backs circled the line for eight and ten-yard gains.

Time was called for the first half with the ball near the center and in the home team's possession. At no time during the first half was the Nebraska goal in danger, though the ball game within range for a drop-kick several times.

In the second half Nebraska refrained from fumbling and a more accurate stalemate of the contending teams could be made. It was all Nebraska's for the light backs circled the left end and smashed through the line, piloted by bunders and the guards Shoulderblade. Haskell's reach vaunted left and was battered repeatedly by the Cornhuskers and was seemingly unable to resist the plunging tendered plays and hurdles. Haskell evidently realizes Shoulderblade's weakness and twice chained him to the other end while Cotton was delivering signals, but Bensen had his eye on the man and each time sent the ball his way all of this steadily netting good gains for the Cornhuskers. Just thirteen minutes after the half began the second touchdown was scored and Bender kicked goal.

Full of Interest.

After the usual interval, Neraska took the ball the length of the field again and scored near the close of the half, goal being missed, the the half score was 16 to 0.

... the first half wins, the more furious and the more closely contested, the second half was full of interest because of the sensational run of Benedict around left on a feint and criss-cross, the play netting fully sixty yards and very nearly resulting in a touchdown. The play started in Nebraska's try and the ball was dangerously near the opposite goal line when Benedict was tackled from behind after he had passed the last redskin and had a clear field. Wilson and Masion also contributed good gains and Bender, though badly ... was busy all the time and went through every man in the Haskell line during the game.

Eager was badly damaged and Mason was roughly handled also, while Shoulderblade seemed to monopolize all the bruises that went to the other side.

Series history

Nebraska is 7-2 all-time against Haskell.

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