Nebraska 31
Colorado 0

Oct. 24, 1903 • Lincoln, NE

Colorado Meets Her Waterloo

Lincoln, Neb., Oct. 24—

“In the good old football time
In the goold old football time
Scrolling down the five-yard line
Scoring all the time.

“Around the end and through the line
And that’s a very good sign.
Nebraska wins the pennant in
The good old foot ball time.”

The foregoing chorus sung in unison by hundreds of rusty-lunged students of Nebraska university cheered and encouraged the Cornhuskers today when they lined up in opposition to the strong and first team from Colorado.

The weather administration upheld its good record and furnished a perfect day for the game. Just enough chill in the air to make it pleasant for the players, but not enough to cause any shivering for the grandstand.

The appearance of the Mountaineers upon the field was not ignored by the generous-hearted Nebraska crowd and a hearty cheer was given the visitors. However, it was nothing to the roar that went up when the brawny sons of Nebraska trotted into the enclosed field.

The university colors, properly guarded, were carried upon the field and set to guard the Nebraska goal. When during the progreed of the game the scarlet and cream flag was carried down the field to their opposite and on account of a change. In the goals, grandstand and bleachers arose with uncovered heads and stood at attention until the color guard has passed. Between halves when the band paraded in advance of the colors the game ceremony was observed. To the students the flag seemed hallowed as the battle-torn bunting is to a soldier, and it was treated accordingly.

Today there was none of the delays at the start that vexed the crowd at the Haskell game. Within a few seconds after the advertised time the ball was in play and the game was on, ending with Nebraska 31 and Colorado 0.

Start The Work Early

In the first half Nebraska kicked off from the north goal and immediately forced Colorado to punt.

Nebraska immediately begun smashing lines for good gains and in five plays carried the ball twenty-five yards squarely through the Colorado line. Colorado was paralysed twice in quick succession and the ball kept up its journey to the southward goal. A fumble caused heart disease in the grandstand, but Bender fell on the ball and the loss was not great.

The Colorado center seemed to fairly crumble before the attacks of the Nebraska bucks hauled by the heavy linemen, and while the end plays were not so uniformly profitable, much ground was gained by the round-about route.

Just twelve minutes (elapsed time) sufficed for the first touchdown and Elender missed goal.

It may be said here that he misses goal more frequently than is pleasing to the team’s supporters, but his bad ankle furnishes a sufficient excuse.

After the touchdown had been scored against them the Colorado lads seemed to gather fresh energy and made three end plays quick in succession that were really alarming, and the small but noisy Colorado contingent made the most of their opportunity to yell.

The Nebraska line, however, that “stone wall” which so many teams have striven in vain to penetrate, remained solid and invulnerable and on the fifth play the visitors were forced to punt, or rather, attempt to for the Colorado line was shattered before the ball could be kicked, and Nebraska got the oval on Colorado’s thirty-five-yard line.

After being penalised ten yards for holding Nebraska made the journey to Colorado’s five-yard line by five and ten yard stages, and in spite of the Denver captains command to ‘Give em hell’ and a little fistcuff work, Eager was shoved over on the second attempt and Cotton missed goal. Elapsed time, nineteen minutes for the two touchdowns.

Another attempted criss-cross, which resulted disastrously, and a poor punt precluded the possibility of the Cornhuskers scoring another touchdown, and the half ended with the score standing 10 to 0.

Cheers for the Colors

When the Nebraska colors were paraded between halves Colorado secured a chance to do a graceful act and the boys from the mountains did not allow the opportunity to pass. When the flag passed a brost of them they arose and uncovered with as good grace as anyone in grandstand or bleachers. The courtesy was immediately noticed and greeted with a rousing chorus from the camp of the rooters.

“What’s the matter with Colorado?” and the answering roar:

“They’re a-l-l r-i-g-h-t.”

Colorado kicked off in opening the second half and Nebraska at once punted. After making two ineffectual attempts at the “stone wall,” Colorado kicked again and by way of reply, Benedict booted the ball almost to the Colorado goal, where Nebraska held Colorado and forced another punt. Nebraska got a shade the better of the punting duel which followed and a succession of line bucks with a final touch around the end by Eager sent the ball to within a few feet of the Colorado goal and it was shoved over. Eager actually kicked goal. Score 16 to 0. This touchdown was made in six minutes and the one which followed consumed a shade less than two.

Nebraska, kicked off held Colorado, blocked a punt and got the ball on her opponents’ fifteen-yard line, sending it over with four successive line plays. Bender missed goal. Score: 21 to 0.

Colorado returned the next kick-off rather handsomely, but encountered a “stone wall” again and Bender caught the punt, was tackled, passed the ball behind him to Benedict, and the latter ran twenty yards before the surprised Mountaineers overhauled him. Benedict then punted. The Cornhuskers’ line stood fast and got the ball on downs. Then the battering ram began to work again, and Colorado was hammered steadily down the field and another touchdown secured in just six minutes. Mason missed goal. Scored: 27 to 0.

Colorado kicked off. Bender caught the ball, and, upon being tackled, again passed the oval to Benedict, who skirted the Colorado line for thirty yards, and had only the full back between himself and goal when downed. The battering ram did the rest in five successive plays, making an average gain of about six yards, and scoring the sixth and last touchdown in a minute and a half before play closed. Benedict missed goal. Final score 31 to 0.

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