Nebraska 6
Kansas 0

Nov. 14, 1903 • Lawrence, KS

Nebraska Wins From Kansas

Lawrence, Kas., Nov. 14—The Nebraska football team added another “no score” game to its string of victories this afternoon in the defeat of Kansas by a score of 6 to 0. It was the closest and hardcat game Nebraska has played this season and it was only by the merest chance in the last five minutes of play that the Nebraska men were enable to make the winning score. Nebraska had just secured the ball on downs. It was passed to Bender, who did not attempt to pass it to a second man, but started through the line and dodged around the Kansas left, and ran seventy yards and scored, winning the touchdown with barely three minutes to play. An easy goal was kicked by Bender and the game was won by him.

The playing was in Kansas’ favor from the start to the final whistle. Kansas had the ball and by short, grueling advances through the greater part of the game, forced it down within the Nebraska ten-yard line three times, only to lose it on downs on an unsuspected brace by the Nebraska players. The ball was then punted in and Kansas resumed the same old tactics. This was done with such apparent ease and with such regularity that it looked as though the game hung in the balance until almost the close, it could not be rescued from the mighty Nebraskans.

The Kansas advance were made by Donald, Hicks, Chappell, Rice, Brummage and Allen.

Donald was used to advance the ball more frequently and with better results than any other member of the Kansas team, but his ability to do so was largely due to the great holes made by Allen.

The game was remarkable for the clean, fast playing of both sides and not a word or action occurred on the grounds to which anyone could take offense.

The Nebraska players who carried off the honors were Bender and Benedict, the latter kicking and putting the ball beyond danger with every try. Bender’s head work and his clover get-away made him the hero of the day. The game was witnessed by a magnificent crowd and was played under ideal conditions and was the finest contest of the sort that has ever occurred on the Kansas field. During the greater part of the game Coach Booth uneasily paced up and down the side lines without a sign of a smile on his face, but when Bender got in his work, his countenance changed and he finished victory with his every glance, but it was the dearest victory he had brought this season and the Nebraskans realized that they had met a fit foe in the game that Kansas had given the Cornhuskers. The halves were thirty-five minutes. Hongland of Chicago and Beachem of Fort Leavenworth alternated as referee and umpire and Baum of Abilene was head lineman.

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Nebraska is 91-23 all-time against Kansas.

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