Nebraska 16
Illinois 0

Nov. 26, 1903 • Lincoln, NE

Easy Victory For Nebraska

Lincoln, Neb., Nov. 26—Five thousand people attended the Illinois-Nebraska game today on Nebraska field. Each spectator expected to see a great game of football, and not one was disappointed. For thirty-five minutes, the beefy Illinois men gruelled the old “stonewall,” and time after time it crumbled before the,.

Time after time the heavy Illinois line joined by plunging backs plowed against the weaker and lighter Cornhuskers, and often through them, for gains that might be considered respectable in any game. Fairweather and McKnight alternated in making big gains for the visitors, and a score against the home team looked probably, and a victory over it more than possible, when the referee’s whistle closed the half with Barter just in the act of trying to place a kick from Nebraska’s twenty-yard line.

But the beef which carried the visitors through the first half with even a slight advantage in their favor was their handicap in the second round, the lighter Nebraska line coming up fresh and ready for business after each play, while oversized Illinois players gasped for breath and gradually were worn down and overcome by the very men whom they had marched through and over in the early part of the game.

Not a man was disabled on the Cornhuskers’ side, while the visitors substituted new players after nearly every play close to the end of the game. But one change was made in Nebraska during the game. Graves giving way to Hager in order to enable the latter to “get into the game.”

Many Great Plays.

Wilson was the star ground gainer for Nebraska, his line plunges netting the gains which made the first touchdown possible. S Mason played like a whirlwind at all times. Benedict’s punting was up to the standard which he has maintained for two successive seasons, not making a single error of judgment or execution. Berg was bested in the first half by the gigantic Hasselwood, but stuck pluckily to his work, and at the close had his opponent completely at his mercy.

Captain Bender did not display his usual brilliance.

Nebraska’s first touchdown came in the second half after the Cornhuskers had lost repeatedly by fumbling and off side work with the ball nearly always in the state of Illinois.

Moyhihan opened the half by kicking to Bender on Nebraska’s twenty-yard line. Wilson smashed left tackle for four yards. Benden tried a fake punt, but fumbled, Wilson saving the ball. Bender lost five yards and the block an reliable Benedict punted forty-five yards. The voracious pair, Fairweather and McKnight ate up two yards each, the latter being slightly injured. Fairweather added two more, but Hannum encountered obstacles in attempting to pierce the line and the visitors were held for downs in the center of the field. Here Wilson took an interest in proceedings, making eighteen yards through left tackle and then, to show that it was no accident, went through that tackle for twenty. Young and Mason negotiated two and the irresistible Wilson journeyed thirteen straight through the line and repeated, playing the oval seven yards from the goal. Bender fumbled, Benedict falling on the ball. Bender then tried a place kick, which was blocked by Rothgeb. Wilson again saving the oval. Wilson made four yards and then Bender, with poor judgment many experts think, attempted another place kick, which was a miserable failure. The steady Wilson, however, getting the ball slender tried a quarterback run for a loss and Benedict punted again. Illinois was forced to kick on the third play. Hager displaced Graves and Wilson started for Illinois by ten-ward stages, planting the ball on the three-yard line. Hager carrying it over. Bender missed goal. Score, 6 to 0.

Illinois Was Weak.

From that time on Illinois was weak on defensive and Wilson made another touchdown after, Nebraska had been penalized at critical times always regaining the last ground by hard work. Benedict kicked goal. Score, 11 to 0.

By a succession of line plays, Nebraska got close enough for a place kick, which was successful, but was invalidated by the empire on account of offside work.

The third touchdown was made by a Hager shuttle before the expiration of the time limit and without any sensational plays on the other side the visitors weakening towards the close.

Bender missed goal. Final score, 16 to 0.

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