Nebraska 33
Knox 5

Nov. 7, 1903 • Lincoln, NE

Another Plume in Their Caps

Nebraska Meets the Boys From Knox and Comes Out of the Fany Victorious.

Cornhuskers Continue to Remain the Proud Champions of the Gridiron.

Game Monotonous on the Start, but is Full of Ginger Before the Finish.

Many Spectacular Plays Are Made by Both Nebraskans and Visitors.

Nebraska 33—Knox 5.

Special Dispatch to the World-Herald

Lincoln, Neb., Nov. 7—

“In the good old football time

In the goold old football time

Scrolling down the five-yard line

Scoring all the time.

Around the end and through the line

And that’s a very good sign.

Nebraska wins the pennant in

The good old football time.”

The foregoing was the cry that schoed echoed and re-echoed across the field this afternoon when Nebraska opened the game against Knox, making a touchdown in a few seconds less than three minutes. The opening was uneventful. It was a monotonous succession of line plunges and end runs, each so successful that one could scarcely be said to excel the other.

The second score was no less sudden and easy, but was more spectacular. An end run brought the ball to Knox’s ten-yard line. The battering ram struck thrice and the ball was over. The goal was missed, making the score 10 to 0, the first goal having been missed also. Bender then kicked off to Konx’s thirty-five-yard line and the man who caught the ball was downed in his tracks.

Knox hacked the line twice, getting three yards in the two plays, but was forced to punt. Benedict, returning the ball nicely, but was tackled so fiercely that he dropped the oval, a Cornhusker dropping on it.

Nebraska lost ten yards by an attempted criss-cross, which Wilson more than made up by a run around right end, but Nebraska was penalized for offside play, and a moment later lost another five yard in the same way. Knox then fell out with the umpire and was set back a little amount.

Nebraska forced Knox to punt, and immediately afterward Benedict ran fifteen yards around the end. Eager followed with a nice gain and Wilson did the same. Nebraska lost on an end play and Knox got the ball, but was shoved back twenty yards and forced to punt, the wind carrying the ball nearly to Nebraska’s goal. Bender returning it well and Knox trying for a goal from the field, which was successful. Grobe did the kicking and was heartily cheered by the grandstand and bleachers. Source close to it says

Nebraska Wakes Up.

This seemed to arouse Nebraska, and the ball was rushed down the field to Knox’s fifteen-yard line by two end runs and a punt. The stone wall was there again, and when Nebraska got the oval on downs Bened, hauled by Bender and shoved by the Nebraska guards, went plunging along for fifteen yards, and three more plays through the line took the ball to Knox’s ten-yard line. Mason carried it over and Eager missed goal. Score 15 to 5.

Bender kicked off and Knox returned the punt on the play. Benedict returned the compliment, and Knox lost eight yards on an end play and was held again and punted, the wiley Benedict sneaking out of a bevy of Knox players and returning the ball five yards, although hemmed in when he caught it.

Nebraska then battered the line five yards at a time until, they tired of this sport and lost a few yards on another criss-cross, but hammered the line again and quickly made up the loss. Time was called with the ball near the center and in Nebraska’s hands.

Between halves the colors were paraded on the field, with the band ahead and grandstand and bleachers arose and saluted with uncovered heads.

The faculty en masse, gave the yell they have composed for their exclusive use from their position in the middle of the stand.

The students seemed to delight in making the faculty obey their orders, and the litter never failed to rise, salute or yell when instructed to do so by a spontaneous appeal from the rooters’ brigade.

Bender Kicks Goal.

Opening the second half, Grobe made a long kick against the wind to Bender, who returned the ball nearly to center. Benedict punted long and high and the man who caught it was downed in his tracks. Knox tried to close the formation but, failing to penetrate the line, punted again. Bender accommodatingly bringing the ball back to the man who kicked it. Nebraska fumbled, but managed to make a gain through the line in spite of it. Here the ball was given to Konx, evidently out of charity, for not other reason was apparent. After having made four yards in two downs, Knox tried to fake punt, which lost the usual ten yards.

Nebraska, adopting the close formation, hit the left tackle for four yards and then bored through three times for another touchdown. Bender created a mild sensation by kicking goal. Score, 21 to 5.

Bender kicked off and the Nebraska team was down the field in time to smother the man who caught the ball before he had time to move a muscle. Knox made the regulation pair of assaults on the stone wall and punted. Porg made a lonesome trip through the line for eight yards, and in order to still further humiliate the visitors the resourceful Bender called a fake signal in such an earned voice that the Knox ends broke across the line and were declared offside. The next play saw Nebraska set back fifteen yards for holding and it looked as though the mighty leg of the agile Benedict would have to be used to prevent the loss of the ball on downs. That is the way it looked to the crowd, and it seemed that way to the visitors, too, for they dropped back to catch a punt which came not, but in its stead the wily Benedict, with the sphere tucked under his arm, ran down the line, nor was he overtaken until he had made up the fifteen-yard penalty and about eight additional yards for good measure.

At The Finish.

The snow blow began to operate then and the Nebraska center and guards were propelled down the field to the Knox five-yard line, where Mason was taken and Graves was given a chance. He celebrated his appearance on the field by carrying the ball across the line, and Bender broke all previous records for Nebraska by kicking his second successive field goal. Score, 27 to 5, with thirteen minutes to play.

When Knox had kicked off Benedict tried the fake punt again, but was downed behind the line, but got the better of an exchange of kicks which followed. Knox tried the line twice and traveled seven yards in the wrong direction on the two plays. Again the muscular-limbed Grobe punted a goodly distance and again the accommodating Bender returned the sphere to the spot where he had seen it start, which was on the Knox twenty-yard line. Four trip-hammer blows on the line sent it over, Lance being the bearer. Here, some modest member of the team, whose name has not been divulged, kicked the third successive goal and the score stood 33 to 5, with but two minutes to play.

Bender kicked to the fence and Knox returned the kick from their twenty-five yard line. Nebraska started to battering the line again, and made so many long strides in quick successions that another touchdown seemed inevitable, but a fumble gave the ball to Knox on their own twenty-five yard line, and it was quickly punted out of danger.

The fifty-five remaining seconds were not sufficient, and the final score stood Nebraska 33, Knox 5.

The score fails to show the relative strength of the two teams, as Nebraska toyed with her adversary all through the second half, and the score, which resulted from Grobe’s well-delivered kick, was somewhat in the nature of a fluke, or, rather, it was a despairing effort, and it won.

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