Nebraska 46
Grinnell 0

Oct. 1, 1904 • Lincoln, NE

Cornhuskers Win the First Game on Gridiron

Lincoln, Neb., Oct. 1 — After a successful mud dragging contest, with a freshly drained duck pond for a gridiron, the Cornhuskers triumphed over Grinnell by a score of 46 to 0. Tonight, of course, in the language of the syndicate dopeaters, Nebraska hasn't any team. If Coach Booth had a few more 260 pound light-weights the score might have mounted higher. Grinnell put up a plucky fight, but the boys could not pull Booth's infants through the mud.

The contest opened in a gentle, offhand manner, the Cornhuskers feeling of the muscle of their opponents, and Bender scored after three minutes of playing.

Gradually the score mounted up by plain mud dragging and gridiron wading until Nebraska had twenty-eight at the end of the first half. The one bent trick of the half was "Cy" Mason's spurt for a touchdown on Grinnell's third kickoff. Nebraska fumbled, and, while twenty-one men were rubbering for the ball, Mason was making tracks for Nebraska's goal, risking inundation at every step. The Cornhuskers methodically waddled through, around and among the Grinnell men in the second half.

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Nebraska is 7-2 all-time against Grinnell.

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