Minnesota 16
Nebraska 12

Oct. 29, 1904 • Northrop Field, Minneapolis

Minnesota Wins From Nebraska

Minnesota, Minn., Oct 29—Nebraska lost to Minnesota today in a closely-contested game of foot ball on Northrop field. The local rooters were much surprised that the visitors scored at all and when Cotton made the first touchdown for the Nebraskans it acted as a tonic on the Minnesota eleven, which was suffering from an attack of overconfidence.

Team play was fine in both elevens and individual stunts were unusual, although Bender of the Nebraskans made a startling run of seventy-five yards ahead of three Minnesota men in the second half. Such a run has never been seen on Northrop field before. Bender was a bullet. Hunter of the Minnesotans made a dazzling sprint of fifty yards in the first half.

Barring kicks and returns of kicks in straight foot ball, Nebraska carried the ball only 190 yards to Minnesota's 423. Nebraska put up a remarkable attack. At the same time, early in the first half Minnesota fell down on the defense and the Nebraska eleven was able to puncture the Minnesota line often. In defense Nebraska was somewhat weak, but kept up a good front, with a little weakening toward the end of the last half. Barwick, although he came to town a cripple, was pronounced a "peach" by the bleachers and was put up on the pedestal with Minnesota's quarterback—Hunter.

Speed was the feature of the Nebraska play. The eleven played fast from start to finish and appeared in the pink of condition. Mills was the biggest start on the field and with a big, beefy looking team alongside, Nebraska's prospects appeared better at the line-up than they did yesterday. On the other hand, Minnesota played with less speed and with less care than when it opposed Grinnell, a much lighter team, one week ago.

Cotton's touchdown galvanized the Minnesotans into action and for the rest of the game the Nebraskans were held down well. Nebraska made two touchdowns and goals while Minnesota failed in two of its three kicks.

Nebraska Rooters There

Rooters from the Nebraska state university and members of the Ak-Sar-Ben from Omaha were strong in evidence in a section of seats at Northrop field when a Nebraska kicked off at 3 o'clock. From that time on pandemonium reigned, the Nebraskans advertising the first touchdown lustily. The ball went off the gridiron and by a series of plays and penalties was taken to Nebraska's fifty yard line.

Nebraska kicked off to Hunter, who carried the ball fifteen yards. By several bucks through the line and a fumble by Minnesota, the ball came into possession of Nebraska on its thirty-eight-yard line. G. Mason got a chance to punt and made good for fifty yards. Hunter got the ball, but was downed on Minnesota's twenty-yard line. The pigskin was forced back and forth until Benedict got around the left end for thirteen yards, and a mass tackle netted Nebraska four yards more. Another gain of eight yards by the visitors brought the ball to their opponent's one-yard line and excitement became intent. The unexpected was about to happen. This last yard was easily gained and the first touchdown credited to Cotton, and Barwick kicked goal safely. The first Minnesota touchdown was made in quicker time.

G. Mason kicked off for Nebraska and the ball was worked down the field by bucking and runs around the end. Fumbles were few and at a critical moment Hunter started for his star run of fifty yards, getting down towards the other goal. Vita and Current had just made ten yards, and notwithstanding strong interference and backsets, he reached the line in safety. The goal was kicked making the score, Nebraska 6, Minnesota 6. At this point the crowds went crazy. The evening up of the score made matters very interesting and so far as experts on the side lines could judge chances were equal for a tie score or another touchdown for the Lincolnites.

Some Fast Playing

Thorpe kicked off to G. Mason, who ran back six yards before he was stopped. End plays and rushes brought the sphere to Nebraska's fourteen-yard line. Current made five yards by a dash and Vita four more. Vita got the ball to Nebraska's three-yard line. Nebraska failed to gain with a mass on tackle and Brush advanced less than a yard to the two-foot line. Vita carried the ball over and made the touchdown, but Hunter failed to kick goal, making the score, Nebraska 6, Minnesota 11.

Very few changes were made in the teams on account of injuries, although in the second half O'Brien, Minnesota's famous quarterback, was put in line with much enthusiasm resulting over the change.

Thorpe kicked off to Mason who ran back twenty yards from the fifteen yard line. Johnson was tackled for a loss of five yards while trying to circle the left end. Hunter caught a punt and was down on Minnesota's fifty-yard line. Minnesota pounded Nebraska's left tackle for eight yard and Vita was shot through the line for a touchdown. Hunter missed goal making the score, Nebraska 6, Minnesota 16.

Nebraska's second touchdown was made after a good run by Bender. Hunter had made a run through the entire Nebraska's team for seventy-five yards. Fenion replaced Eager and later made a run of eleven yards around the right end. Bender got the ball after a drop-place kick from Minnesota's forty-yard line. He rushed over the gridiron seventy yards and flopped the ball across the line for a touchdown. Cotton kicked safe, making the score: Nebraska 12, Minnesota 16.

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