Colorado 6
Nebraska 0

Oct. 8, 1904 • Boulder, CO

Altitude is a Bit too Much for Cornhuskers

Boulder, Colo., Oct. 8 — Colorado university won from Nebraska by a score of 6 to 0 by the fiercest football game ever played here. Coach Booth maintains that the result confirms his fears that the Nebraskans were not in condition for hard play and that they would be affected by the altitude.

Coach Cropp claims victory because he had the better team. The town is ablaze tonight.

Two of the Nebraska men are in the hospital here. Coach Booth remained with them, while the balance of the team started for home. Cy Mason, fullback, played all through the game in a half-conscious condition, due to the light air. He collapsed when the game ended and had to be carried off the field. It was a pathetic exhibition of grit and nerve.

Karnhoff, right back for the Nebraskans and one of the stars of the day is in a condition similar to Mason. He was also kicked in the head. Physicians say both men will be able to travel tomorrow. The two injured men with Brusse, the center, were the principal ground gainers for the Nebraskans.

The only score was made in the first few minutes of play. Colorado punted to Nebraska's 40-yard line, when Captain Benedict caught the ball, but was fiercely tackled and his head struck the ground with such terrific force that he let go. A Colorado man grabbed it and carried it to the Nebraskans' 20-yard line, from where it was forced over in 8 1/2 minutes by straight line bucking.

Twice in the second half the Nebraskans had the ball on Colorado's 5-yard line, but the superior condition of the home team came to the rescue and the ball was lost on downs.

Bender, right halfback for Nebraska, and Johnson, left end, did the best work for Colorado. Coach Cropp for Boulder sums up the defeat because of a green line slow starting, poor condition of men and the altitude.

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