Haskell 14
Nebraska 6

Nov. 12, 1904 • Kansas City

Indians Scalp Their Victims

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Kansas City, Mo., Nov. 12—The Haskell Indians' foot ball team defeated the eleven of Nebraska university here this afternoon in a gruelling contest by a score of 14 to 6. The Indian braves played the Cornhuskers off their feet in the first half, making a place kick for goal from the thirty-five yard line after nine minutes of play.

The real feature of the game was the many long end runs made by both teams. Archiquette, for the Indians, made several brilliant runs of thirty to forty yards, with the entire field after him, and Bender, the plucky, little quarterback of the Cornhuskers, made most of the gains for his team by his long runs around ends on the delayed pass trick.

The Indians won the loss and the Cornhusker kicked off. E. Houser caught the ball and returned it twenty-five yards, threading his way through the field, slipping from what seemed certain tackle with the characteristic slipperiness of the Indians.

From then on the Indians marched down the field for a goal by straight foot ball, all of their gains being made by straight line bucks. The second touchdown was also made by straight foot ball and within four minutes of the first. Here Nebraska took a brace, advancing the ball from the kickoff to the Indians' five-yard line. Haskell held stubbornly here, gaining the ball on downs. P. Houser tried to kick out of danger, but fumbled and was downed behind the goal, giving the Cornhuskers a safety. Score at end of the first half, Haskell 14, Nebraska 2.

In the second half the Cornhuskers took all the honors. They had possession of the ball a good share of the time. Nebraska forced the oval down the field to within five yards of the goal, but were carried back to the twenty-yard line on a quarterback run. Bender then made a successful try for a goal from the field. This was the last score made in the game. Both teams fought fiercely throughout the game and every yard gained was well earned. The game closed with the Indians fast carrying the ball toward Nebraska's goal. Had there been three minutes more time Haskell would have scored another touchdown. Final score: Haskell 14, Nebraska 6.

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Nebraska is 7-2 all-time against Haskell.

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