Nebraska 17
Iowa 6

Nov. 5, 1904 • Lincoln, NE

Cornhuskers Find the Hawkeyes Easy Marks

Lincoln, Neb., Nov. 5—In one of the busiest and most reckless games of the season Nebraska this evening won from the Iowa foot ball team by a disputed score of 17 to 6. Iowa lays claim to a touchdown made by Stoltenberg after the whistle blew. Dr. Outland said tonight that the official score would stand at 17 to 6.

Iowa led off by lively scrimmaging, ending with a punt close to Nebraska's goal. Here the pigskin emerged from the mixup and Rockwood grabbed it and made a touchdown. This was followed by an easy goal.

Fierce line plunging followed and the Cornhuskers twice took the oval in the shadow of the Iowa goal. The ball was in Hawkeye territory all of the time. During the mixups there was some of the roughest playing this year.

Bender was the star of the game. In the second half he led off with spectacular end runs. Benedict helped him and a touchdown was soon scored with a goal attached. Ten minutes of straight foot ball brought another, and frantic, plunging end runs and excellent team work sent Johnson over for the last touchdown, with one missed goal.

Just as the whistle blew Stoltenberg ran the length of the field, but Dr. Outland claimed the Hawkeye got the pigskin after the play ended. Benedict was injured and was carried off the field, but it is stated that his injuries are not serious.

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Nebraska is 29-18 all-time against Iowa.

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