Nebraska 18
Colorado 0

Nov. 11, 1905 • Lincoln, Neb.

Nebraska Wins Another Game

Lincoln, Neb., Nov. 11—The game was the most spectacular ever seen on Nebraska’s field. The score was 18 to 0, and 400 Coloradons saw their team bested by Nebraska, while 7,000 Cornhusker supporters became frenzied with delight.

Open play, ideal football weather and rapid interchanges of punts caused excitement, while the desperate playing on both teams made the game uncertain from the beginning until the end.

At the end of the first half the score stood 6 to 0. Two touchdowns were garnered in by the Cornhuskers in the second half.

During the first half Nebraska fumbled miserably. Time after time Benedict had to do punting. During the first half he outclassed Caley, the kicker for Colorado. After 37 minutes of play, including the time out, Benedict tried a quarterback fake and plunged 25 yards for a touchdown. Caley made several spectacular gains, captain Roberts was the star ball carrier for the visitors, however. Several fumbles impeded the visitors at critical moments. Once Caley punted the ball low and it went into the group of Cornhuskers.

In the second half Caley’s kicking was superb. The visitors were forced back to their goal line and Cotton was shoved over for a touchdown.

This seemed to weaken the nerve of the mountaineers, Eager was shoved across the goal line for the next touchdown. Weller kicked three easy goals, Benedict tried a goal from field, but missed.

10 minutes of scrimmages brought the Cornhuskers within striking distance of the Colorado goal and Benedict tried a drop kick. No sooner had he slammed the pigskin through the air than the final whistle blew. The ball went under the goal posts.

Avery, the new right end played a nervy game. He was slightly injured and had to retire, Taylor went in toward the close of the game and did steady work. Benedict and Johnson were soundly cheered.

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Nebraska is 49-20 all-time against Colorado.

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