Kansas 8
Nebraska 6

Nov. 17, 1906

Cornhusker Defeated by the Sunflowers

Lincoln, Neb. Nov. 17—Gloom, cold, damp soggy gloom, enshrouds the State university. There are no paeans of victory. No student mob invades the business section, no shouting throng defies the police. For Kansas has scalped the Cornhuskers on the football field and the score was 8 to 6.

Bitter rivalry and ancient hatred have always raged between the two universities. In the last contest Nebraska triumphed by the prowess of Bender. Today the State university lost by bad generalship and decayed tactics.

All the scoring was done early in the first half. Wallace, the star gridiron warrior of the day, registered two goals from the field for Kansas. The Cornhuskers rushed in for a touchdown and Chaloupka kicked goal.

Nebraska lost the game in the second half/ The backs showed ambition and the scarlet and the cream started toward the Kansas goal. Instead of steadily taking distance, Cooke, at quarter, signaled for a forward pass and it fizzled. Once more Nebraska had a first mortgage on a touchdown and a swipe at the visitors netted nine yards by the use of the unvarnished scrimmage. A drop kick was attempted and Kansas blocked.

Make Sensational Galus

Wallace made sensational gains through the line, while Brunners played a fine game for Kansas and Quarterback Angney showed cool generalship. Johnson did aggressive work for the home team and Weller showed up to good advantage. The game was fast and fierce. Matters got a bad knee and a number of players were bruised and battered.

Kansas made 196 yards on rushes from snapback. Nebraska got 152 by the same tactics. Kansas advanced the ball eighty-five yards on penalties and Nebraska got sixty.

Kansas had a clever fake. Scattering out, the team assumed the attitude of a culture club committee advancing on a mouse. Nebraska would prepare for a fake play around the end and Kansas would shoot straight through the center like a trout jumping a waterfall.

Kansas was slow about running punts. They were not extremely alert on blocking kicks. In the opening scrimmage, Nebraska was held on her own twenty-five yard line and punted to Angney who was soldered to the Jayhawkers' forty-five yard line. Wallace gained forty yards around left end. Crowell made three yards. Angney was downed for a loss and Wallace gracefully planted a drop kick square between the goal posts. Score, Kansas 4, Nebraska 0. All this happened in two minutes of play.

Wallace kicked out to Rice. Nebraska was penalized and Weller punted to Angney on the forty-five yard line. The Kansans got two yards then Miller got twenty-five through left center and Wallace took three and five. A short punt gave Nebraska the ball. Weller punted back out of bounds.

Kansas got a short punt and Pleasant fell on the ball One scrimmage showed no gains and Wallace drop kicked. Score Kansas 8, Nebraska 0.

Nebraska Scores

Johnson kicked off and White returned twenty-five yards before he was stopped. After several scrimmages and a fumble, Johnson got the ball on the Kansas thirty-five yard line. Johnson made twenty-five yards on a forward pass. Nebraska dented the line for the remaining distance and Chaloupka successful supplied the goal. Score: Kansas 8, Nebraska 6.

The two teams scrimmaged back and forth with spectacular punting until the close of the half. During the second half, Nebraska braced for a time, but lost out in a heartrending fashion when the moments came for practical results.

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Nebraska is 91-23 all-time against Kansas.

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