Nebraska 30
Grinnell 4

Oct. 12, 1907

Nebraska Wins from Grinnell Boys, 30 to 4

Cornhuskers outweighed the Iowans, but had to Work Hard to Win.

Lincoln, Neb., Oct. 12 — Nebraska state university defeated Grinnell this afternoon by a score of 30 to 4. Grinnell scored on a place kick, once the visitors threatened the Nebraska goal, and the Cornhuskers’ rooters were temporarily soaked with gloom.

For the first five minutes of the game the bleachers were silent. During the next five minutes there was squirming for the doughty Grinnell team got perniciously active.

Smiles could be seen on the faces of Nebraskans when Harvey Minor tore loose and carried the ball within the shadow of Grinnell’s goal posts.

For the visitors, Flanagan and Brundage won the laurels. The team was outweighed by the Cornhuskers 15 pounds to the man. Nebraska had to battle all the time and Grinnell was every ready to take advantage of every little mistake.

Cooke ran the Nebraska team during the entire game. Captain Weller made a sensational 75-yard sprint in the second half, bringing Nebraska a touchdown. Weller got away on one fake play, but with this exception it was straight, old-fashioned football with no tricks.

During the first half Nebraska met with frequent penalties. After scrimmaging and maneuvering and penalizing all through the first half, Minor got the ball on Grinnell’s 50-yard line and dodge through for a touchdown. The kick out was stopped and Nebraska’s score was held to 5 to 0 for the first half.

In the second half, after a few minutes of scrimmaging, Brundage fell on the ball behind the goal line, Nebraska scoring a safety. Score, 7 to 0.

On the next set-to, Nebraska kicked over the goal line. Grinnell returned and Cooke got the ball. He dashed twenty yards for a touchdown. Minor got the kick out and Weller added a goal. Mellrath was injured and fullback Turner was knocked out. Zeigler and Garner went in. Grinnell aws forced to her 5-yard line and tried to kick out of danger. Harvey pounced on the ball and carried it over. Weller kicked goal.

Weller got away after slight scrimmaging, eluding the Iowans on a fake play. He scored a touchdown and kicked goal. Score, 24 to 0. Grinnell braced. Nebraska was penalized and the players and officials joined in red hot verbal warfare. In the melee the ball went to the Nebraska’s 8-yard line. The Cornhuskers held Grinnell and forced them back on the final tussle. Brundage directed a neat place kick. Score, 24 to 4. Weller finished with a touchdown and goal. Final score, 30 to 4.

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