Nebraska 63
Denver 0

Nov. 16, 1907

Denver is a Joke for the Cornhuskers

University of Nebraska Piles up 63 Points on Team from Colorado

Lincoln, Neb., Nov. 16 — Drubbed unmercifully, Denver departed today crestfallen and discouraged. The Cornhuskers won, 63 to 0.

Quarterback Seymour of the Denver University team had a passion for the forward pass. And almost every time the ball fell into Nebraska’s hands.

With four substitute players in the line, the Coloradans were in no shape to put their best foot forward, and it appears that four regulars more could not have made much difference.

Colorado’s teamwork was inferior, the punting was not to be compared with Weller’s superb work, and in the same proportion that Denver attempts at forward passes miscarried did Nebraska’s forward pass formations break off interference and allow Cooke, who got most of the passes, to sprint any old distance, one of his sprints being ended by the fact that the field was no longer.

Cooke played a star game for Nebraska, and Harvey, right end, was a close second. Cooke made tremendous gains and got past Colorado tacklers in great shape, but Harvey was also there in ground gaining and his work in breaking up Colorado’s pet plays was most discouraging to any rooter for the visitors.

Right on the jump did Nebraska show the diaphanous quality of the line that Koeller had worked so hard to build up. Oscar Wiley’s kickoff went to Matters, who bucked back for 10 yards. Weller got around left end for 40 yards. Harvey tried the line and made a short gain. Weller kicked a goal from placement on the 30-yard line.

This all happened in two minutes. Colorado had been unable to get next at all. Cornhusker boosters thought that possibly the Denver machine was stiff and would work faster with a little more oil and use. This didn’t pan out.

The next kickoff went to Johnson, Nebraska’s right end. He made a return of 10 yards and Weller faked a kick. While the Denver players were watching the cerulean for a glimpse of the pigskin Mr. Weller hiked around left end for 30 yards. Denver’s glance came to earth instanter and Cooke immediately put a 35-yard gain against Denver on a delayed pass. Cooke looked around the back field for a satisfactory battering ram and to make the remaining fifteen yards to Denver’s goal. He found Kroger and four times did the husky fullback punch the Denver line. The fourth jab brought a touchdown. Weller Kicked goal. This bunch of history was cooked up in five minutes.

Then followed grief galore for Denver. Harvey fumbled a return of the kickoff and after a slight gain Weller tried a drop kick from the 45-yard line. This failed and Chaloupka made a fair catch on the kickout. Nebraska lost the ball on the forward pass, one of the few that didn’t go through. Nebraska was “touched” for five yards for offside play. Denver lost 15 yards because there were fewer Denver players than hard ground where a forward pass alighted. Wheeler made eight yards through Nebraska and then Nebraska gained the ball, only to bring speedy retribution for Wheeler’s presumption.

Cooke made eight, minor 15, Johnson three and Weller tried a place kick which failed.

Oscar Willey kicked out and Harvey went back to Denver’s 30-yard line. Weller tried another place kic. This failed. The kickout landed on Denver’s 42-yard line and Cooke ran his head off for a touchdown on a forward pass arising from the next scrimmage. Weller again kicked goal.

Touchdowns Fast

The next touchdown was very fast. Weller pushed the kickoff back to Denver’s 37-yard line A few line bucks and the ball was on Denver’s 37-yard line. A few line bucks and the ball was on Denver’s 20-yard line. A short kick was touched by every man on both teams in a desperate attempt to corner the ball, and Cooke finally fell on it behind Denver’s goal. Nebraska 22, Denver 0.

The first half was fast closing, but Denver’s grief was only begun. Cooke’s return of the kickoff and three line bucks put the ball on Nebraska’s 45-yard line. A forward pass touched the ground and Nebraska was shoved back to her 30-yard line. There upon another forward pass was tried and Cooke got it, stayed behind interference for 20 yards, cut across the Denver field and then raced headlong to finish 80 yards for a touchdown. A little more messing up of the Denver team and the first half was over, 28 to 0.

It looked like a Denver brace for a moment after the players had got back on the gridiron. Nebraska was held for downs, but this was a mere incident. Denver had trouble gaining and 15-yard penalty put the ball on her 3-yard line. O’Willey tried to kick out of danger, but the kick was blocked, and Seymour was forced to fall on the ball for a safety.

After a variety of forward passes Weller brought the next stanza almost to a complete cadence by taking the ball to Denver’s 20-yard line on a double pass. Kroger was put into butt through the Denver veil and he had the goods. Nebraska 39, Denver hopeful.

The game was won and easy money was the slogan. Changes were made in Nebraska’s line to save the regulars. Cooke was taken out and Minor went in at quarterback. Bentley went in for Minor, Beltzer for Johnson and Burnett for Weller. Perria was put in for Collins and the killing went on.

Have Gay Time

After these changes Nebraska, and in particular Beltzer started in to have a gay time. As a result Beltzer went over for a touchdown and “Bill” Harvey, whose services were called for from the bleachers missed goal. Nobody cared.

A forward pass after Harvey’s kickoff, and a little run by Mr. Buckerino Belterzer, completed the next canio. Harvey missed goal again tearing out a small bunch of hair in chagrin. Kroger grabbed Willey’s next kickoff. There was some physical discussion about where the ball should go for a few minutes, but William Harvey settles affairs by grabbing the ball on about the 14-yard scrimmage, and kicking 75 yards for a touchdown. This, with the miss at goal, raised the score to 51.

The remainder of the game was more consumed in laughter in the bleachers and good natured bruising among the players, than anything else, and the fact that Burnett made a touchdown and that Belizer blew in with another didn’t affect the merriment of the crowd in the least.

With Beltzer’s kick between the goal posts the game ended 63 to 0 and the Nebraska players ran around the field to warm up.

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