Nebraska 10
Iowa State 9

Nov. 2, 1907

Nebraska Wins From Ames by Score 10 to 9

Contest was Replete with Brilliant Playing and in Doubt Until Last Moment

Lincoln, Neb., Nov. 2 — In a contest replete with brilliant playing, Nebraska won from Ames this afternoon by a score of 10 to 9. Starting with 4 to 0, the score was tied, then it stood 9 to 4 in favor of Ames, and then 9 to 6, and finally Nebraska landed a field goal.

For the scarlet and the cream there were two field goals and a safety; for Ames there was a field goal and a touchdown.

The more evenly matched teams never met on Nebraska field. The victory was in doubt until the final play, and during the entire game the rooters for both teams were almost scared to death.

After an exchange of punts Weller got the ball soon after the first half began and danced down the field for 30 yards. A fumble gave the ball to Ames. The visitors punted the ball to Cooke, who returned 10 yards. After 10 minutes of scrimmaging Weller kicked goal from the 33-yard line.

With the score 4 to 0 in favor of Nebraska the second half began with a kicking duel. Ames could not gain against Nebraska’s line. Lambert tried for a goal and missed it and after some more scrimmaging he failed again. Weller kicked out. Lambert got the ball and made a 45-yard return which brought the grandstand rooters to their feet. Willlets tried for goal from field, but failed. Cy Lambert, after a campaign tour in Nebraska territory, sought the coveted goal posts and tied the score, making it 9 to 4. After a swift onslaught, Iowa Weller dropped back for a kick. After assailing the visitors successfully Nebraska encountered bad luck. This kick was blocked. The ball rolled to the center of the field. Ames went to Nebraska’s 5-yard line. Nebraska held Willetts as he tried for goal, but failed. He tried to get the ball across the field. Rutledge snapped the ball low for the kick and it rolled pass Hubbard. Lambert seized the pigskin and made a touchdown. He failed on an easy goal. Score, 9 to 4 in Ames’ favor. Weller’s kickoff landed squarely in Lambert’s hands just back of the goal line. He stepped back and the Cornhuskers scored two points. Score, 9 to 6. With the crowd howling Nebraska braced. Back and forth the teams scrimmaged. Finally Weller kicked a goal from the 20-yard line and the excited rooters piled out on the field. The game ended with a few listless scrimmages.

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