St. Louis 34
Nebraska 0

Nov. 28, 1907

St. Louis University Downs the Cornhuskers

Runs Roughshod Over the Nebraskans and Beats Them by

St. Louis, Mo., Nov. 28 — In the presence of nearly 20,000 spectators, St. Louis University celebrated its first gridiron battle with Nebraska University by running roughshod over the Cornhuskers to the tune of 34 to 0, scoring four touchdowns in the first half and two in the second. Acker missed two attempts at goal from touchdowns.

The only opportunity Nebraska had to save themselves the stigma of a shutout occurred in the first half when, after a magnificent brace, the Cornhuskers carried the ball from the center of the held to the St. Louis 1-yard line, assisted by a 30-yard forward pass, Weller to Johnson. With only 36 inches to go and two downs to negotiate the distance, it seemed certain that Nebraska would score. A smash at the right side of the line failed to gain and Weller’s attempt at the other side left the ball in St. Louis’ possession, four inches from the line. It was a marvelous bit of holding by the blue and white linemen, especially as they had just been battered back for 15 yards by straight line smashes. Chaloupka, Nebraska’s right tackle, sustained a broken wrist shortly after the game started and Harte was shifted from guard to tackle and Perrin went in at guard. The only incident to mar an otherwise cleanly played game was the removal of Brennan, St. Louis’ right tackle, early in the first half, on a charge of slugging. Brennan was succeeded by Depew, it was Brennan’s last intercollegiate football game and he had to be led to the sidelines by the members of the team.

The setting for the game was all that could be desired. Beautiful weather, a perfect field and competent officials made it one long to be remembered in St. Louis. The teams battled in an amphitheater formed by a solid ring of cheering thousands in which the crimson and cream of Nebraska was mingled with the blue and white of the local university. There was not an empty seat in any of the stands, while the sideline boxes were packed to their capacity. Back of the boxes along the south line automobiles and carriages skirted 10 deep.

St. Louis won the toss and selected the worst goal. Nebraska kicked off. St. Louis got the ball on its 20-yard line and marched down the field toward the Nebraska goal. The first penalty was assessed against Nebraska, the visitors being penalized five yards for offside. Two plays later St. Louis was set back 15 yards for holding, the ball being placed on Nebraska’s 30-yard line. After two downs St. Louis essayed a forward pass. The ball was shot by Schneider to Acker, but the latter fumbled and Nebraska gained the oval and was given its first opportunity to demonstrate its offensive tactics. On a fake kick Weller made five yards through the line. Weller then punted to Robinson, who was down on St. Louis’ 45-yard line. Throwing first Acker and then Robinson between the end and tackle, St. Louis smashed its way down the field, Acker making some splendid gains through Nebraska’s line and twice shaking off the might Weller after being tackled. With the ball on Nebraska’s 5-yard line, Schneider went through center for the first touchdown, 10 minutes after play started. Acker kicked goal.

Nebraska chose to kick off and Weller sent the pigskin to Robinson back of the goal line and between the points. Robinson came up the field on a gallop and was not downed until he reached the 40-yard line. Nebraska held and Acker kicked to Miner, who fumbled, but recovered the ball on Nebraska’s 10-yard line. Weller immediately punted to Murphy, who returned 15 yards, being downed on Nebraska’s 15-yard line. Smashes placed the ball on the 10-yard line, where St. Louis drew a 15-yard penalty. The next play, a forward pass, Robinson to Kenney, made 20 yards and Kenney carried it the remaining five for a touchdown. Acker missed goal. Score: St. Louis 11, Nebraska 0.

Captain Weller decided to change Nebraska’s luck by receiving the kickoff. Robinson kicked to Kroger behind the goal line after starting to run it back, Kroger thought better of it and placed the oval on the ground for a touchback. Weller then punted from the 25-yard line to Acker, who brought the ball to the center of the field. After St. Louis had been penalized half the distance of its goal and Brennan removed from the game for unnecessary roughness, Acker kicked to Cooke, who was downed on Nebraska’s 55-yard line. Kroger failed on a cross tackle buck and Weller could only make four yards. The latter then punted, St. Louis then bucked its way down the field and Acker was sent over for the third touchdown. He missed goal. Score: St. Louis 16, Nebraska 0.

Weller kicked to Schneider, who returned to the 35-yard line. A fumble gave Nebraska the ball and the Cornhuskers carried it down the field, Kroger made nine, Weller seven. Weller failed and Nebraska was penalized 15 yards for Weller’s hurdling. Cooke made six on a quarterback run and then added eight on a fake kick. Weller and Johnson negotiated a forward pass, putting the Cornhuskers on the St. Louis 10-yard line, where they held for downs. Acker then tore off 45 yards on a fake kick, a series of trick plays and line smashes netting another touchdown just before time was called. Score: St. Louis 22, Nebraska 0.

The second half was a brutal battle, Nebraska holding well until near the end, when St. Louis’ smash tactics wore again brought into play and two additional touchdowns were scored. The play was entirely within Nebraska territory and Weller did not have an opportunity to make a try for a field goal. Robinson and Acker scored the touchdowns in the second half and Acker kicked both goals.

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