Nebraska 20
Grinnell 5

Oct. 10, 1908

Cornhuskers Win from Grinnell, 20 to 5

Lincoln, Neb., Oct. 10—Nebraska 20, Grinnell 5.

The chances for the Cornhuskers defeating Ames and Minnesota this year were greatly strengthened by the fight they put up Saturday afternoon at Antelope park. The north bleachers extending the greater part of the length of the field were completely filled, while those on the south side were very near it. Over 3,000 people attended the game.

The first ten minutes of play Grinnell gained steadily by the use of her triple forward pass which took the Cornhuskers totally by surprise and proved a very successful gainer for the visitors. This pass was executed by the ball being passed by center to the left half who gave it a backward pass to the right half, whose work as to throw it to the one designated to receive the forward pass. At the first offset Grinnell was successful in the use of this pass. They then tried a punt which was fumbled by Nebraska on her 5 yard line. Grinnell secured the ball and by two line plunges carried it over for a touchdown in the first five minutes of play. The Cornhuskers renewed their vigor and never again through the whole game did the visitors threaten her goal.

All the scores were made during the first half. Nebraska playing mostly on the defensive in the second half. At one time Grinnell punted and the ball was caught by Cooke, who made the only sensational long run of the game carrying the oval forty yards, thereby gaining twenty yards for the Cornhuskers. Both teams were composed practically of old men, the visitors coming with just about the same men as they had last year. The only new man on Nebraska's team was Temple, who entered in Beltzer's place in the second half and who proved to be a good ground gainer by his fierce plunges through left tackle. Ziegler, Flanagan and Welch starred for the visitors, Ziegler doing the kicking and Flanagan making most of the gains by end runs and forward passes.

Game in Detail

Game started at 3:37 p.m. Nebraska defending the west goal. Grinnell kicked to Chaloupka, who returned to the center of the field, successfully dodging several men. At the first play Birkner made twenty-five yards around left end. Beltzer lost two yards. Nebraska failed to gain on downs and ball went to the visitors, who successfully worked the triple forward pass from Welch to Flanagan. Grinnell lost four yards by a fierce tackle from Chaloupka. Grinnell tried a punt fumbled, but regained. Ball on Nebraska's five yard line. On second down the visitors scored the first touchdown of the game.

Nebraska, 0; Grinnell, 5.

Welch failed to kick goal. Birkner kicked to Loos, who returned to the twenty yard line. Beltzer made a fierce tackle and took time out. On a left end run Turner of the Grinnell team dropped the ball. In the mix-up which followed he regained it. Grinnell lost on downs and Nebraska got the ball. Chaloupka made two gains of three yards each, which brought the ball on the visitor's two yard line. In the next down Kroger went through left tackle for a touchdown. Birkner failed at goal.

Nebraska, 5; Grinnell, 5.

Ziegler kicked to Cooke, who made a whirlwind run to Nebraska's forty-yard line. Beltzer made ten yards around left end, and Birkner made three more. On an inside kick by the Cornhuskers Bair grabbed the pigskin, but was downed immediately. Flanagan lost one yard. Bair went through Nebraska's right tackle for forty yards. he was injured, but remained in the game. Grinnell lost five yards, and then made one through center. Grinnell fumbled, but regained on second down. Ball on Nebraska's thirty-five yard line. By an offside by Johnson, Nebraska lost five yards to her opponent. Bair made two yards, fumbled in the next play, but regained. Bair failed in attempt at place kicking from the thirty-five-yard line, the oval going about one foot outside of the goal posts Beltzer kicked from the twenty-five-yard line to Bair. On the first down Grinnell lost five yards. Ball on the visitor's thirty-yard line. Here the ball went to Nebraska on downs, and Frum made five yards, after which Harte made six more around left end. On third down Nebraska failed to gain, and the ball went to the Iowans, who fumbled at the first down, giving the ball to Nebraska on her opponents' fifteen-yard line. On line plunges the Cornhuskers made four and seven yards, which brought the ball on the three-yard line. Beltzer carried it over for the second touchdown. Kroger kicked goal.

Nebraska, 11; Grinnell, 5.

Birkner kicked to Loos who carried the oval to the 30-yard line. Grinnell made 5 yards in two downs, then punted to Cook, who made a most phenomenal run of 40 yards, but was finally tackled by three Grinnell men at the same time. He took out full time, but re-entered the game,. Ball on 30-yard line. Beltzer succeeded in a forward pass to Harvey, who ran for a touchdown. Beltzer kicked to Harvey for a fair catch, but he failed to heel. Time called first half.

Nebraska, 16; Grinnell, 5.

The Second Half

Birkner kicked to Grinnell, who fumbled the ball which went over the line for a touchback. Beltzer fell on the ball which necessitated the Iowans kicking off form the 15-yard line. Cooke got the spheroid and run to the middle of the field. Kroger took time out. Beltzer tired a forward pass to Harvey, but the ball touched the ground. Grinnell commenced play on her 40-yard line. A forward to Turner around right end made them 20 yards. Temple entered for Beltzer. Bair gained 5 yards through left tackle and 20 more by triple forward pass. On the first and second down he failed to gain and tried an outside kick for the third. Nebraska got the ball and at the first down Chaloupka made 5 yards around left end. Birkner punted 25 yards, which brought the ball near the center of the field. On a triple forward pass the visitors gained but 10 yards. They failed to make sufficient ground and tried an outside kick. This failed and Nebraska go the ball. Chaloupka made 6 yards around left end. Cooke made 10 more by successful dodging through right tackle. He was tackled heavily and took time out. Kroger tired fake punt and forward pass to Harvey. Nebraska's ball on the visitors' 10-yard line. Nebraska made 5 yards, lost 1 and then Kroger succeeded in executing the place kick.

Nebraska, 20; Grinnell 5.

Grinnell kicked out to Birkner, who was tackled by Turner. Nebraska was penalized for rough play. The Cornhuskers lost on a forward pass, and the leather egg went to the visitors on their fifteen yard line. Grinnell lost five yards through center and gained one one the second down. Loos made three yards through right tackle and three more were made through center. She failed to gain on third down and ball went to Nebraska on their opponents' thirty-five yard line. Birkner made five yards and Chaloupka nine. Nebraska fumbled and Grinnell started her first down and gained three yards through center, two more through left tackle. Temple caught a forward pass and made twelve yards, which brought the ball on the twenty yard line. Nebraska failed at a forward pass, which was grabbed by Flanagan, who was downed immediately; a fake center run brought them three yards. Time called, second half.

Final score: Nebraska, 20; Grinnell, 5.

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