Nebraska 20
Haskell 5

Oct. 24, 1908

Cornhuskers Lick Kansas Redskinsv

Note: This article incorrectly lists the score. Nebraska won 20-5.

* * *

Lincoln, Neb., Oct. 24 — In spite of the nasty weather about 500 people turned out to see the Haskell Indians go down to defeat before the sturdy Cornhuskers. Early in the morning a drizzling rain began and continued all through the day. The gridiron was a mass of mud and pools of water through which the contesting teams pushed, plowed and slid. The ball was at times absolutely unmanageable on account of being covered with slippery mud and the players, even after the first down, were covered so completely that they were unrecognizable at a distance of even a few feet.

The Cornhuskers put up a most excellent game. It was truly remarkable what team work the team showed. Beltzer, Cook and Kroger were not in the game owing to injuries received in Minnesota last week, but from the class of football their team put up it is safe to say their services were not needed.

Everyone played his part and played it well, which gave to the team a machine-like appearance. The holding of the line against the attacks of the Indians was truly a stone wall, similar to that done at Minnesota. Bentley's work at quarter proved to the rooters his ability as the nucleus of the team. Every play given seemed to fit in just the right place at the right time. The game in detail was as follows:

The First Half

Nebraska chose the west goal to defend. Baird kicked off, sending the ball but about ten yards from the center of the field. On the first down Birkner made ten yards around left end, to which Sturznegger added one more in the second down through right tackle. Birkner punted about twenty-five yards to Baird, who returned about five-yards. The Haskell failed to make distance and punted. An Indian secured the ball in the shuffle and slipped through for fifteen yards to the center of the field. The Cornhuskers held the first down and Baird made one yard in second on a one-side kick. Temple secured the oval. Temple then made two yards around left end. Time was taken out and the contestants were seen to run about to keep warm or dig the mud out of their eyes. Birkner tried to punt, but the ball slipped from his hold. He secured it again and was downed on Nebraska's twenty-five-yard line. He tried a fake punt, but lost. On a line play Nebraska lost the ball on downs to the Aborigines. Island failed to gain through center, as did also Baird through right tackle. They tried a criss-cross forward pass, but the ball touched the ground and a Nebraska man fell upon it. On the first down Nebraska failed to gain. On fake punt Birkner gained five yards, Birkner punted a good twenty-five yards to Kalamma, who was downed immediately. Ball on Indians' forty-five yard line. Ewing tackled Johnson for a loss of three yards. A forward pass hit the ground and a Nebraskan fell upon it. Sturznegger punted twenty yards to Kalamma, who was downed by Frum. Ball on Indians' thirty-yard-line. A forward pass by Smith to Mean netted them twenty-three yards, which brought the ball near the center of the field.

Mean punted for a loss and the spheroid was taken by a Nebraska man. Sturznegger made fifteen yards around left end. A forward pass by Bentley to Harvey added twenty yards. Birkner punted and ball rolled over the line. An Indian fell on it, but it slipped from him and went to Frum. The umpire called it a touchdown and Harvey was permitted to try a goal kick, but failed. Score: Nebraska 5, Haskell 0.

Indians Kick Off

The Indians kicked to Temple, who was downed immediately on the twenty-yard line. Birkner punted and through a fumble Johnson got the ball on the forty-yard line. Sturznegger made eight yards around right end. Temple was replaced by Harte, who left for Bowers. Sturznegger made through left guard and Harte four through right tackle. Third down, four yards to make. Birkner made three, which insured the ball on Nebraska's possession. On left end Birkner lost three yards. Here Island was injured and taken from field. Nevitt took his place and proved to be a whirlwind on his feet. Frum made seven yards through right tackle and Harte six more through center, which brought he ball on the visitors' twenty-yard line. Frum went through for ten yards across a small lake of water. Frum made three more. Harte added three and the ball was lost in a fumble. The Aborigines punted out fifteen yards and Sturznegger fell on the ball. On the first down Nebraska was penalized five yards for off-side. On a forward pass the ball hit the ground and was seized by an Indian. They failed at a forward pass and were penalized fifteen yards, which brought the pigskin on the ten-yard line. Mean punted but three yards and the ball was secured by Harte. Frum failed and Harte made two yards, but Nebraska is penalized for offside play, five yards. On an inside kick Nebraska got ten yards, which brought the ball on the visitors' one-yard line. In the play Harte went over for a touchdown. Harvey failed to kick goal. Nebraska 10, Haskell 0. Time was called for the first half.

The Second Half

The second half started with Nebraska defending the east goal. Rowledge went int for Green and Dunlap for Jake. Birkner kicked off. A forward pass from Baird to Smith gave the Indians twenty yards. Nevitt got away for twenty yards around left end. On an on-side kick Sturznegger got the pigskin on Nebraska's fifteen yard line. Sturznegger punted the twenty-yard line. Sturznegger lost on left end run. Birkner made eight yards. Time called, second half. Final score: Nebraska 10, Haskell 0.

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