Carlisle 37
Nebraska 6

Dec. 2, 1908

Carlisle too much for Cornhuskers

Lincoln, Neb., Dec. 2 — In spite of the fierce biting winds of winter a crowd of at least 3,000 people turned out to see the Nebraska’s last game of the year. The post-season game with the Carlisle Indians. Having had a long rest, the Cornhuskers were expected to put up a good showing against the aborigines, but this they failed to do. They were simply carried off their feet in every feature of the game and as a result a much higher score was piled up against the, than was anticipated. The interference of the Indians was something wonderful and their line plunges were impossible to cope with. From the start their team worked like a machine and never relaxed for a moment during the whole game. Nebraska still excelled in running down punts, but this was the only feature they could display. The Carlisle team, in reality a professional team, is composed of men who have played the game for years. On man, Houser, having played for at least twelve years and Wauseka, the big left tackle, has played equally as long. They observe no conference rules whatever, which makes the defeat in the minds of the Cornhuskers seem not so tremendous, for it is clearly seen that the Cornhuskers are at a disadvantage in this respect. In the game with Minnesota last week, the Indians were accused of displaying a considerable amount of rough play. In fact, one man was taken from the game on this account, but such was not the case Wednesday afternoon in the game against the Cornhuskers. Credit is due the Carlisle aggregation for putting up the clean game which it did.

Cooke Distinguishes Himself

Quarterback Cooke was injured and taken out of the game late in the first half, but not until he had done at least one spectacular “stunt.” An Indian got away from the scrimmage and was making for a touchdown when the fleet-footed Cooke overtook him and tackled him, thus making really the only spectacular run of the game.

Nebraska made the first touchdown in the first three minutes of play, which gave the crowd the idea that there was at least some chance of victory, but this expectancy gradually faded away in the distance and was never seen again.

Game stared at 2:30 o’clock. Carlisle won the toss and chose to defend the west goal. Birkner kicked to Hendricks, who returned the ball to Carlisle’s fifteen yard line. On the first down Hendricks made ten yards around left end and then Thorpe made three through right guard. Tried forward pass, which touched the ground, resulting in a penalty of fifteen yards. The ball was on Carlisle’s thirteen-yard line, when Hendricks made a poor punt and Carlisle lost the ball on their seven-yard line. Beltzer failed to make any gain, but Chaloupka went around left end for six yards. The next play resulted in Kroger being pushed over the line, making a touchdown in the first three minutes of play. Harvey kicked goal. Nebraska rose to defend west goal. Barroll kicked off to Nebraska, but the ball went out of bounds, necessitating another kick off.

The ball was then kicked off to Chaloupka, who returned the ball thirty yards. Beltzer then made one yard around right end, Nebraska was penalized fifteen yards for rough play by Chaloupka; no gain. Beltzer punted to Thorpe, who was downed on Carlisle’s thirty-yard line. Thorpe made four yards through right guard. Payne five yards through center. Houser five yards through center. Payne made six yards through left guard. Hendricks made there yards through center. Houser seven through center. Payne ten yards though right guard. Hendricks then made three yards around left end. Carlisle was penalized fifteen yards for holding and the next play, being a forward pass, not being thrown five yards outside of the center. Carlisle was again penalized fifteen yards. The ball was on Carlisle’s thirty-nine-yard line. Beltzer made no gain. Beltzer punted to Thorpe, who returned to the Nebraska fifty-yard line. Barroll made twenty yards around left end. Old man made two yards through center. Thorpe made four yards through right guard. Houser then tried a place kick from the thirty-five-yard line and made it.

Score, Nebraska 6, Carlisle 4.

Cooke fast Work

Birkner kicked off and out of bounds on fifteen-yard line. Renewal kick off by Birkner to Thorpe, who touched the ball before it went out on the fifteen-yard line. On the play Barroll punted to beltzer, who got to Nebraska’s fifty-yard line. Birkner made four yards through left tackle. Chaloupka made one yard around left end. Onside kick made by Hendricks on carlisle’s thirty-yard line. Thorpe then made a forty-yard run and was away for a touchdown, but by fast running Cooke downed him and saved the touchdown. On the first down no gain was made. Ball was on Nebraska’s forty-yard line. Thorpe made eight yards around left end and then he made two through right tackle. Hendricks made nine yards through right tackle. Little Old man made seven yards through center. Payne made eight yards through right tackle. Ball on four-yard line. Hendricks made three yards through center, and then Payne went over for touchdown through left tackle. Houser kicked goal, making the score: Carlisle, 9; Nebraska, 6.

Carlisle chose east goal. Beltzer kicked off to Barroll, who returned it to Nebraska’s five-yard line. Beltzer made a forward pass to Birkner, which resulted in a gain of twenty yards. In the next play Frum failed to gain. Cooke ran around left end out of bounds for a gain of two yards. Beltzer punted to Barroll, who returned the ball to the twenty-five yard line. Payne made a gain of fifteen yards through left tackle. Thorpe made two yards through right tackle. Ball in center of field. Houser made four yards through left tackle and Hendricks made two yards through center. Nebraska was penalized five yards for offside playing. Hendricks made five yards around left end. Then he again on the next play made twelve yards through center. Carlisle was penalized fifteen yards for holding by Payne. Ball then on Carlisle’s thirty-five-yard line.

Barroll tried a fake punt, but lost six yards. Thorpe then punted to Beltzer, who heeled. Chaloupka made a gain of one yard through left tackle. Beltzer tried fake punt and lost one yard. Birkner punted to Thorpe, who fumbled and Nebraska man fell o the ball. Birkner made twelve yards around left end. Ball then on Carlisle’s forty-four yard line. Cooke loses ten yards and drops ball, which is picked up by an Indian who tackled him. Carlisle’s ball. Thorpe made ten yards around right end. Hendricks failed to gain, but Littleboy made five yards through center. Bentley goes in for Cooke as quarterback. Littleboy failed to gain, as also did Lyon. Houser made drop kick from thirty-yard line, making the score Carlisle 13, Nebraska 6.

Another Touchdown

Birkner kicked off to Barroll, who returned to twenty-five-yard line. Thorpe made four yards through right tackle. Payne added three more through left tackle. Payne punted, but Nebraska fumbled and Thorpe recovered the ball and ran for touchdown. Score, Carlisle, 19; Nebraska 6.

Birkner punted to Hendricks, who returned to the eighteen-yard line. Houser made one yard through center and time was called for the first half.

In the Carlisle lineup Winnie went in for Thorpe. Barroll kicked off to Beltzer, who returned to the twenty-five yard line. Birkner made no gain through right tackle. Miner made six yards around right end. Miner punted to Barroll to the center of the field, where he was drowned immediately. Winnie made five yards through right tackle and Payne added four more through right end. Little Old Man failed to gain through center, followed by the loss of one yard by Hendricks. Little Old Man made six yards through center. Barroll punted to Bentley, who heeled. Chaloupka failed to gain around left end. Minor punted to Payne, who was downed by Harvey in a very spectacular tackle. Winne made nine yards around right end. Payne made five yard through left tackle, followed with three more by Hendricks. Laroque went out for Bird. Here Barroll was thrown for a loss of three yards by Chaloupka. Payne punted to Bentley, who fumbled on Nebraska’s forty-five-yard line, the ball being recovered by an aborigine. On a forward pass from Winnie to Barroll they made twelve yards. They were called back and given a penalty of five yards for offside play. Little Old Man made fifteen yards around right end and Houser two yards through center, which brought the ball to Nebraska’s thirty-five-yard line. Houser failed to gain and Nebraska got the ball on a fumble. On an onside kick by Bentley made ten yards through a fumble on the part of the Indians.

Beltzer made one yard around left end, but Nebraska was penalized fifteen yards for holding. Miner punted and Collins recovered the ball. Birkner made twenty yards around left end. On an onside kick Barroll got the ball on the Carlisle twelve-yard line. Winnie made five yards through right tackle. Payne failed to gain and punted. Little Old Man got the oval on the Cornhuskers’ thirty-five-yard line. Hendricks was thrown for a loss of two yards through left tackle and Hendricks added ten more around left end, which brought the ball on Nebraska’s eleven-yard line. Winnie made three yards through right tackle. Here Temple entered for Kroger. Payne made four yards through center. Payne failed to make the necessary ten and the ball went to Nebraska on downs.

Thus the game continued on to the end, the Indians making gains at will, the Cornhuskers seemingly going to pieces. The final score stood 37 to 6.

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