Nebraska 20
Peru State 0

Sept. 26, 1908

Cornhuskers Win from Peru State

Lincoln, Neb., Sept. 26 — Nebraska defeated Peru Normal today in the first game of the season, which was played on muddy grounds at Antelope park — Nebraska 20, Peru Normal 0.

About 800 people gathered at Antelope park Saturday afternoon in spite of a drizzling rain to see the Cornhuskers play their first game of football of the season. About half the field is made up of the baseball diamond of the Western league and the other half a grassy plot at ground. The former was thoroughly soaked with water from the night's rain, making this half of the gridiron a huge mud puddle. Through this the moleskin warriors fought each other in a most barbarous-appearing way, due to the mud which covered them until they were not able to be recognized even from the side lines. When plays were made on the grassy plot it was a great relief to both players and spectators. Owing to such condition of affairs it is impossible to say what Nebraska's prowess in football will be this season. Nebraska has played Peru for three years and each time has piled up a much higher score than was done today. Last year the score was 63 to 0. Left Half Beltzer and Quarterback Rathbone starred for the Cornhuskers and Center Swenson and Right Tackle Lincoln were stars fro the visitors.

Game in Detail

The game started at 3:30 p.m. with Nebraska defending the east goal. Peru kicked to Betlzer, who ran thirty yards. Nebraska forced the ball on downs to Peru's ten-yard and Birkner went around the left end for the first touchdown of the season. Nebraska 5, Peru 0.

Nebraska kicked out for the goal, kicking position, but failed. Peru kicked to Rathbone, who carried the pigskin twenty yards. Harvey rounded the Peru right end for twenty yards, which brought the ball to the visitors' ten-yard line. Arnold plunged through right tackle for a second touchdown, making the score 10 to 0. Nebraska failed to kick goal, due again to the muddy condition of the field.

Peru kicked to Nebraska, who lost the oval by fumble. Peru tried a forward pass and failed, the ball going to Nebraska. Harvey gained twenty yards on a short kick and then Nebraska lost fifteen yards on a failure at a forward pass. Ball is in center of field, Chaloupka leaves the field on account of of injured side and is replaced by Elliot. Rathbone gets away for twenty yards, headed by Harvey, which brings the spheroid on Peru's 15 yard line. Nebraska loses on downs to Peru, who attempts to punt, but does not gain. Peru again punts, but fails to gain again. Birkner makes touchdown by blocking the ball. Nebraska 16, Peru 0. Birkner fails at goal kick. Peru kicks and after first down, Nebraska punts to the visitor's twenty-five yard line. Time called, first half.

Second Half

In the beginning of the second half Sturzenegger went in for Birkner. Nebraska kicked to Peru, who fumbled, after which Nebraska tries a forward pass and loses. Harvey gains ten yards around right end. Beltzer punts to Peru, who loses on a forward pass at the first down. Rathbone runs twenty-five yards with the oval and was downed by Swenson on Peru's ten yard line. Haskell takes Rathbone's place at quarter. Nebraska gains five yards and Slaughter trades with Arnold. Wolcott enters for Collins and Slaughter carries the pigskin over for another touchdown. Nebraska 20, Peru 0. Harvey misses goal.

Bowers leaves for Spellmeyer. Peru kicked to Beltzer, who ran twenty-five yards. E. M. Edley of Peru is injured and is replaced by L. Mager. Ball is on center of field. Peru punts to Beltzer, who is downed immediately, but first he carried the ball twenty yards on a left end run. Slaughter gains ten more around the same end and then a few more around the other end. The ball goes to Peru on her two yard line, when she punts to center of field. Time called with ball in possession of Nebraska. Final score, Nebraska 20, Peru 0.

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Nebraska is 3-0 all-time against Peru State.

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