Nebraska 6
Iowa 6

Oct. 23, 1909

Nebraska and Iowa, 6 to 6

Cornhuskers are Played to a Standstill by the Hawkeyes

Weakness of Lincoln Boys’ Quarter Nearly Defeated Them

Lincoln, Neb., Oct. 23—Nebraska 6, Iowa 6.

In a seesaw contest this afternoon on the new Nebraska athletic field, the Cornhuskers almost went down to defeat in their initial game on the new field. Not until the second half did they rally sufficiently to realize the seriousness of their predicament. The first score was made by the visitors by means of the magnificent toe work of Hyland, who dropped one over from the Nebraska 15-yard line. Repeatedly Hyland made attempts at a drop kick, sometimes being as far from the goal posts as 40 yards. The second score was through a drop kick from Hyland on the 37-yard line. Nebraska made her only score by a touchdown in the first part of the second half, Rathbone receiving the credit.

Exactly in accordance with expectation the Cornhuskers were without a general. Bentley did not play the game, but in his place was put Hascall who, beyond all doubt, proved to be the fate of Nebraska. Had it not been for the careless fumble of one of Hyland’s punts, which reached the 15-yard line, the Hawkeyes would have had no chance whatever of making a drop kick. Hascall repeatedly failed to catch punts and Nebraska was very fortunate in coming out of the contest as well as she did. In the first part of the second half the coach took hascall out of the game and in his place put Franck, who had been playing right half. Magor took Franck’s place and Chauner went in for Magor at end. From then on the Iowans found it almost impossible to gain much ground by means of punting, for they were returned with a good gain by Franck. Many times it seemed like Hascall had lost his head, from some of his plays seemed foolish to say the least. The rooters frequently called for Bentley, but the coach did not put him in for fear of increasing the already serious condition in which he is in. He did not want to run any risks of maiming him so that he would not be able to play in the Kansas game November 6.

The Cornhuskers still showed that they have an invincible line. Linebacking failed to gain hardly anything for the Iowans. The two Nebraska tackles, Temple and Harte, again proved their worth by repeatedly blocking anything which came their way. A shift formation of the visitors’ eleven was used many times, but it failed to work in the majority of cases. The tackling of the Iowans was far superior to the pupils of Cole, also their interference, which at times seemed almost impenetrable.

Beltzer won the toss and chose to defend the west goal. Hanson kicked off to Franck, who returned to the 25-yard line. On the first play, Hascall tried a forward pass to Johnson, which netted 15 yards. Nebraska failed to make her downs and the ball went to the visitors by a punt from Beltzer. Iowa failed to make their downs and Hyland punted to Beltzer, who returned to the 45-yard line. Here Franck got away for a 45-yard right end run, but Nebraska was penalized for illogical use of hands in blocking, which brought the pigskin to the center of the field. Hascall fumbled an onside kick from Hyland and the opponents got the ball on the 30-yard line. They seesawed back and forth until the ball was brought to the 15-yard line through a fumble by Hascall. Here Hyland executed a drop kick which gave the visitors six points instead of four as was the rule last year. Franck kicked off to Murphy who returned to the Iowa 30-yard line. An onside to Hascall brought the ball to the 52-yard line. Soon Iowa had the ball on her 12-yard line, but punted out to Hascall in the center of the field. The two teams fought fiercely for ground until the pigskin was brought to the Nebraska 30-yard line when Hyland tried another drop kick, and was successful making the score, 6 to 0 in favor of Iowa.

In the second half Beltzer kicked off to Murphy, who returned to the 31-yard line. In the first two downs the visitors failed to gain, and Hyland punted to Hascall, who fumbled, but recovered on the 30-yard line. Franck punted out of danger. At the close of a series of punts the ball was brought to the center of the field.

Here Hascall was relieved by Franck, who showed himself to be an excellent general for the team. From then on real football was seen among the Nebraska players. Soon Hyland got the ball on the 25-yard line, and tried a drop kick, but failed. The ball was brought out and a forward pass failed to work. Here Nebraska ran through the line of the Iowans for 40 yards in six plays, most of which were directed through the center and tackles. The ball was brought to the 11-yard line and Temple was shoved through for five yards. Then Rathbone went over for a touchdown. Franck kicked an easy goal, making the score a tie. The game ended with iowa in possession of the ball on Nebraska’s 35-yard line. Final score, Nebraska 6, Iowa 6.

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